“Hey there’s Nerlens Noel, let’s get some wedding pictures with him”


Last week Nerlens Noel completed the iconic run through the streets of Philadelphia, all the way up to the top of the Art Museum steps, bringing a 100 or so school kids with him.

What the camera’s didn’t catch was the nearby wedding party, and in the spirit of meeting all the Philly fans he can this summer, Nerlens jumped in these guys wedding photos.

On first sight this is ridiculous, but then you remember that people at weddings take like a bazillion photos, so why not have on with the city’s most fun and recognisable athletes.

Here’s the original run clip:

via: Complex

How to get a beard like James Harden


James Harden’s commercial game just goes from strength to strength and caps off great summer of selling me things with this spot for NBA 2K15.

If you are a hair connoisseur like myself, you probably always wondered how exactly Harden sculptures that magnificent beard.

Introducing, the ‘Beard Guru’.

Seriously,this is easily the weirdest Harden ad of the bunch. I’m left with so many questions

!s the same guy Nerlens uses for his high-top, or the same guy that paints Carlos Boozer’s head. I need answers NBA2K.

PS Anthony Davis’commercial cameo game might be the strongest in the league. Time to AD some of his own spots.

Robert Sacre: The Baller and the Boarder


#BTHype favorite Robert Sacre, has been with the Lakers for a couple of years now, but doesn’t really know that much about the city.

He’s still very much from North Vancouver (see tattoos/love for the Grizzlies), so VICE sent him out on the town with pro-skateboarder Danny Montoya to check out the best local LA food spots, catch some skateboarding and more.

Check it out:

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FIBA World Cup Wrap: Round of 16 – When Tournament Strategy Goes Wrong


The Results

Day 1

  • USA 86 Mexico 63
  • France 69 Croatia 64
  • Spain 89 Senegal 56
  • Slovenia 71 Dominican Republic 61

Day 2

  • Lithuania 76 New Zealand 71
  • Serbia 90 Greece 72
  • Turkey 65 Greece 64
  • Brazil 85 Argentina 65

The quarter-finals are set, here’s how it looks: 



1) Australia v Turkey was the match-up the Aussies wanted. A clear path to the semi-finals, no USA for now, all we gotta do is beat Turkey and everyone will get off our backs about the Angola game.

Seemed pretty simple and Australia lead for most of the game, rebounded well and looked as though the plan was working, but went on to blow a late five-point lead to go down 65-64 and leave Goran Dragic with a wide grin on his face.

The biggest ‘highlight’ was obviously the “how you like me know”  clear-out three-pointer Turkey’s Emir Preldzic drained with just five seconds left on the clock, receiving the inbound with 22 seconds left in the game.

Full credit to Turkey, if that’s how you’re going to win, that’s a) ballsy and b) pretty dope

Here’s the full highlights:

2) Brazil turned the tables on Argentina and let them know they’re now the top dogs of South American hoops, with a crushing 85-65 win.

Although it wasn’t till midway through the game that I assume Brazil’s coach remembered “oh yeah we’re huge, why don’t we attack inside and eat all the rebounds and win super easy, Go basketball!” Or something like that.

Either way it worked and the Brazilian big men went to work along with Raulzinho Neto who shot a lazy 9/10 from the field to grab 21 points and kinda stick the boot into Argentina’s golden generation. Summed up no better than Thiago Splitter’s face in the pic below.


Meanwhile Neto be like:

3) You cannot and never will know how to pass like France. They beat Croatia and made a mockery of “find the best basketball play” with this outrageous sequence of passing and unselfishness.

It is actually beautiful and should probably only be watched while listening to classical music.


4) Oh yeah Steph Curry is awesome at shooting threes. I’ve been waiting for this game all tournament and we got it against Mexico.

Splash Brother number one went off for 20 points on 6-9 shooting from deep, at one point hitting a ridiculous 11 straight points for the USA.

Curry’s shooting had been weirdly off this tournament, but I’m happy to put that down to the “Hey these Molten’s are weird” theory. Now this is basically what he’s seeing (via ESPN)

Random Notes

1) DeMarcus Cousins is still looking for Gustavo Ayon

Eight teams to go and it looks like Spain is the only real threat to the USA. Teams like Brazil and France aren’t going to make it easy, so get ready for some intense late-stage tournament hoops.

NBA 2K15 ‘LeBron James Homecoming’ trailer is pretty cool


If Cavaliers fans weren’t already excited for LeBron James returning to Cleveland, getting LeBron James back to Cleveland in video game form will excite just as much until the season officially kicks off.

The plethora of LeBron remixed with Diddy’s Homecoming track is sure to get old by season’s end, but until then let’s enjoy it as much as possible.

Swaggy P life lessons: Left arm for tats, right arm for buckets

Yesterday Swaggy P posted this picture on Instagram of him getting some new ink and in the process dropped some of the best basketball life advice.

Previously he had only gotten tattoos with limited visibility e.g. under the jersey, but once the expansion into arm territory began, it was not without careful consideration.

Left arm, mainly used for catching, passing, hi-fives, dribbling……..useless stuff.

Right arm, for getting buckets. Shooting, 360 layups, fadeaways, scoring points. End of story

A quick scan around the league for the best “get buckets” guys or best shooters in the league, leads to some pretty conclusive evidence. KD, Steph and Ray, all great shooters/scorers/no tat right arm guys. The list goes on.

NBA shooters

As you can clearly see in the picture above, tattoo free right arms =  all the points and sweet jumpers you could want.

Swaggy is forever a student of the game.

via: Instagram

Can this rookie class save the dunk contest?

Dunkers (1)

OK, so All-Star Weekend is a whole six months away and as the NBA summer rolls along, this is one of the many things to look forward to for next season.

The dunk contest is an event which incites savage debate year-in, year-out. Some people still love it (I am in this category), but most people bemoan its lack of creativity and star appeal. The 2014 edition did bring fans back to some degree with the inclusion of All-Stars John Wall, Paul George and Damien Lillard, plus a revised team-based format.

Whether the competition gets similar results this year, will come back to who competes, if it’s the standard rookies or a decent crop of All-Stars, or a healthy dose of both.

This year however, the ‘standard’ rookies might nearly be the most exciting crop of potential first year contestants in a long time,. Enter stage left: Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon, Andrew Wiggins and Adreian Payne, just to name a few.

These are four top-15 picks who will be in the NBA limelight for the early part of the season and right on the radar to compete at this year’s event in New York. Let’s have a look at their dunk competition resume’s.

Zach LaVine

Not to mention this dunk from the Panini photo shoot


Aaron Gordon

Adreian Payne

He might not be the best dunker out of this group, but his ability to gee-up and entertain a crowd is in no doubt with the celebration at the end of the below dunk. The gee-up factor is a crucial dunk contest element.

Andrew Wiggins

Nearly everyone has been watching every step Wiggins has taken over the past few years. He is the headline act for the rookie class of 2014, the number one pick and a walk-up start for the dunk competition.

Wiggins takes on Aaron Gordon and Jabari Parker in this video and it is simply awesome.

Honourable mentions:  Jabari Parker, Jerami Grant and James Young.

This years class has a whole lot of dunking potential.

I am excited.