This Timofey Mozgov commercial for SkyZone is the best thing on Ohio local TV

Timofey Mozgov endorsed products/services are the best. After nailing this commercial for local Cleveland bar The Brew Garden, Mozgov and his acting is back with this awesome commercial for SkyZone.

I don’t know about you, but the next time I’m in Westlake or Highland Heights, I’m definitely hitting up SkyZone.


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Tim Duncan kicks an Aussie Rules football… Should stick to basketball

Instagram: Tim Duncan trying to kick an AFL football.

Instagram: Tim Duncan trying to kick an AFL football.

Tim Duncan is arguably the greatest power forward to ever lace up basketball shoes.

However, today Patty Mills set him a challenge in an unfamiliar sport to him… Aussie Rules.

Mills’ challenge to The Big Fundamental was to kick a Sherrin (an Australian Rules football, to those who aren’t familiar) through the door of the Spurs gym.

The first attempt was bad. Like, really bad.

The second attempt was much better, however, his form shows little to be desired if AFL clubs are looking for a new ruckman with a ridiculously large price tag.

Check it out:

Stick to basketball, Timmy.

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“Making the Boys’ Club” – Wilbekin, McRae & the road less travelled to the NBA

Getty Images: Wilbekin & McRae have come from the courts of Australia to Philadelphia.

Getty Images: Wilbekin & McRae have come from the courts of Australia to Philadelphia.

By Roscoe Whalan

The Cairns Taipans tip off their 2015-16 NBL campaign tonight in Far North Queensland against the Illawarra Hawks.

The team will be hoping to go one better after falling short in the Finals last year against the New Zealand Breakers.

While the team’s personnel returns largely in tact, this season Cairns will be without star import Scottie Wilbekin.

The former Florida Gators point guard set the NBL ablaze last season, averaging more than 15 points per game while taking out the team’s Most Valuable Player and Defensive Player of the Year honours.

Instead, Wilbekin sits on the other side of the world in the visitor’s locker room of the Verizon Center, eating popcorn – about to put on a Philadelphia 76ers jersey for the first time.

His hand dives in and out of the bag – I can’t tell if he’s nervous or just that popcorn is incredibly addictive, so I ask him if he is. “Maybe a little,” Wilbekin says with a smile, “I’m pretty excited”.

Wilbekin has come the long way round for his chance at making the roster; stints in both Australia and Greece over the past 12 months have given him the opportunity to now be knocking on the NBA’s door.

“It helped a lot. All of it,” Wilbekin says, reflecting on his time overseas.

“When I was in Australia and over in Greece just playing in two different leagues and getting another year of experience and helping my game grow”.

“It was fun playing in the league. I still keep up with the guys, some of my friends on the Taipans and so, I talk to them now and then and see how they’re going.

“I miss it. But I’m glad to be here”.

Getty Images: Wilbekin gets an open look vs Washington yesterday.

Getty Images: Wilbekin gets an open look vs Washington yesterday.

Two lockers down is another guy that’s spent time in the NBL. Jordan McRae, the 58th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, spent last season Down Under with Melbourne United before returning to the States for his shot at the NBA.

“It helped me out a lot,” McRae says. “It taught me how to be a pro and I’m just looking forward to what comes next”.

The Australian experience is one of the most attractive to young players on the fringes of the NBA. Wilbekin says he recommended heading Down Under to former Gators teammate Casey Prather, who’s now suiting up for the Perth Wildcats.

Looking around the locker room there are a lot of players on the 76ers roster that have arrived here via the road less travelled. Casual NBA fans would be forgiven for not recognizing a lot of them– many have never played for an NBA team before – 9 are classified as rookies.

To put things in perspective: Carl Landry, who was acquired as part of the Nik Stauskas trade from Sacramento over the summer, is the only guy on the roster that was born in the 80s.

“We talk to our guys about this all the time, this NBA Boys’ Club of 450 players is a hard club to get into,” Coach Brett Brown says before the game. “The pursuit, the fight to end up as one of those 450 is hard, it’s real and it’s not like it grows — one comes in, one goes out”.

“Trust the process” has been the catch-cry out of Philadelphia for the past couple of seasons as the rebuilding project continues. However, Philadelphia’s willingness to take a flyer on unproven talent gives players like Wilbekin and McRae is it gives them a shot they otherwise mightn’t have had.

Getty Images: McRae at the line during Utah Summer League.

Getty Images: McRae at the line during Utah Summer League.

“This NBA journey for my young team is a very exciting part of their growth and their career and I’m sure the aspirations had since they were very young,” Coach Brown says.

For Wilbekin, there is every chance that he could make the final roster. The 76ers have a glut of point guards but injuries to guys like Kendall Marshall and Tony Wroten mean that the 76ers point guard rotation is up in the air.

“It’s the biggest mystery with our team right now, trying to identify who will emerge as the team’s point guard and back up and it’s fluid, it’s great, the competition is real,” Coach Brown says.

