Steven Adams doesn’t like Australian’s…


Ok, so now Steven Adams is officially no longer “Aussie Steve”. Because, why? Well, he said that he doesn’t like Australians.

In an article written by Joe Barton at, Steven Adams said that his mission was “to make Aussies miserable” & it was all due to the famous Underarm Cricket incident that happened 12 years before he was even born…

Adams told Barton:

“They cheated us from winning.”

“So from then on it just doesn’t matter how nice you are – if you’re an Aussie, we’re not going to like you.

“I search out Aussies and make it my job to make their lives miserable.”

I do find it pretty funny that his dislike of Australians comes from an incident that happened over a decade before he was born… So many incidents have happened in his actual lifetime that i’m sure could warrant Adams to dislike his neighbours to the west… I guess us Aussies really don’t put as much importance on this incident as the kiwis… Because, you know, we won.

I guess, reading between the lines, Adams must be pro-sportsmanship. I think Scott Brandis said it best:

This is probably the biggest uprising in the ongoing New Zealand vs Australian rivalry since the famous Murray from Flight of the Conchords incident with the Australian Embassy workers in New York…

One things for sure, Adams’ views should make the Australia v New Zealand basketball rivalry a good one for the next decade.


7 thoughts on “Steven Adams doesn’t like Australian’s…

  1. Except fouling while you’re up 3 doesn’t go against the spirit of the game and last time I checked they didn’t make a rule to stop it. In other words; it’s not cheating.

    That we won comment, sums up Australians nicely. Doesn’t matter how you won, just that you did. Possibly why most Australian teams are considered arrogant.

    • It was Captain Greg Chappell’s decision to bowl the underarm ball to stop Kiwis from winning the cricket. No one else on the team was up for it, especially W/K Rod Marsh. Chappell basically ordered his bro Trevor to bowl it. It was all on Greg Chappell for doing it. Very few Aussies think it was sporting, myself included. I wouldn’t buy a used car from that b*stard. Shame on him.

      But shame on any Kiwis, though, who hold a grudge against a whole country for this all these decades later. Time to grow up & move on, I think.

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  5. The irony of the underarm incident was that it was a no-ball due to too many fielders being outside the 30m circle, but the umpires didn’t even realise.

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