Episode 32 – NBA Draft Review

Join Tom Read & Benyam Kidane as they review everything from the 2012 NBA Draft including, touching on the top 10 Picks, Draft day from the persepctive of their teams – the 76ers & Lakers & touch on a few hypothetical questions about the future careers of this next generation of NBA Stars.

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Off Season Instagrams – OJ Mayo

OJ’s overseas trip with his girl has taken him to Paris now… After a few “happy with it” nights & the fact that the US Dollar just isn’t what it used to be, he’s trying to find any way necessary to get out of paying this bill…

Shouldn’t have ordered all those extra strawberries in that Sav Blanc mate!

USA v Australia – 1996 Exhibition Game (highlights)

In the lead up to the Olympics, we’re going to post some highlights from great International basketball games.

Firstly, check out the highlights from the 1996 pre-Olympic warm up game in Salt Lake City between the United States & Australia. The Aussie Boomers may have not been in the contest, going down 118-77, but the real talking point of the match was Australian guard Shane Heal who was on fire from downtown.

Heal finished with a game high 28pts with 8 from downtown. If you see where he was shooting from, he wasn’t just shooting from downtown, he was shooting from the next state!

This game will also be remembered for Heal’s run-in with Charles Barkley. Chuck was being particularly hard with his fouls on both Heal & the Aussie captain Andrew Gaze. After a late hit from Barkley, the 6ft 0in Heal showcased his classic “short man syndrome” & let Barkley know his feelings towards the future Hall of Famer.

Check it out: