Rose gets into the Restaurant Business

Darren Rovell of ESPN reported today that the 2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose has entered the Restaurant game after buying into the famous Chicago Deep Pizza chain Giordano’s.

Giordano’s is looking to expand out of it’s traditional home of Chicago & into other major cities in the United States & by bringing Rose in as an owner helps them immensely in their expansion plans.

Giordano’s CEO Yorgo Koutsogiorgas said the company will use Rose by putting his image on a special takeout box and will do big promotions to his favorite pizza-pie – a thin crust version with cheese, sausage and red peppers.

Although not quoted by Rovell, sources suggest that Rose became interested in the restaurant game after listening to #believethehype Episode 3 – “Ricky Rookie Wiki Woobio” where Benyam & Myself presented our All NBA Five Players who should own a restaurant

Derrick, you’re welcome.

Read the rest of ESPN’s article here.


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