VIDEO: Andrew Bogut’s pre-game dancing is all of the super fun times

The Warriors are a team full of dudes. They all get along and enjoy winning the fun way.

Andrew Bogut is definitely the underrated funny man of the team. His twitter game is strong and he has a great dry sense of humor which could be seen after taking this photo to poke fun at the overreaction of his ‘sleep joke’ on the Warriors plane.

Prior to the Warriors 102-93 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, Bogut was caught in the middle of the team’s dance circle and dropped some classic awkward 7ft white guy moves

The definite highlight was the backwards over-exaggerated running man into the 360 Napoleon Dynamite which is technically, one of the best awkward dance moves you’ll ever see.

You do you, Bogeyman. You. Do. You.

Erik Spoelstra does a mean Michael Jackson at Battioke

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra took to the stage for the annual Battioke charity fundraiser, performing Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean alongside girlfriend NIkki Sapp.

Whilst the singing is sup-par, as to be expected at a karaoke night, the fedora wearing, stage commanding Spoelstra is in fine ‘awkward dad singing’ mode.

Something tells me a great opportunity was lost to do a Bruno Mars cover.

Plenty of other Heat members were on hand to help Shane Battier’s great cause, including Michael Beasley.

B-Easy returning to the NBA is great for nights like this. Check out a glimpse of his performance of Vannessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’, via Tom Haberstroh

I’ve always been more of a Pat Riley, Twist and Shout guy anyway.

Otto Porter takes falling asleep on defence to a new level

With the Bulls leading 95-92, the urgency for the Wizards to play some mean defence and get a shot at tying up the game is really what should be happening here.

Otto Porter had a different idea when it came to chasing the guy he was defending in Tony Snell, who ended up getting a decent shot off. In what can only be described as similar to chasing your younger sibling, but giving them a deliberate three second head-start, Porter’s on court day-dreaming is equal parts hilarious as it was horrendous defence.

Hey, we’ve all been there. Yor boss is talking and you zone out. Ever spent a few seconds at your job daydreaming? Sure.

Here’s a list of possible things Porter was dreaming about on that play:

1. Did I leave the iron/stove/oven on at home

2. Hey that Mirotic guy looks a like a European Dan Bilzerian

3. The Ariana Grande concert is on tonight in Chicago….I should probably go.

via: BDL

The All-Best Free Agents Available team


By Roscoe Whalan

The musical chairs that is the NBA trade deadline has stopped and while some players switched seats, a lot are now left awkwardly standing around the room. What’s left are the Buyout Bargains, the Journeyman, the Stop-gappers — okay, maybe the team name isn’t quite there yet but the roster sure is coming together.

Here are the best, who’ve been around the block, sitting on the sidelines waiting for a call up:

Coach: Brian Shaw

Until today, this team didn’t have a head coach. Fortunately, for those playing left right out, now, they have their leader. Brian Shaw had troubles relating to his team in Denver, rapping scouting reports to players. Let’s get this man a sick beat and introduce the starters…

The Starters:

Center: JaVale McGee

The big man didn’t even stand a chance. He played just six games for the 76ers — only producing one piece of McGee magic in his short tenure. Not surprisingly, the 76ers didn’t think McGee would be the best mentor for young centres Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid — who would’ve thought?

Power Forward: Malcolm Thomas

This former 76er has to hold some sort of record. After a 17-game stint in Philadelphia he was waived. He’s played for five teams (San Antonio, Golden State, Utah, Chicago and Philadelphia) in just 40 NBA games. How does that even happen?!

Small Forward: John Salmons

In the twilight of his career, the big fish has swum in the murky waters of uncertainty before. John Salmons is a regular feature of “Who does he play for now?” game after this season being traded for the seventh time.

Shooting Guard: Ray Allen

Will Ray Allen have a Rip Hamilton moment and just one day announce his retirement to which the collective basketball world will reply, “Huh?” Jesus Shuttleworth has been the most coveted man without a team all season but the closer it gets to playoffs time, it seems more and more unlikely that he joins a contender.

Point Guard: Nate Robinson

Stops in New York, Boston, Oklahoma City, Golden State, Chicago and Denver but the 5’9 Nate is still looking to keep the dream alive. He’s been off the court for a couple of months but Robinson doesn’t give up — remember that dunk contest?

Key Reserves:

Jermaine O’Neal

O’Neal has spent much of the season lamenting where he may end up, teasing the Twitterverse, dangling the carrot of his potential signing. But then, one day, O’Neal told the League to move on without him, he wasn’t ready — or is he? Maybe. We’ll never know. (Has anyone else notice that a lot of these guys used to be Celtics? Shhh… don’t tell Doc Rivers)

Samuel Dalembert

It’s not a huge selling point to say you were waived by a Knicks team that’s been dubbed ‘tragic’ (although a lot of players may hold that honour). However, the Haitian Sensation has frequented six teams in six seasons.

Andray Blatche

Fresh off of dominating in the Chinese Basketball Association, Andray Blatche is back in the USA and ready to make some bills. He may not be the prototypical journeyman like a lot of this roster. However, his time abroad and successful attempt to have Filipino legislation passed in his name, are sure fire ways of making the list.

Toney Douglas

Recently made available to the Journeyman, Toney Douglas is fresh off of a couple of 10-day contracts with the New Orleans Pelicans. His career after being drafted in the first round back in 2010 has involved four trades, six NBA teams and a stint in China.

Kendall Marshall

Marshall mightn’t have the resume dotted with different pit stops that most of this roster of veteran’s possesses. However, his three teams in three season after being drafted as a lottery pick is a great start. This journeyman prospect has shown great promise to become one of the all-time stop-gaps for years to come.

Roscoe Whalan is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the East Coast, based in Washington for this season. Follow him on Twitter: @RoscoeWhalan7

Episode 264 – The IT Crowd


Today on Believe The Hype, Tom and Benyam wrap-up all the major talking points from the last week of NBA action. The guys chat about what’s next for the Chicago Bulls in the post-Derrick Rose injury world, How Isaiah Thomas has made winning basketball a ‘thing’ in Boston, the Cavaliers struggles with Kyrie Irving injured, JaVale McGee being bought out by the Philadelphia 76ers and all of the regulars… Player/Rookie of the Week, Tweet of the Week and Into the Toolshed.

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NBA releases Anthony Mason tribute

After the untimely death of former New York Knick Anthony Mason, the NBA released this touching tribute video to the man who personified everything we loved and loved to hate about 90’s basketball in New York.

RIP Mase

VIDEO: Who’s in the running for MVP?


The halfway point of the season is gone. All-Star Weekend is over and the trade deadline seems like a distant memory. Today, Tom and Benyam discuss who they feel are the MVP candidates to look out for as we come down the home stretch of the regular season.

Check it out below: