Episode 232 – Fisher State Of Mind

shumpToday on Believe The Hype, Nick Metallinos from Starting5Online.com joins Tom & Benyam for a chat about the state of basketball in New York City. The guys discuss the New York Knicks’ slow start to the season, the improved offensive play of Iman Shumpert, why you can’t blame Carmelo Anthony on everything, how Derek Fisher‘s fitting into his first head coaching job & more! Also, the guys chat about the Brooklyn Nets’ equally slow start despite Deron Williams looking like he’s regaining some of his All-Star form, the inconsistancy of Brook Lopez & Bojan Bogdanovic. Finally, the guys chat about the exciting start to the season for the Milwaukee Bucks & the future of the team under Jabari Parker & Giannis Antetokounmpo.

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Episode 231 – All About Brad


Today on Believe The Hype, Tom & Benyam are joined by #BTHype’s East Coast correspondent Roscoe Whalan for a chat. Roscoe was recently at the Washington Wizards home game against the Dallas Mavericks, which saw the return of Bradley Beal, so the boys chat about the effect he’s going to have on the Wizards now that he’s returned & the team is sitting atop of the Southeast Division at 7-3. Furthermore, the guys chat about the improvement of Otto Porter, Paul Pierce‘s role in the team & what expectations we should have for Washington this season. Also, the guys chat about Monta Ellis‘ role with the Mavs & their bench depth.

Roscoe caught up with Charlie Villanueva & Al-Farouq Aminu & those interviews appear in this episode

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Washington Wiazards playing jumbotron FIFA15

As if this isn’t the coolest thing you’ll see today.

The Wizards had the day off and did exactly what anyone with an XBOX and the keys to the Verizon Centre would do, play FIFA15 on the jumbotron.

Bucks point guard Kendall Marshall wants to raise the stakes and go one further.

via: EOB

It’s not about size, it’s about how you use it


By Roscoe Whalan

He’s the guy everyone loves to hate.

Kevin Love can’t stand him, the 2011 Miami Heat shudder at the thought of him and now you can add the Washington Wizards to that list.

In fact, maybe only the Dallas Mavericks like JJ Barea and after yesterday’s performance you can understand why.

With just three minutes to go and the game on the line he dropped seven straight points in a little over a minute – twice regaining the lead for Dallas.

Then, he hassled Bradley Beal into an offensive foul and came back down the other end and drained a 3-pointer for good measure.

Say what you want about him, and Wizards fans are saying plenty, the pint-sized Puerto Rican can play.

Yes, he dribbles the ball way too much and sometimes you think he’s trying to break a hole in the court but he’s a fighter.

On a night when their German Giant struggled the Mavericks could count on Barea to carry them down the stretch.

Sure, it helps when you’ve got guys with go-go gadget arms like Brandan Wright to throw alley-oops to but Barea’s a baller.

So, every time a guy like JJ dials it up like he did last night, it makes me, and 6-footers around the world think, we can do it too.

Without further adieu, here are six other inspirations under six-feet:

Nate Robinson 5’9

Whether it’s blocking Yao Ming or being the only ever 3-time dunk contest champion (even if it took 14 attempts the first time), Nate Robinson is a beast. He’s slowly stripped the sideshow image of ‘just a dunker’ to become a punch scorer off the bench but what I love most about him has got to be that Nate Flex.

Isaiah Thomas 5’9

There must be something in the water in the state of Washington because not only did they produce Nate Robinson but Isaiah Thomas too. The sub-six-footer is always an underdog but Thomas was also the 60th pick in the 2011 draft. Who cares if it’s preseason, if you’re hitting shots to force OT and staring down Floyd Mayweather in the process, you are a champion of the small guys.

Earl Boykins 5’5

Ten teams got the privilege of having this 5’5 dynamo on their team. He found a home in Denver, and then played substantial minutes in the backcourt with Allen Iverson in what possibly was the shortest backcourt in the history of the NBA ever. Despite his speed rating of 99 making him nearly unstoppable on 2k, there’s no other man who could pull off a dunny roll like this:


Yuta Tabuse 5’9

The NBA career was short, much like him but Yuta Tabuse made history as the first Japanese player in the NBA. In the end, he played just four games for the Phoenix Suns back in 2004-05 but if you’re the Michael Jordan of Japan you’re on my list.

Muggsy Bogues 5’3

Vertically challenged but remembered as a great competitor, at just 5’3 Muggsy Bogues is still the shortest guy to ever play in the NBA. And what better way to emphasise his short stature than to team him up with the tallest guy in the league, Manute Bol?

Spud Webb 5’7

Seriously, could this guy have had a better name? It literally means potato. Before there were other guys his size to dunk over Spud Webb made a stand for small guys everywhere winning the 1986 dunk contest and beating out teammate Dominique Wilkins in the process. For that, Spud, short guys around the world will always salute you.

Roscoe Whalan is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the East Coast, based in Washington for believethehypeNBA.com this season. Follow him on Twitter: @RoscoeWhalan7

Episode 230 – Crossing Over

marcgasolToday on Believe The Hype, Tom & Benyam break down the biggest news from the past week. The boys chat about the Spurs & Knicks interest in Marc Gasol, the Timberwolves shopping Corey Brewer, how awesome the Dallas Mavericks’ offense is & the Cavs starting to find their feet, especially after LeBron James‘ big week. Furthermore, the weekly segments Player & Rookie of the week, Tweet of the Week & Into the Toolshed are back plus the guys chat about NBC’s cross-over week & Crossing Over With John Edward.

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Justin Timberlake is no bandwagon fan

timberlake-grizzMemphis native and Grizzlies minority owner Justin Timberlake is as happy as anyone with the Grizzlies red-hot start to the season. He showed them some love on Twitter, but the trolls just couldn’t resist accusing him of being a bandwagon fan.

This guy tried to call him out, but Justin wasn’t having any of that.

Turns out this guy has way too much time on his hands.

If John Wall is allowed to wear an Atlanta Hawks, Steve Smith throwback in the summer, I’ll allow this from JT.

If all else fails, JT can always cite multiple song lyrics referencing his Memphisness.

e.g. Senorita

He’s a friend of mine, yes, yes I am
And he goes by the name, Justin

All the way from Memphis, Tennessee
And he’s got something special for y’all tonight

Or you know, go back to the “I am an owner of the team and was born and raised in Memphis” argument…..or whatever.

via: SI

Episode 229 – Getting our Jazz on


On today’s episode of Believe The Hype, Jody Genessy joins Tom & Benyam to chat about the Utah Jazz. The boys discuss how the Aussies Dante Exum & Joe Ingles are fitting into the team, the “who should start, Trey Burke or Dante Exum” conversation, Gordon Hayward‘s awesome start to the season & increasing role as team leader both on & off the court, the future of Enes Kanter in SLC, how Quin Snyder’s been going so far, how underrated Derrick Favours is, the Jazz’s issues on defense & more!

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