Robert Sacre: The Baller and the Boarder


#BTHype favorite Robert Sacre, has been with the Lakers for a couple of years now, but doesn’t really know that much about the city.

He’s still very much from North Vancouver (see tattoos/love for the Grizzlies), so VICE sent him out on the town with pro-skateboarder Danny Montoya to check out the best local LA food spots, catch some skateboarding and more.

Check it out:

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Aussie Update – Volume 33


By JT.

A round-up of news featuring our top Aussie ballers.

* The NBA has launched online stores in Australia ( and New Zealand ( Get free shipping on all jersey orders until the 16th of September!

* In their updated player rankings for the Class of 2015, ESPN finally have Ben Simmons at No. 1. You’re a bit late to the party, guys. Deng Adel comes in at No. 29.

* Olgun Uluc from Aus BBall Prospects joined the guys at The Flag Flyers on SEN1116 (at the 21:10 mark) to discuss the latest with Thon Maker, Ben Simmons, Isaac Humphries and Deng Adel.

* Here’s Olgun again with his wrap up of our rising stars in US high school for The Pick And Roll. The latest news – Kouat Noi, a key member of the silver medal winning Australian U17 men’s team, will be transferring to Montverde Academy for his junior year.

* Andrew Bogut and The Black Falcon are at it again.

Niall Anderson from NZhoops argues that New Zealand basketball deserves greater funding. The Tall Blacks received a paltry $200,000 this calendar year from New Zealand’s sporting authority.

* FIBA is investigating the Boomers for ‘tanking’ against Angola at the World Cup. In a statement FIBA said: “The on-court behaviour displayed by Australia in that game generated huge disappointment by basketball fans and experts.”

What a bunch of BS.

* Andrew Bogut said it best (on Twitter): “So u can naturalize a plyer who has nver stepped foot in a country, but you cant rest players in a game 2 better a draw 4 youself? Ok @fiba.”

* Basketball Australia released a statement regarding the investigation.

* FIBA needs to look in the mirror – the real problem lies with the format of their post-intragroup stage. Boti Nagy has the solution.

* David Andersen has finalised a two-year deal with french club, ASVEL Villeurbanne.

* The Pick And Roll with a comprehensive listing of all the Australian men playing in the 2014/15 NCAA Division 1 college basketball season.

* Courtside Films with Thon Maker’s summer mixtape.

* The Perth Wildcats have signed the University of Missouri’s Earnest Ross.

* Jonah Bolden has been ruled ineligible for the upcoming college season.

* Aussies Erin Phillips, Penny Taylor and Coach Sandy Brondello have lead the Phoenix Mercury to the WNBA Championship.

JT is the former Editor of the now defunct NBAMate. One of Australia’s original & most successful NBA blogs. You can find him on twitter @JThoopin.

Episode 213 – FIBA Fever: Final Preview


Today on Believe The Hype, Nate Duncan from Basketball Insiders joins Tom & Benyam to preview the Final of the FIBA World Cup between the United States & Serbia. The guys discuss Milos Teodosic’s awesome World Cup so far & whether or not he’s shaken the choker tag, what Serbia could do to trouble the USA, USA’s unheralded defense & more. Furthermore, the guys chat about how to fix tanking in FIBA tournaments, what we saw from Serbia’s big win over France & the French’s performance against Spain.

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Basketball Australia release a statement regarding the Boomers game vs Angola


In response to FIBA’s statement regarding an upcoming investigation into the result of Australia’s performance in the Boomers final group game vs Angola at the Basketball World Cup (as spoken about on today’s podcast), Basketball Australia has released a statement in response to the allegations that they purposely set out to lose in a play to make sure that they avoided the United States until at least the Semi Finals.

The statement reads as follows:

Basketball Australia categorically rejects any suggestion that the Australian Boomers were a party to contriving the result of the 2014 FIBA World Cup game between Australia and Angola.

The Australian Boomers went into the game against Angola to win – plain and simple.

Claims to the contrary are widely speculative, insulting to the Australian sporting culture and to our playing group who gave their very best throughout this tournament. They’re downright wrong.

