I don’t know what you heard about me… Because i’m motherf*cking Ian Mahinmi….

A Bit of Perspective…..


After Tom and I slagged off the 2012 NBA Dunk Competition as the worst ever a few weeks back, I soon realised how much worse it can truly get. Check these classics out. Darrell Armstrong’s effort is easily the best!

Petrovic v Jordan


Prior to Barcelona ’92, Drazen Petrovic stuck it to MJ and the Bulls. Some of the most entertaining basketball from the 90’s, from two of the most competitive players. A personal favourite!

USA v Croatia – Barcelona 1992 Gold Medal Game

This week, being a flashback episode for #believethehype, I thought i’d throw a flashback to the 1992 Barcelona Olympic’s Gold Medal Game. USA v Croatia, Jordan v Petrovic in one of the most anticipated basketball games in the history of international competition.

Hope you enjoy Australian TV Network Channel 7’s commentary of the game.

Episode 13 – Flashbacks!

This week’s episode had a recording error… But Tom & Benyam don’t want to keep the fans waiting seven more days for the next episode, so this week we present a Flashback episode showcasing the best “All NBA Fives” of the season so far!

– All NBA Players to take home to your mother

– All NBA Players who could become President of the United States

– All NBA Players you’d like to see own a restaurant

– All NBA Players who should have their own reality TV show.

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Same, Same……Different


Same, Same......Different

Tom and I have developed a theory that Jason Kidd and Pitbull may indeed be one person. With only a pair of oversized sunglasses seperating the two men from becoming one…..discuss

Wizards fan shows up Mascot

Check out this video from Half-Time at a Wizards game this week. It’s a trampoline dunk contest and one of the competitors “Eddie” not only shows up the mascot but basically guarantees himself a big night with his date who’s in the crowd…