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A Bit of Perspective…..


After Tom and I slagged off the 2012 NBA Dunk Competition as the worst ever a few weeks back, I soon realised how much worse it can truly get. Check these classics out. Darrell Armstrong’s effort is easily the best!

Petrovic v Jordan


Prior to Barcelona ’92, Drazen Petrovic stuck it to MJ and the Bulls. Some of the most entertaining basketball from the 90’s, from two of the most competitive players. A personal favourite!

USA v Croatia – Barcelona 1992 Gold Medal Game

This week, being a flashback episode for #believethehype, I thought i’d throw a flashback to the 1992 Barcelona Olympic’s Gold Medal Game. USA v Croatia, Jordan v Petrovic in one of the most anticipated basketball games in the history of international competition.

Hope you enjoy Australian TV Network Channel 7’s commentary of the game.

Episode 13 – Flashbacks!

This week’s episode had a recording error… But Tom & Benyam don’t want to keep the fans waiting seven more days for the next episode, so this week we present a Flashback episode showcasing the best “All NBA Fives” of the season so far!

– All NBA Players to take home to your mother

– All NBA Players who could become President of the United States

– All NBA Players you’d like to see own a restaurant

– All NBA Players who should have their own reality TV show.

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Same, Same……Different


Same, Same......Different

Tom and I have developed a theory that Jason Kidd and Pitbull may indeed be one person. With only a pair of oversized sunglasses seperating the two men from becoming one…..discuss

Wizards fan shows up Mascot

Check out this video from Half-Time at a Wizards game this week. It’s a trampoline dunk contest and one of the competitors “Eddie” not only shows up the mascot but basically guarantees himself a big night with his date who’s in the crowd…

Episode 12 – Pau Gasol’s Got Talent

A big week in the NBA, The NBA Trade Deadline came & went with a lot of movement in the final day. This weeks episode covers every deadline deal. Furthermore, Patty Mills signs with the San Antonio Spurs and Pau Gasol sings at a UNICEF Benefit. This weeks All NBA Five is NBA Players you want to see own an Expansion Franchise.

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Doug Christie, College Hoops Star, NBA Player, Pornographer

This has to be one of the strangest stories getting around at the moment. But Doug Christie and his annoying wife from Basketball Wives Jackie have decided to make a porno… Read the story here on Ball Don’t Lie.


Jeremy Lin’s “A bit of a tweener” – Chad Ford

I thought i’d go back through the ESPN Insider analysis for the 2010 NBA Draft to see Chad Ford’s scouting report. Lin was the 89th ranked overall prospect with basically no ‘weaknesses’ to his name and a group of ‘strengths’ that would rival the first pick, John Wall.

He was ranked 14th in Point Guards behind big names such as Courtney Fortson, Sherron Collins and Willie Warren.

Ford couldn’t find any weeknesses besides the fact he played in the Ivy League so he decided he’d get racial and call Lin a ‘tweener’ which by what I and what Urban Dictionary coins the term to mean “a white guy who thinks he’s black”…