Kevin Durant now rides around on a sweet scooter


Kevin Durant has recently had a successful surgery on his right foot fracture. The downside… He’s injured & will miss the first 5-6 weeks of the regular season… The upside… He gets to ride this sweet scooter:

In the above Vine, Durant was heading into a press-conference with the local media. “I feel like Nick Saban, just rolling around on my scooter court to court,” said Durant (via NBC).

It looks like until KD can be back walking again, he’ll be riding dirty…

Also, it looks like a part of Mitch McGary’s rookie hazing will be to ride around on a scooter with his superstar team-mate. I’m hoping that footage of a Wacky Races style race around the OKC gym emerges sometime over the next few weeks.

SIDE NOTE: This isn’t the first time i’ve been excited about Durant competing in a Wacky Races style event… There was this Segway photo that he dropped in Barcelona back in 2012:

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Episode 220 – Chewing the fat with Matthew Dellavedova III


Today on Believe The Hype, Matthew Dellavedova joins Tom & Benyam for a quick chat about the upcoming season. The Cleveland Cavaliers guard talks about his busy off-season & how his conditioning has been, the new-look Cavs under David Blatt & his new team-mates LeBron James, Kevin Love, Mike Miller, Shawn Marion & James Jones, their pre-season trip to Brazil & jokingly why his home-town Maryborough should get an NBA pre-season game, the anticipation in Cleveland for this upcoming season & his fellow Aussie National Team team-mates in the NBA. Furthermore, Tom & Benyam chat about this new-look Cavs team & what we should expect from them this season.

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Episode 219 – Year of the Clip?

Chris Douglas-Roberts, Spencer Hawes, Blake Griffin, Trevor Booker, Olandis Poole

On today’s episode of Believe The Hype, Tom & Benyam are joined by #BTHype’s US Correspondent Jamieson Welsh who recently attended the Los Angeles Clippers vs Denver Nuggets pre-season game in Las Vegas. The episode includes Jamieson’s exclusive interviews with Joe Ingles & Chris Douglas-Roberts. Furthermore, the boys chat about how the Clippers are looking heading into the new season & how they need to improve in the back-up point guard position & the small forward spot. Also, the guys chat about whether or not the Nuggets are a legit Playoff team, Danilo Gallinari’s return from injury, Dirk Nowitzki & LeBron James wanting a shorter NBA schedule & more!

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Q&A with Joe Ingles


By Jamieson Welsh.

Yesterday, in the Los Angeles Clippers 104-93 loss to the Denver Nuggets at Mandalay Bay, Joe Ingles got his first ever pre-season NBA start. Ingles played 18 minutes and finishing with three points, three rebounds and one assist.

Believe The Hype caught up with Joe Ingles after the game for a quick chat. More from this conversation and Believe The Hype’s interview with Chris Douglas-Roberts will appear in the next podcast.

Check it out:

Joe, you were in the starting line-up tonight. How would you grade your overall performance?

I don’t really grade myself very often… So… It was good to be out there, play some minutes with the guys and it felt good out there. I felt pretty comfortable. A little nervous at the start but after a couple of minutes it felt good.

The mark on you is being a great play-maker from the wing. How does your play-making skills come into this system?

Obviously the other guys get a lot of attention and I think one of my strengths is that I can make plays off those pick and rolls or beat my man. If I draw someone, then I’m a very willing passer. So, yeah I didn’t obviously get the ball too much tonight, just played my role. I’m kinda happy to just do whatever I have to do.

What differences and changes do you see in your game in regards to playing in the Euroleague versus the NBA?

Probably just the size and athleticism. The European game has gone kind of small ball now. A lot of  3 men are playing the 4 spot. Probably just the size, obviously everyone’s bigger and the guys in Europe are getting a lot smaller.

How have the practice sessions been? Are you adapting to the speed of the NBA a bit easier? Or was it difficult at first?

I’ve experienced it a little bit a few years ago (Summer League with the Warriors) and when you play internationally, like we’ve played America three or four times and you kind of get a feel for it there. None of it’s been a surprise really but it does obviously take some time getting used to. It’s a different speed compared to European basketball.

Who’s the best Clipper at intimidating your accent?

Blake (Griffin) & DJ (DeAndre Jordan) are the worst offenders. They do it the most. Blake’s is getting better. DJ just does any kind of accent he can. JJ’s (Reddick) is not very good. Probably Blake… But I really don’t want to give him any props for it.

You’ve played in some great cities around the world. Melbourne, Barcelona, Tel Aviv… Now Los Angeles. Where do they all stack up & how does LA stack up so far?

I’ve only been in LA for three or four weeks. It’s kind of hard with being in the gym or at the hotel for most of the time. Obviously Australia’s my hometown, anytime I get back there is great. Barcelona was pretty special, I enjoyed my time there… It’s a city I could probably live in after I retire.

Thanks Joe, appreciate it. Good luck!


 Jamieson Welsh is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the West Coast for this season. Follow him on Twitter:@theejamieson

Episode 218 – The Westbrook Era


On today’s episode of Believe The Hype, Tom & Benyam chat about Kevin Durant‘s injury & what it means for Russell Westbrook & the rest of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Furthermore, the guys chat about the Toronto Raptors exercising options on Terrence Ross & Jonas Valanciunas, the potential for 44min games & who should start for the Lakers… Jeremy Lin or Steve Nash?

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Jimmy Kimmel presents: Basketball Book Club

JKFour NBA basketballers sitting around an old lady’s living room at their Nicholas Sparks book club.

Sounds ridiculous. Is ridiculous. Definitely hilarious.

Chandler Parsons, Blake Griffin, Iman Shumpert and Matt Barnes discussing the finer points of love and romance in the book ‘The Best of Me.’

Oh how I wish this was a real thing that happened once a month at Blake Griffin’s Santa Monica loft.

“Before we begin, does anybody else need some chardonnay?”

Dante Exum’s favourite player growing up was Joe Ingles


Being a young NBA player, it must be a cool feeling coming up against someone who you grew up watching play.

The majority of the young crop of NBA players coming into the league all grew up being fans of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tim Duncan and co. Like Lakers rookie Julius Randle, who grew up a Laker & Kobe fan:

Dante Exum has spoken at numerous times about his fandom for Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose & Manu Ginobili, but today, prior to the Utah Jazz’s 102-89 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers, Dante spoke to David Locke about who his favourite player was growing up:

This is pretty cool. In what is probably a first, Dante’s favourite player growing up is also an NBA rookie. Be it Ingles does have a number of years experience playing in Australia, Spain, Israel & on the Australian National Team.

It just gets better, here’s Dante rocking a Joe Ingles South Dragons jersey from way back. Throwback points times 100.

Ingles and Exum are also room mates during Australian National Team duties, including the recent FIBA World Cup. So, not only has Exum played with & against his favourite player growing up, he’s also been ‘bedroom hazed’ by the guy who gave him his first autograph…

Life is good.

Ingles has always looked out for Dante from a young age as part of the Boomers program. Now they’ll be looking out for each other as they head in to their rookie years in the NBA together.