Walt “Clyde” Frazier Phonics

Do you have vocabulary issues? Do people not understand you when you’re speaking to them on the phone? Have you got a myriad of silk suits but just aren’t the lyrical wordsmith to match it? Well then you need Clyde Frazier Phonics!

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The Atlanta Hawks Talk Hunger Games

The Atlanta Hawks have surprised many this season in the sport of basketball. But the boys have got thinking… If they were living in a post Apocalyptic world on the nation of Panem, what would their Hunger Games Strategy be?

Kyle Korver said, he’d have a “very strategic strategy”… But what about the other guys? Who would be the first to die? Who would win?

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Episode 58 – Touch The S-Kyrie


On the final #believethehype NBA Podcast of 2012, Tom & Benyam discuss the development of Kyrie Irving over his first two seasons in the NBA. Is he one of the best PGs in the NBA right now? Can he hold a franchise on his back? Furthermore, the boys briefly wrap up the Christmas day games, discuss the Avery Johnson firing & what’s next for Brooklyn & also give props to the league leading Los Angeles Clippers. This weeks All NBA Five is New Years parties that NBA Players will be hosting.

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Kyrie Irving’s Christmas Photo – Take 2…

After the drama that this photo caused on the internet between Kyrie Irving & his Girlfriend Natalia Garibotto, I’m pretty sure he’d want a do-over.

Kyrie has been publicly stating that he didn’t send the photo & apologizing to his girl & his fans.

However, if Kyrie could have it all over again & want to instagram & tweet another photo in the early hours of Christmas morning… I’m pretty sure that he’d want it to be this one.

TAKE 2 KYRIE – that’s a wrap.


Will Kobe Bryant become the greatest Skateboarder of all time?

For the last few days, Kobe Bryant’s put his first toe into the Twittersphere by taking over the Nike Basketball Twitter account @nikebasketball. It’s been great to get a close & personal insight into one of the greatest players to ever play the game…

Especially today, as Kobe tweeted this picture of him & his daughter Natalia…


Now this got me thinking…

Kobe Bryant said he’s an “amateur at best” at skateboarding. Well, as we all know, Kobe Bryant doesn’t stop doing anything until he is the best at what he’s doing. With Kobe saying that he’s going to retire from Basketball in 2014, could skateboarding be his next endeavor?

If this is the case, here are some suggestions for Kobe so that he can become the G.O.A.T in his new-found love.

First things first… Obviously, the mecca of professional skateboarding is the X-Games. If Kobe wants to “be the man, he has to beat the man” by taking on Shaun White in a mono-et-mono battle on the Vert.


Secondly, he has to do something that no-one has ever attempted… Kobe, get your ass down to Sydney & attempt to grind your way across the Sydney Harbour Bridge! They said it can’t be done & that it defies physics… But so do some of the moves that you have done in your 17 year NBA career.


Possibly the most famous skateboard stunt ever attempted was when Bart Simpson attempted to jump over Springfield Gorge, only to be stopped by his father Homer who accidentally attempted the jump himself… Homer failed, so Kobe could get one-up on America’s favourite family by becoming the first person to successfully jump over the famous Springfield landmark.


Finally… We’ve never had it on the basketball court & with time running out it’s looking less likely. Kobe v LeBron James for the NBA Championship. Well, if it doesn’t happen on the court, why not off the court? Kobe & LeBron could use both of their new found hobbies to stage the greatest race of all time. Kobe on his skateboard v LeBron on his bike… Whilst a bike is faster than a skateboard, don’t doubt The Black Mamba’s abilities to take this one out…


There are just a few options for Kobe…The skating world is now at his fingertips. There are a myriad of other ways that Kobe can stamp his dominance on one of the worlds fastest growing sports.

Rest assured, you can put money on the fact that this won’t be the last you hear of Kobe Bryant – Skater Boy.

Instagrammys – Week 12 – JaVale McGee

The crime rate in Colorado has dropped significantly over the past few years… This week, we found out why.

Denver has a guardian angel, a symbol, so the citizens of Colorado don’t have to be afraid of the scum of the underworld…

That man is, JaVale McGee.



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Great Moments in RoShamBo – Dwyane Wade v Ramon Sessions

at half time it’s Wade 1 – Sessions 0

Kevin Durant’s new Classic Bodyswap

After swapping talent with a loveable high school loser in the 2012 hit movie “Thunderstruck”, Kevin Durant’s now swapped bodies with an Asian Househusband in his new commercial for Sprint…

Durant needs to stay away from lightning, fortune tellers, genies, voodoo witch doctors & anything that could be associated with the black arts or else this will just keep happening… With the Playoffs only months away, can the Thunder afford this happening again?

Chris Paul Separated at Birth


As the LA Clippers strive to be the best team on the court, they’re also doing their best to be the funniest off the court. Check out this hilarious Chris Paul commercial for State Farm.

He has some ground to make up on Blake Griffin in the funny commercial power rankings but he’s slowly climbing the ladder.

Christmas on the Hardwood: Fur Coatin’ with Kobe

Earlier in the day Kobe set the standard for winter pimpin’ by rocking this fur coat and turtleneck combo on his way into the Staples Center before taking down the Knicks. He has shades of part bond villain/part pimp/part Akeem from Coming to America.

I dare you to look cooler today.