Basketball Australia has put a strong and detailed case to FIBA outlining why the decision was made to rest injured players and restrict playing time for fatigued players during the last game day of Group D.

That decision was supported by clear and definitive medical advice.

The health and wellbeing of our players is paramount. The World Cup group stage schedule of five games in six days is, put simply, gruelling.

It takes a significant toll on athletes – and is precisely the reason why FIBA allows a roster of 12 active players.

Basketball Australia will cooperate fully with FIBA’s investigation.

And let us be extremely clear on this point: we, as Australians, always compete the right way.  The Australian Boomers are renowned for their tenacity, competitiveness and hunger to win.

Basketball Australia supports a clean game, playing to win, and above all, integrity in the sport.

As a world leader in integrity education, we welcome FIBA’s scrutiny – and we look forward to a resolution which closes the book on these fundamentally inaccurate allegations.

Some of Australia’s greatest basketballers, have thrown their support behind Basketball Australia & the Boomers program. Former Boomers captain & NBA player Andrew Gaze said the below on SEN Radio this morning, as transcribed by Boti Nagy of The Advertiser:

“Aron Baynes was having injections into his knee so he could participate so they decided, in a game which meant nothing, to rest him,” Gaze said.

“Joe Ingles had been carrying a load and some wear and tear so they gave him a rest.

“The other players participating in the game played to win.

“It is (a waste of time). It’s not dealing with the facts.

“I will be gutted and there should be people fired if they intentionally tanked.

“But I see this as player management, not as tanking.

“And now that we’ve lost, everyone’s wants to go ‘ah, the karma bus hit you’.

“If they had won that game against Turkey, we wouldn’t even be talking about this.”

Hear Gaze’s comments in full conversation here:

After hearing Gaze’s radio comments, Golden State Warriors star Andrew Gaze took to twitter & said the below:

Furthermore, Bogut had these comments on twitter prior:

Episode 212 – FIBA Fever: Quarter Finals Preview

France v Croatia - 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup

454779400 /

Today on Believe The Hype’s FIBA Fever Podcast, Tom & Benyam look ahead to the 2014 World Cup Quarter Final stage. The boys break down the match-up between Spain & France, Brazil & Serbia, USA & Slovenia and Lithuania & Turkey. Furthermore, the guys chat about what players have impressed them so far this World Cup. Also, the guys talk about the latest from the Australian ‘tanking’ situation… Discussing what the outcome could be, whether or not it’s warranted, why Australia should be considered innocent until proven guilty & whether FIBA needs to take notice & change the structure of their tournaments to prevent situations like this happening again…

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FIBA World Cup Wrap: Round of 16 – When Tournament Strategy Goes Wrong


The Results

Day 1

  • USA 86 Mexico 63
  • France 69 Croatia 64
  • Spain 89 Senegal 56
  • Slovenia 71 Dominican Republic 61

Day 2

  • Lithuania 76 New Zealand 71
  • Serbia 90 Greece 72
  • Turkey 65 Greece 64
  • Brazil 85 Argentina 65

The quarter-finals are set, here’s how it looks: 



1) Australia v Turkey was the match-up the Aussies wanted. A clear path to the semi-finals, no USA for now, all we gotta do is beat Turkey and everyone will get off our backs about the Angola game.

Seemed pretty simple and Australia lead for most of the game, rebounded well and looked as though the plan was working, but went on to blow a late five-point lead to go down 65-64 and leave Goran Dragic with a wide grin on his face.

The biggest ‘highlight’ was obviously the “how you like me know”  clear-out three-pointer Turkey’s Emir Preldzic drained with just five seconds left on the clock, receiving the inbound with 22 seconds left in the game.

Full credit to Turkey, if that’s how you’re going to win, that’s a) ballsy and b) pretty dope

Here’s the full highlights:

2) Brazil turned the tables on Argentina and let them know they’re now the top dogs of South American hoops, with a crushing 85-65 win.

Although it wasn’t till midway through the game that I assume Brazil’s coach remembered “oh yeah we’re huge, why don’t we attack inside and eat all the rebounds and win super easy, Go basketball!” Or something like that.