Wilbekin hardly sets the world on fire in his first outing: his jumper is a little short and he has a couple of bad turnovers. However, he also shows some of that defensive intensity that made him so valuable for the Taipans.

In just over 24 minutes he scores five points and dishes out a couple of assists.

After the game, Coach Brett Brown described his team’s point guard play as “average”.

“You better come with a hardhat and with a level of desperation where you put your hand up and say, ‘Notice me,’” Brown says about battle for final roster spots. “I didn’t see that from some of the guys trying to make the team”.

The message was loud and clear. The good news? Wilbekin and his teammates get another chance to prove themselves when the 76ers take on the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night.

Episode 327 – Pre-Season Basketball!

Getty Images: Jahlil Okafor looks right at home in the NBA.

Getty Images: Jahlil Okafor looks right at home in the NBA.

On today’s episode of Believe The Hype, Tom, Benyam and Roscoe break down some good ol’ PRE-SEASON BASKETBALL! The guys chat about a couple of rookies who’ve had decent games recently in Jahlil Okafor and Emmanuel Mudiay, how the Philadelphia 76ers are looking, how Otto Porter‘s outside shooting making Washington fans forget all about Paul Pierce, Paul George‘s 32 point performance raising more questions about whether he should play at the 3 or the 4, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist‘s injury and more.

Also, Roscoe catches up with Robert Covington and Scottie Wilbekin for a chat about how the 76ers are looking.

Don’t forget that that you can follow us on twitter @traread@benyamkidane & @RoscoeWhalan7 and using the #BTHype tag to ask questions to be answered in next weeks episode.


Closing Song: Milford Jerome – So Right (Cleveland Remix)

Trevor Booker gets ejected for slapping Roy Hibbert… Hibbert laughs hysterically

Things are heating up in Hawaii as the Los Angeles Lakers hosted the Utah Jazz in their second pre-season game.

The game started off very chippy quite early. Everyone was going at it… Roy Hibbert was giving it to Tibor Pleiss early on. Then Trevor Booker decided to get a bit physical with the Lakers in return and was muscling Julius Randle until Hibbert came over and decided to step in…

The result? Booker slapped Hibbert and then got ejected.

Low-key best part of this was Hibbert laughing hysterically at Booker post-slap.


Long live guys getting way too into pre-season basketball.

Q&A with Scottie Wilbekin

Getty Images: Scottie Wilbuckets attacking the paint in his NBA pre-season debut.

Getty Images: Scottie Wilbuckets attacking the paint in his NBA pre-season debut.

By Roscoe Whalan

Today I caught up with Philadelphia 76ers rookie point guard Scottie Wilbekin for a chat ahead of his first pre-season game against the Washington Wizards. The 76ers lost 129-95 and Scottie finished with 5 points and 2 assists in 17 minutes.

Listen to the full interview here or check it out below.

Scottie, just talk to me a little bit about how training camp has been going for you.

It’s been good, we were in New Jersey for it. It was my first experience and a good one. Going after it and working hard. Now it’s continuing into the pre-season. It’s still all new but I’m enjoying all of it.

And how much hard work is training camp and the work load that you’re going through?

Oh it’s hard but they take care of us by giving us treatments and stuff, making sure that our bodies are right. So, I mean, it’s adequate! haha.

You were playing in the NBL last year for the Cairns Taipans, how much did that help for you to improve and get into the position that you are in now?

I mean, it helped a lot. All of it. When I was in Australia and over in Greece just playing in two different leagues and getting another year of experience and helping my game grow.

Do you think the Australian connection with Brett Brown maybe helped you get the opportunity here as well?

Who knows! There’s a lot of people from the Australian, ah, atmosphere over here connected with Philly so who knows.

What was it like playing in the league and so far in adjusting to here?

It was fun playing in the league, I still keep up with the guys, some of my friends on the Taipans and so, I talk to them every now and then and see how they’re going. I think they just had their first game?

Yeah it’s just starting up again now.

Yeah. It’s good, I miss it. But I’m glad to be here.

Would you recommend the Australian experience to other guys that are on that edge trying to break down that door to the NBA?

Yeah I did. I recommended it to Casey. Casey Prather, before he headed over there.

You’ve got Jordan McRae here as well and he played with Melbourne United last season. You guys shared some stories of Australia?

Yeah… Yeah… We… haha! Some funny stories and some… Weird… Yeah… It was good!

I won’t make you elaborate on that anymore! So tonight, you’ve got the chance with only a couple of point guards active on the roster which gives you a bit more of an opportunity to show yourself. Coach was saying before that he’s looking forward to seeing what you can contribute on the floor and just let you play, getting the ball to Jahlil Okafor, and how important that is to the whole flow of the offense. Has he spoken to you a little bit about what you have to do to make the final roster?

Yeah. Just lead and talk as a point guard. Obviously getting the ball into the post is a huge emphasis. Just playing off of the post, running and playing hard defense.

How excited are you to just get on the court and get this first one out of the way?

Pretty excited!

You nervous?

Maybe a little… haha!

We’ll keep that between you and me. All the best for making the team. Thanks Scottie!

