I’ll Trade You to Kris Humphries’ Entourage


Check out this new hilarious Foot Locker commercial with James Harden and Kris Humphries.

Even Foot Locker thinks hanging out with Kris Humphries would be super lame.

Miami Heat Visit the White House

Today the Miami Heat took in their customary champions White House event on the back of their 2011/12 NBA Championship.

Of all the teams that visit the White House, you could tell President Barack Obama was genuinely excited to have LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and co at the White House and even dropped a few good zingers on the Heat ranging from D-Wades shoes to Mike Miller being old. Barack had it covered.


LeBron James had a few remarks towards the end of the ceremony and the normally cool, calm, collected king of the NBA was reduced to an excitement riddled school boy, lost for words, meeting one of his heroes. #Respect. 

Check out the full ceremony below:

Episode 63 – The Pelican Brief


This week on #believethehype, Tom Read & Benyam Kidane discuss the NBA All Star Reserves – did the coaches get it right? Who was snubbed? Who should replace Rondo now that he’s injured? Furthermore, the boys chat about the official news that the New Orleans Hornets will be re-named the Pelicans starting next season, Australia Day shout-outs to Aron Baynes & ‘Aussie’ Kyrie Irving, The Washington Wizards fine form of late & the Memphis Grizzlies/Cleveland Cavs trade & what this could mean to Rudy Gay. Plus, in the Monthly Mailbag, the boys are asked questions by Steph Curry, Josh Smith, Dikembe Mutombo, Gerald Green & Charles Barkley.

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Inside The NBA Crew give it to Charles Barkley


This. Is. Hillarious!

During the half-time report for TNT’s Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Clippers broadcast, the Inside The NBA team go ‘no holds barred’ on their counterpart Charles Barkley who wasn’t in studio with them because he was doing colour commentary for the game.

“colour” was exactly it! Charles Barkley announced to the world that he gets his eyebrows waxed!

The crew spent the entire half-time report ripping into Chuck… From his eyebrows quote through to his views on college basketball & why he thinks “AAU is the worst thing to happen to sports”…

It’s absolutely incredible, check it out!

“Ain’t no shame in my game!”

Detroit Pistons Fresh Photo Shoot


In an effort to lure fans back to The Palace, the Detroit Pistons are staging a couple of themed nights. February 1st v Cleveland will be “Super 70’s Night” & March 8th v Dallas will be “I Love The 80’s Night”…

In the lead up to this, the Pistons have staged a photo shoot of their boom rookies Kyle Singler & Andre Drummond who’s posters will be available on the evenings.

Singler’s 70’s get-up was inspired by Starsky & Hutch/his prom outfit & Drummond’s was inspired by Run DMC.

Check it out!

JaVale Alley-Oop to Himself

Previously JaVale McGee has copped a bit of heat for his alley-oops off the backboard to himself, particuarly for his effort against Houston about a year ago whilst playing for the Wizards.

Coincidentally today against the Rockets, McGee brought the house down with another classic self alley-oop, but there are three reasons why this one was better:

1) It was probably the best option to score
2) The Nuggets were in front at the time and went on to
win the game; and
3) The hilarious fingerstache post dunk celebration that followed.

Classic JaVale!

Instagrammys – Week 16 – L.A. Clippers

Due to the Clippers oversized bench which is currently the deepest in the NBA, Coach Vinny Del Negro is having a tough time organising his roster for the second half of the season.

To decide who will be getting their fair share of minutes during the back half of the season and into the playoffs, the Clips settle these disputes the old fashioned way, airplane games of high stakes go-fish.

You can tell by the look on Matt Barnes’ face that he’s a card shark from way back. Looks like he’ll be starting at point guard for the rest of the season. Chris Paul declined to comment.

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Episode 62 – Chewing the Fat With Jonny Flynn


Today Benyam & Tom are joined by former NBA All-Rookie 2nd Team member & current star for the Melbourne Tigers in Australia’s National Basketball League Jonny Flynn for a chat. Jonny & the boys talk about his time in the NBA, his thoughts on Australia, Melbourne & the level of competition Down Under, his time at Syracuse under Jim Boeheim, representing the United States at the U19 World Championship & much much more… Plus Jonny answers some quick questions that we all want to hear… Including everyone’s favourite topic, Mighty Ducks vs Cool Runnings.

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Caron Butler knocks out a Referee


Caron Butler’s not known for his blocking prowess around the Association… Averaging 0.3BPG throughout his 12 NBA Seasons.

However, last night, one of Caron’s swats has assured itself a spot in this weeks Sportscenter “Not Top 10” as he got one back against cereal swat machine Serge Ibaka. Butler’s block was heading straight to row 6 in Staples Center, that’s until referee Derek Richardson’s face got in the way…

Richardson fell flat to the floor, dazed & confused. But then, just like Jesus (& Michael Jordan in the 1994/95 season), Richardson rose from the dead.

Your move, every single professional soccer player in the world.

Check it out:

Hey Kings, Stay Kings (My Balls)

Check out this brand new Justin Bieber parody video by some Sacramento Kings fans who want the team to stay in Sactown.

For Kevin Johnson’s counter-proposal presentation to the NBA, he should just play this video then say “Any questions?”