T-Mac Owns the Worst Tech Start-Up Ever…

Last year, Tracy McGrady bought into a tech start-up called “Dasdak”. After seeing their intro video, it could possibly go down as the worst start-up idea ever…

Basically, what Dasdak does is makes customer service irrelavent as everything you will do in your life would be done via your phone.

I could rant about all of the requests that people make in the video, but then that would ruin how funny the video gets… (you’ll understand once you’ve watched it).

But i’ll talk about the first one –

A guy wants to be able to order his food from their seat at a baseball game…
In a stadium with 40,000 people, if everyone did this, then wouldn’t it take FOREVER to get your food? Like, longer than it would take if you had to line up? Plus the rows would be crowded with food deliverers going back & forth all the time. I feel it would be more of an inconvenience than having to walk 20 yards to go & get it yourself.

Check out the video below… Some of the requests that people want to make on their phone are rediculous! This technology would just give us a generation of brats!

Classic McGrady investment.

Off Season Instagrams – Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert’s just got back from travelling back in time & pretending to be DJ Jazzy Jeff for a kick-ass summer.

Unfortunately, he learnt the golden rule of the early 1990’s – “Girl’s ain’t nothing but trouble…” the hard way.

Contender for NBA Tweet of the Year?

Memphis Grizzlies big-man Marreese Speights has struck gold… I’m sorry but this has to be one of the best tweets ever dropped by an NBA Player… & there have been some brilliant tweets out there!

Thanks to @YoungPepDash for sending this one across… I wanted to wait for the next episode to drop this but I just didn’t want to sit on it for the rest of the week!

FYI – Betty White did plan of getting a Boob Job…

Dwyane Wade & Nelly Appear on Stage Together

The Fresh Prince of South Beach Dwyane Wade was up to his old tricks this weekend… Doing nothing but being loved by all.

He appeared on stage with Nelly at a gig at Chicago hot-spot The MID, taking phots & just being a general dude.

Is there anything Dwyane Wade can’t do? Seriously???

Off Season Instagrams – Dwight Howard

That awkward moment when you realize you bought the same Bentley as Kobe…

Off Season Instagrams – Metta World Peace

Just like it’s not a Pool Party in Miami without Pitbull showing up… It’s not a Bachelorette Party in Vegas without Metta World Peace showing up…

Off Season Instagrams – Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol’s been reunited with his family for the first time since leaving the African Plains for the bright lights of the NBA…

Off Season Instagrams – Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah & Ronnie Brewer

The Chicago Bulls Dancefloor “Big 3” should have never taken that Amyl Nitrite that Joakim Noah brought to the party…

Credit: @Wooblyball

Off Season Instagrams – Kenneth Faried

That awkward moment when you’re Big Bird Golf Bag has been lost by baggage handlers…

Credit: @Wooblyball

Off Season Instagrams – Deron Williams

Whenever Mikhail Prokhorov has one of his famous Hamptons Lawn parties… You can bet your house on it that D-Will & B-Cliggy will be front & center poolside.

Credit: @Wooblyball