The Bobcats can’t win games or the lottery


The Bobcats can't win games or the lottery

You do have to feel kinda bad for the Charlotte Bobcats. After amassing only 7 wins this season and finishing with a 23 game losing streak, the numbers were well in their favour to get the number one pick in the draft and get a bona fide star in Anthony Davis.

That was until David Stern and his league owned New Orleans Hornets “got lucky” and somehow “won” the lottery. I guess this kind of makes the Chris Paul trade seem fair now.

I don’t know who is happier, Davis and Stern?……….

HBO Developing a pro-hoops Drama/Comedy

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO have signed off on the creation of a hour-long pilot of a new series based on the NBA. The project’s Executive Producer’s are Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me If You Can & Rush Hour) & Gavin Polone (Curb Your Enthusiasm).

According to THR, the series will “feature the money, sex, power and temptation that often accompany the world of pro sports, both for its millionaire players and billionaire owners.

With #believethehype being a podcast that likes to not only touch on the on court side of the NBA but also the off-the-court happenings. I’m really looking forward to this. Getting to see a series of cashed up NBA players getting up to mischief in Las Vegas, The Hamptons, Los Angeles & South Beach couldn’t come sooner.

HBO has produced a couple of great sports TV series in the past. Most notably East Bound & Down which finished this year & Arli$$ which is potentially one of the most underrated TV series of all time.

Although there have been numerous basketball movies, outside of Basketball Wives, there hasn’t been a TV series purely based around the hardwood since Reggie Theus’ Hang Time. 

#believethehype can neither confirm or deny rumours circulating around twitter that they have been approached to co-write the series.

#believethehype NBA Draft Lottery Simulation

Thanks to a very special simulation program on Real GM, #believethehype has predicted what we think the Draft order will be come this evenings Draft Lottery. Just like The Basketball Jones on NBATV last night, we predicted that it will be back-to-back number 1 picks for the Cleveland Cavaliers which will more than likely bring Anthony Davis to Ohio to play alongside Kyrie Irving & Tristan Thompson.

In 2011, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert sent along his then 13 year old son Nick as their representative last year. To make sure history repeats itself, Gilbert Jr will be back on centre stage tonight also.

The Cavs have the 3rd best odds (15.6%) out of any team to land the number 1 pick.

#believethehype are also predicting that the rebuilding Golden State Warriors will keep their pick in the upcoming Draft as they are projected to pick 7th. If their lottery balls fell out of the top 7, then their pick would go to the Utah Jazz.

This is how #believethehype predicts the order will look:

When you bring your homelife to work…

WPLG ABC Channel 10 Miami sportscaster Sasha Andrade has something on her mind, and it’s not sport. Check out this video from the weekend where Andrade has a slight, yet confident, slip of the tounge when speaking about the Philadelphia *ahem* 76ers.

Episode 24 – Backstreet Boys or New Kids on the Block

After Benyam went to Sydney to see both the Backstreet Boys & New Kids on the Block in concert, the boys preview the Conference Finals & whether the Spurs & Boston will mean that “Backstreet’s Back” into the NBA Finals or whether the New Kids on the Block of Miami & OKC will extend their season. This weeks All NBA Five is NBA Players who look like video game characters.

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SNL’s Stephen A. Smith spoof

There is no-one in the world better at impersonations than Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah. If you’re not a fan of the show, do yourself a favour and set aside an hour to YouTube some of his best work – Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, Jay-Z & many many more…

This week on Weekend Update, he did a great impersonation of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. Whilst it’s not Pharoah’s best, it’s still pretty funny & is SAS to a tee.

A Little Help Around the House


Running with the theme of Spring cleaning, looks like a few of the NBA’s characters have been getting stuck into some odd jobs around the house already…Check out this gee-up from the ESPY Awards during the NBA lockout.

PS. If anything this video just makes me want to hang out with Tyson Chandler even more…you’ll see

Episode 23 – Home Improvement

The NBA Playoffs are starting to get really interesting. The East is still anyones ballgame & the West seems like it’s been narrowed down to two teams. This week, Tom & Benyam chat about the Conference Semis, what teams that didn’t make the Playoffs that could surprise next year & much much more. This weeks All NBA Five is NBA Players you want to come & help you with chores around the house.

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Uncle Drew

Larry Johnson had his Grandmama… Kyrie Irving has “Uncle Drew”… This guy can ball.