Laker fan asks Katy Perry to the Prom…

Although the Lakers lost 99-91 to Eddie Curry’s Dallas Mavericks… At least there is 1 happy Laker fan.

This guy asked Katy Perry, who was sitting courtside at Staples Center to his Prom. The “California Girl” accepted.

@jehlertvp said on instagram – My love katy perry!!!! She said yes to prom!!!! Hahha #katyperry #promdate #lakers

This fan has officially “one upped” his idol Kobe Bryant who took Brandy to his High School Prom… Good stuff.

Things Gerald Green can jump over…

You’ve all either seen the footage showing Gerald Green’s ridiculous hops… People are all saying “Yeah, we’ve known he had hops since before he blew out the birthday cake…”

Well, today #believethehype can leak some footage of what else Gerald Green has jumped over recently…

This summer, Gerald Green went to Sydney & jumped over the Harbour Bridge.

On his way to Sydney, he decided to jump over a British Airways 747…

It took this group 4 days to trek to the top of Mount Everest… They were pretty pissed off when Gerald Green jumped over it…

Before Hurricane Sandy hit was the perfect time for Gerald Green to jump over the Statue of Liberty.

Conveniently out of view for the millions watching on YouTube was Gerald Green jumping over the Red Bull Stratos ship…

But perhaps his hardest challenge was jumping over Donald Trump’s ego… Nonetheless, Gerald was successful.

We can’t wait to find out what Gerald Green jumps over next…

Back in Time with Bake

Check out Blake Griffin’s new Kia Optima commercial where he travels back in time to 1995 giving life advice to his younger self. I’m officially beginning a campaign for Blake to star in Back II the Future 4.

Your move Bosh

Blake in 1997

…..and just for good measure, may as well check in on 1997 Blake just to make sure things are going to plan. check it out.

Gerald Green’s got hops! (Like you didn’t already know…)

The Indiana Pacers have now released the video of the famous image of Gerald Green’s head above the ring… Check it out!

The guys got more Hops than Heineken…

Episode 49 – NBA 2012/13 Season Preview

This week, Tom & Benyam sit in the same room together for the first time as they break down everything in their NBA Season Preview Extravaganza Episode! The boys break down all 30 teams, from contenders to pretenders, plus go into some of the big storylines for the season along with awards favourites!

**Please note, unfortunately due to recording issues, the first 2 mins of the broadcast is missing… Basically, we just chatted Harden to Houston, there is more discussion on this later on in the podcast also.**

Don’t forget that that you can follow us on twitter @traread and @benyamkidane and using the #believethehype tag to ask questions to be answered in next weeks episode.

Download the audio:

Or alternatively, you can watch the video replay of the Podcast on #believethehype TV!

Halloween Instagrams – San Antonio Spurs

Last night notorious partyboy Tony Parker hosted his annual Halloween Party at his newly owned nightspot “Nueve Lounge“.

The entire team was out in force, except shit got awkward when Parker’s “old best friend” Manu Ginobilli & his “new best friend” Nando De Colo turned up both dressed as Zoro… Parker may need to get used to not only having females, but also males fighting for his attention…

Jokingly according to Scott Carefoot, Tony Parker, with his eye patched up… went as “Wrong Place, Wrong Time” as homage to his incident in a NYC Nightclub.

Check out some of the great shots from the evening…

Tony Parker in his natural habitat…

Nando De Zorro…

Tiago Splitter doesn’t want to ask Steph Jackson how he got those scars…

Danny Greens costume takes the cake…

NBA 2012/13 Season Promo – #believethehype TV

Tomorrow at 2pm (AEDST) the #believethehype NBA Season will officially begin with a LIVE Video Podcast. In celebration of this, we’re leaking to you our intro promo for what could be one of the most hotly contested NBA Seasons of all time.

Check this out & make sure to head over to #believethehype LIVE! tomorrow, Sunday the 28th October at:

  • 2pm Sydney time
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for the #believethehype LIVE Video Season Preview Podcast!

Instagrammys – Week 3 – Metta World Peace

With the NHL in a lockout & their franchises now entering “savings mode” to try & maintain their existence .. Metta World Peace offered to Los Angeles Kings an offer they couldn’t refuse… Matt LeBlanc’s “Joey” Complete Box Set DVD for the Stanley Cup.

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Blake Griffin is the Master of Reading

For all you Community fans out there, you will enjoy this one. Blake Griffin training Abed’s book club for a grand reading battle (that was the weirdest thing I’ve ever written), but hilarious nonetheless.

Troy and Abed in the moooooooooorrnning!