Gangnam State Warriors

Who would have thought that the Warriors would have been at the forefront of NBA Gangnam Style Parodies?

I’m still waiting for “Andrew Bynum Style” to be released…

No Sleep ‘Till Brooklyn

Although we may not necessarily #believethehype surrounding the Brooklyn Nets team, the hype surrounding the Brooklyn Nets brand is hard to ignore.

Jay-Z recently launched the new Nets arena, but more importantly the new Nets jersey in the coolest way possible….media presentation? No…….. unveiling at a sports store? No………..have Jay-Z wear the new jersey at a rap concert in the new arena? Yes. That pretty much sums up what the Brooklyn Nets are trying to become, they might not be the best, most successful team, but they are sure as hell going a long way to becoming the coolest team in the NBA.

Personally i’m a fan of the new jersey (see what I did there), the Nets jerseys make them look like the hipster/gangster rap version of the San Antonio Spurs


Just to make it a little cooler, get Pharrell involved.



I’m also praying that Deron Williams wears three of the biggest gold chains on opening night against the Knicks.



And just for good measure, the Brooklyn Nets cheerleaders also unveiled their uniforms.


Sasha Vujacic’s on Instagram!

He’s not in the NBA anymore, but my personal man-crush on Sasha Vujacic makes this story #believethehype-worthy…

The newly single Sasha Vujacic’s now entered the 21st Century & has upgraded his dinosaur iPhone 3G to an iPhone 5 & in turn, has hit up our favourite Image sharing Social Media Network – Instagram.

Expect a bucketload of gee-ups from Sasha on a regular basis including:

  • Party-boy shots
  • Red carpet shots with supermodels
  • Locker-room gee-ups
  • Scantily clad images of Maria Sharapova to help him “win” the breakup.
  • Eurotrip shots

I’m excited, you should be too!

Check out Sasha’s Instagram account here

Here’s the fun-boy’s first image:

Off Season Instagrams – Deron Williams & Reggie Evans

Deron Williams & Reggie Evans have decided that MarShon Brooks’s car is better served as a portable popcorn machine than an automobile.

You’ve got to love Rookie hazing…

JaVale McGee’s still can’t get enough of that Segway

The Basketball Jones’s blogger Trey Kerby pulled together a great video of JaVale McGee segwaying around the Nuggets locker-room to Arrested Development music…

There’s nothing better than coming across a YouTube video that has combined two of the funniest things going around… JaVale McGee & Arrested Development.

Great stuff Trey!

Lakers Time Warner Deal – A Great Step Forward

Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers announced a new TV deal with Time Warner Cable to start this season. The deal, reportedly worth $3Billion will see two Lakers TV channels launched, one in English & one in Spanish which will show every Lakers game LIVE along with some daily magazine programs & historical footage.

The channel launches on the 1st October, just in time for training camp.

The deal is a great step forward for the NBA. European Football giants such as Manchester United & Barcelona have had their own TV networks for a number of years now & there certainly is a market for some of the top NBA teams to do the same. I’m sure that the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls & many more teams will be watching this closely to see if they could do a similar deal next time their local rights deals become available. Although the channel isn’t 100% a Lakers channel, it’s pretty close to it as Lakers & NBA centric programming will take up around 85% of the broadcast.

Today the studio programming line-up was announced & will feature a number of shows including:

  • Access SportsNet – will air live every day on Time Warner Cable SportsNet. The one-hour studio program will begin at 7:00* p.m. and deliver comprehensive coverage of the Lakers, LA Galaxy and LA Sparks. It will highlight the network’s signature behind-the-scenes access and provide Lakers, Galaxy and Sparks fans with the latest information, updates and team features. A second live “Access SportsNet” will air at 10:00 p.m.
  • #LakeShow – An interactive studio program highlighting of-the-moment conversations about the Lakers and fan-driven social media interaction and engagement. “#LakeShow” will air 90 minutes prior to tip-off on game days and at 6:30 p.m. on all other days and run all Lakers season long.
  • Encore+ – will be re-telecasts of this season’s Lakers games enhanced with social media interaction.
  • Lakers Compacto – consist of Lakers games condensed into a fast-paced, one-hour format. It will feature added sights, sounds, reaction and commentary that weren’t part of the original game telecast.
  • Additional Lakers-related Time Warner Cable SportsNet programming will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Lakers fans want content about and access to their team seven days a week and we’re going to provide that with “Access SportsNet” and “#LakeShow,” said Mark Shuken, Senior Vice President and General Manager, TWC Sports Regional Networks. “We’ve created a lineup that gives fans a voice, speaks directly to them and takes them behind-the-curtain as their favorite team kicks off what’s sure to be a historic season.”

There has been a lot of talk about this because a large number of people in Southern California aren’t subscribed to Time Warner Cable… Simple solution = subscribe! It’ll be worth it if you’re a Lakers fan!

If you live in SoCal, go to to sign up!

Check out a preview video:

Dirk Nowitzki’s going to space…

…well sort of. The loan star on the best team from the Loan Star State’s bobblehead is about to find itself with the stars because the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow are doing a PR stunt where they are sending a Dirk Nowitzki bobblehead up into space with a camera attached to him. Everyone will be able to watch it transpire tomorrow at around 11am Eastern USA time over at

To watch the teaser video of it, click here

This is a special occasion as it’s the first time that a bobblehead of an NBA Star has been fired up into space. Kobe should be furious.


Off Season Instagrams – John Wall

It is rumoured that JaVale McGee’s pool hall debts to mother Pamela have exceeded the $1 million dollar mark so JaVale has done what anyone would do and called on his friend John “Fast Eddie” Wall to try and recoup some of his losses.

They have been playing for three days straight and so far John owes Pamela half of his Reebok endorsement money for next season.

……………..double or nothing?


Off Season Instagrams – Derrick Williams

After their night out on the town, Derrick Williams took in a Minnesota Twins game with new team-mate Chase Budinger. Williams made  Budinger dress as the Twins mascot T.C. the Bear for the entire game, threatening to tell Ricky Rubio to never pass him the ball if he didn’t.

Chase duly obliged


Off Season Instagrams – JaVale McGee

Sick and tired of driving on real roads… JaVale McGee’s in the middle of hooking up a roller-coaster transport system around Denver.