Q&A with Robert Covington

Getty Images: Robert Covington is excited about Philly's upcoming season.

Getty Images: Robert Covington is excited about Philly’s upcoming season.

By Roscoe Whalan

Today I caught up with Robert Covington for a chat about his off-season and how the Philadelphia 76ers are looking heading into the upcoming season.

Listen to the full interview here or check it out below.

So Robert, last season you weren’t on the team when they had training camp and pre-season, what’s it like to finally get a pre-season and training camp under your belt with the 76ers?

It’s been a great process. Guys have done a lot as far as getting better as a whole, we’ve done a lot as far as getting more accustomed to playing with each other because we haven’t been able to play that much with each other over the summer, but now at training camp and going into training camp has given us a chance to really get some chemistry going as we go into the season and these pre-season games are going to help as well.

And you’ve got a few injuries that the team is dealing with at the moment, is that a little bit frustrating going into the first game, having a few guys out? Or is that something that you’ve just learnt to deal with?

We’ve had a few injuries but guys have stepped up in different places and we’ve had people fill in voids. But, you know it’s been tough with certain people but it’s a part of you know, adapting to the game. You can’t get too caught up on what happens with injuries and everything… Just other guys have to step up and do a good job. We’re all going to be there together, we’re all going to hold each other up no matter what situation.

You were a bit of a breakout player last year, how do you work in the off-season as teams are going to be getting ready for you now with scouting reports and things like that. What do you work on to try and get ready to battle this year?

I’ve worked on a lot of things. A lot of different shot selections and overall becoming a better play maker, not just for myself but for my team as a whole. That’s been one of the good things as far as us getting together and seeing each other on the court and knowing where guys like the ball and everything. It’s been a good thing, I’ve done a lot to really get myself to take my game to a different level this year.

You’re only 24?


And you’re one of the oldest guys on this team… Do you take that mentoring role, is that kind of weird with a lot of young guys coming in and you showing them the ropes?

Yeah it is, but you know I played on a team that had a lot of vets in my rookie year and I still talk to those guys. Me taking on this different role, I listen to the guys from teams I’ve been a part of, that I’ve been in the trenches with. I’ve definitely embraced the role and keep learning myself as time goes on.

And a lot of new guys coming in as well. Is there anyone that’s surprised you or better than you thought they would be, that stood out at training camp?

A lot of guys really stood out. Scottie (Wilbekin) showed a lot of growth, Jordan (McRae), a lot of the young guys have shown a lot of growth and we’re only going to get better as time goes on and I’m ready to see what these guys do out here.

Awesome. Good luck this year.

VIDEO: J.R. Smith nails a half-court shot for a military member & celebrates like a BOSS

J.R. drops da GAWD of celebrations after nailing a half court shot. (via: @cubansunset on Instagram)

J.R. drops da GAWD of celebrations after nailing a half court shot. (via: @cubansunset on Instagram)

(Pre Season) basketball is back! Which means, J.R. Smith is back!

At today’s Wine And Gold Scrimmage, J.R. nailed this half court shot which in effect, won a $30K CAT generator, customized jersey, four lower level tickets to Opening Night with VIP access to food and drink, plus access for two at David Blatt’s post game presser for US Military Member Sgt First Class John M. O’Connor.

This is nothing new, J.R. used to practice half court shots prior to Knicks games… Which, I can only assume was for this exact situation.

Low-key best moment of this video was J.R. re-living his greatest ever NBA celebration at the end of it…

Watch out, #TeamBosh, we may see #TeamJR take out the Shooting Stars Challenge in Toronto this year!


Blake Griffin dunks in warm-ups….rips down the shot clock

Players return to training camp with an array of catchphrases to describe their superior conditioning and make sure we know that they’ve put in the hard work in the gym in the summer and that they are in the best shape of their lives.

For Blake Griffin, actions speak louder than words.

Warming up for the Clippers pre-season game against the Toronto Raptors, Girffin went up for a ‘regulation’ off the backboard dunk, only to rip the entire shot clock down in the process.


via: CBS Eye on Basketball

Melo says the Knicks are competing for a Championship

Getty Images: Melo out here making bold statements.

Getty Images: Melo out here making bold statements.

This year marked the first year in Kobe Bryant’s career where he didn’t state that the Lakers goal isn’t to win the NBA title. It seems like he’s passed the torch across to Carmelo Anthony for this one.

Yesterday, Melo stated that the Knicks goal is to win a Championship.

“S—, we’re competing. People might not believe that, but we’re definitely competing for that (Championship),” Anthony said.

“That’s always going to be the goal. Whether we get there or not depends on us and what we’re doing. That’s always our big-picture goal.”


I mean, you can’t fault the guy for having dreams, but the Knicks are a team that’ll really need to have a helluva lot go right for them this season if they’re even going to compete for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference.

It’s hard to tell if Melo was being serious, or just paying Knicks fans and the media some lip service coming off a season that he’d more than likely want to forget where he was shut down after the All-Star Game.

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