Either way it worked and the Brazilian big men went to work along with Raulzinho Neto who shot a lazy 9/10 from the field to grab 21 points and kinda stick the boot into Argentina’s golden generation. Summed up no better than Thiago Splitter’s face in the pic below.


Meanwhile Neto be like:

3) You cannot and never will know how to pass like France. They beat Croatia and made a mockery of “find the best basketball play” with this outrageous sequence of passing and unselfishness.

It is actually beautiful and should probably only be watched while listening to classical music.


4) Oh yeah Steph Curry is awesome at shooting threes. I’ve been waiting for this game all tournament and we got it against Mexico.

Splash Brother number one went off for 20 points on 6-9 shooting from deep, at one point hitting a ridiculous 11 straight points for the USA.

Curry’s shooting had been weirdly off this tournament, but I’m happy to put that down to the “Hey these Molten’s are weird” theory. Now this is basically what he’s seeing (via ESPN)

Random Notes

1) DeMarcus Cousins is still looking for Gustavo Ayon

Eight teams to go and it looks like Spain is the only real threat to the USA. Teams like Brazil and France aren’t going to make it easy, so get ready for some intense late-stage tournament hoops.

Aussie Update – Volume 32


By JT.

A round-up of news featuring our top Aussie ballers.

* In a stunning turn of events, Thon Maker has decided to play high school ball in Canada at the Athlete Institute in Ontario. This has heated up the discussion about him re-classifying to the class of 2015, and even the possibility that he may try and bypass college altogether. There’s some shady elements to it too that involve Maker’s guardian, Ed Smith.

* The Sydney Morning Herald had a fascinating piece on Ed Smith last year, examining his role in the development of several young standout Sudanese-Australian players. Worth a read.

* Maker’s move to Canada potentially spells bad news for the Boomers.

* NBA Australia with five things the Boomers must do well if they want to beat Turkey and move through to the quarter-finals at the FIBA World Cup in Spain.

* An anonymous scout who has tracked Dante Exum at the World Cup on what we’ve learnt from his performances in Spain thus far: “Not much. He’s not ready for the NBA, that is for sure. But a lot of guys are not ready for the NBA and they have got to learn on the fly. He is no different. But he is not going to jump into the league and all of a sudden average 20 points a game. There’s just no way.

He is really, really good in the pick-and-roll. He knows how to take the pick and emerge with his head up and he sees the whole floor. He will get better with his decision-making as time goes on and he gets experience, but that ability to come off the pick like that, you know being able to see and process everything immediately with your head up, that is something you can’t teach.”

* Boti Nagy nails the ‘tanking’ debate.

* Michael Collins from Downtown with a terrific piece on how the NBL is redefining itself as one of the world’s best development leagues outside of the US.

* In case you haven’t heard, with his strong play in Spain Joe Ingles is attracting a lot of NBA interest. Here’s some old footage of Joe talking about why he turned down a guaranteed deal with Memphis last offseason.

* Team USA appeared stunned when the Kiwis broke out the Haka in their mid-week clash. This was followed by Andre Iguodala mocking it on Twitter, which naturally upset Aussie Steve.

* Nathan Jawai has re-signed with Turkish club Galatasaray.

* Aleks Maric has signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv. The deal is reportedly for three months.

* AJ Ogilvy signs with La Bruixa d’Or Manresa in Spain.

* Isaac Humphries (class of 2016) has received an offer from Kansas.

* Melbourne United coach Chris Anstey has confirmed reports that the Philadelphia 76ers have the right to re-call Jordan McRae back to the team up until January.

* NBA Australia with a good feature on Dante Exum.

* Here’s Cameron Bairstow’s shot chart from college.

* Golden Gate Sports examine Andrew Bogut’s impact by the numbers.

* For all the coaches out there, here’s a unique opportunity at the Andrew Bogut Basketball Academy in Melbourne.

JT is the former Editor of the now defunct NBAMate. One of Australia’s original & most successful NBA blogs. You can find him on twitter @JThoopin.