Yep, here is a Kristaps Porzingis rap song, because NBA

Kristaps Porzingis’ NBA career is in its very infancy, but all he glory that comes with being in the league is already being bestowed upon the teenage Latvian…….and by glory I mean having two Latvian dudes rap about you.

Latvian hip-hop group Transleiteris (have googled…is actually a thing), dropped this track in honour of Porzingis getting drafted by the Knicks.

The best part about all of this is Porzingis himself tweeting out the video. He’s his own personal hype man…I love this guy already.

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Blogger fools everyone into thinking he got drafted

A day in the life of an NBA baller seems pretty sweet. Source: Elite Daily

A day in the life of an NBA baller seems pretty sweet. Source: Elite Daily

Being 6’10” with an oversized suit, a Utah Jazz cap and a wild amount of confidence will have everyone from Barclays Center to Manhattan thinking you’re the latest end of the bench rookie for the Jazz.

Elite Daily blogger Connor Toole did just that, lapping up all the benefits of being a freshly minted NBA rookie, from free drinks, girls phone numbers and hoards of screaming fans.

Check out his draft day prank here:

via: Elite Daily

Q&A with Emmanuel Mudiay

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With the seventh pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the Denver Nuggets selected Emmanuel Mudiay. Today, Tom caught up with Mudiay for a chat via Cisco TelePresence along with other members of the International media, just moments after Adam Silver called his name. Here’s what he had to say:

How much can you help the Denver Nuggets and how do you see the fit with the roster?

It’s definitely a high motor team, you know you got Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried, those are the two guys that are really known for that team, they play really, really hard, high motor guys and I’m the same way. I’m pretty sure they hate losing, I hate losing. I want to be established as a winner in the NBA and win as many championships as I can.

With your experience in going to China to play, what advice can you give young players looking to make a similar move?

China is very physical. That’s the first thing I learned, you’re playing with grown men older men. You can’t be a little boy out there, you gotta be a man and that’s one thing that I learned really, really quick and its definitely helped me coming back to into the States because I see it differently.

Over here a hand check is a foul, over there and hand check…that’s like nothing, so it’s definitely a playoff environment more so than over here. I think the physicality is way different.

You’ve taken the road less travelled out of the majority of the guys in this draft, especially the Americans by going to China. What advantage do you think you have over some of the college guys with the fact that you’ve already played a year of professional basketball?

Just the fact that I have a professional experience, the way you carry yourself in practice, the way you gotta come in and work on your reps, you have to have a routine.

In college you don’t really have routine besides going to class, everything’s thrown at you in a different way, but in a professional league that’s all your used to, it’s your job so you know if you’re not performing because they have the opportunity to do what they want with you. You just want to be on top of your game at every time, so that’s one thing I learned.

In China, did you get a chance to speak with many of the other Americans over there who have played in the NBA and had long and successful NBA careers about what to expect and how helpful were those guys with the transition?

That definitely helped, I did talk to a lot of NBA guys that I played, they told me what to expect, how to carry yourself in the NBA, how to approach practice, how to approach games, so that was one thing that really stood out for me, the guys who I could get great advice from.

What does the experience of playing in China mean to you?

It means a lot to me playing overseas and playing in China, they welcomed me with open arms and I love the country very much, it’s a big part of me and definitely did me well in going back to the NBA because I learned so much with the physicality over there and just the determination to win and the work,. My team worked really, really hard.

Do you ever wonder what could have been, had you played college ball under head coach Larry Brown?

I don’t think about it, I just gotta hard and play, you can’t regret anything you’ve done so the main thing is just moving forward you can’t take that back and you know  I’m happy with the decision that I made.

What are you expecting for your future in the NBA?

Just going to go out there and try to win as many championships as I can. Play hard every day, every game and be the best player out there and just be a competitive person.

Dellavedova’s story inspires the plot of a feature film

As if Matthew Dellavedova’s meteoric rise into the TV sets of NBA fans around the world after his Finals heroics couldn’t get an more wild, now there is set to be a feature film based on the Aussie’s exploits.

Getty Images: From Maryborough to Hollywood, via Cleveland.

Getty Images: From Maryborough to Hollywood, via Cleveland.

Well not entirely, but lets say, loosely based on his story, from basketball in regional Australia, to the bright lights of the NBA Finals. Yeah that does sound like a Hollywood movie.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

The life of Australian basketballer Matthew Dellavedova, who rose from rural Victoria to play in Wednesday’s NBA finals, is being turned into a Hollywood production.

The fictional story, based on Dellavedova’s rise, will follow the tale of three young Australian basketballers who are drafted to play basketball for a US college.

Role Models executive producer Jason Shuman has signed on to the project, which is being called Final Four, while The Bodhi Tree‘s Robert ‘Bobby’ Galinsky will act as screenwriter and executive producer.

Galinsky said the work would either be made into a feature film or a Friday Night Lights-style series.

The idea was concieved three years ago by young Werribee actor Josh Howlett, who was inspired by Dellavedova’s story after he was plucked from the Australian Institute of Sport to play US college basketball.

“The project is inspired by the real guys who went to Saint Mary’s College in San Francisco to play basketball.

“It won’t be Matthew’s life story or autobiography, but will be inspired by his exploits in Melbourne and overseas, and we’re meeting with his management in the next couple of weeks,” Galinsky said.

Regardless of the story flow of Final Four, it must end with the clip/reenactment of this game winner against BYU.

The Warriors plane is turnt up once again

It’s been three months in the making, but finally the Golden State Warriors lifted the lid on the OT Genesis CoCo ban.

I like to think this was their secret motivation to win the title, being able to sing their team plane song once again, with no consequences…..because you know…for the 72 hours after winning an NBA title, you can literally do whatever you want.

Enjoy in all its glory.

You already know we had to make the championship edition!!!! #Champs #DubNation

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Jimmy Fallon’s NBA Finals superlatives segment is all of the LoL’s

Jimmy Fallon is back with another round of ‘Tonight Show Superlatives’. This time the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers are served with some high school yearbook style gags.

Comparing David Blatt to a low budget TV attorney is always a great place to start.

That time Kanye did a fake post-game media conference after Game 4

Kanye was in the building for Game 4 to see the Warriors level the series at 2-2. And because Kanye can do literally whatever he wants, he rolled into the post-game press conference to ham it up and give himself a podium game.


“You know I’m extremely exhausted by the fourth. This next game, we got to go hard.”

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