JR Smith lays the smackdown on Kris Humphries


JR Smith is back at it again… After losing a close 4th edition of the “Battle of the Boroughs” 88-85 in front of a packed MSG. JR Smith thought he’d once again let his fingers do the talking…

Kris Humphries was as expected “Happy with it” after Brooklyn’s big road win to square the regular season series 2-2 off the back of Joe Johnson’s 25pts including the game winner & went to twitter to post his thoughts & rub it into Knicks Nation by tweeting “Big game tonight! The Garden got really quiet on the way out! #Brooklyn”

JR Smith, a man who loves to get the last word, both on & off the court, who didn’t let this one slide by laying the smackdown on Kris Humphries by the easiest way possible… Tweeting about Kanye, the guy who’s having a kid with his ex-flame (& technically still his wife) Kim Kardashian.


The Nets may have won the game, but JR Smith won the battle…

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