Wale vs the city of Toronto


This. Is. Hillarious!

During yesterday’s Washington Wizards v Toronto Raptors game, Baltimore natives Rudy Gay & rapper Wale were having some friendly heckling back & forth at eachother…

However, sh*t got real for Wale when the Toronto commentator Matt Devlin said on-air, “I’m sure somebody on Twitter can tell me exactly if they’ve ever heard of Wale. He’s not Drake; that’s for sure.”


Wale fans then proceeded to tweet him that Devlin & his co-commentator Leo Rautins we’re calling him out.

Wale then tweeted to Devlin:


Hold on, the steak knives are coming… But wait, there’s more!!!

Wale then proceeded to make his way up to where Devlin & Rautins were calling the game from to give them a piece of his mind. Devlin & Rautins mistook this as Wale wanted to come on the air with them.

Check out the video:

Although it isn’t able to be made out what Wale said, apparently he used some very colorful language to describe his feelings about being told “he’s no Drake”… Even though, let’s be honest… the call was bang on.

Only in the NBA.

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