Warriors team plane turns up

The Golden State Warriors team plane looks fun as hell…..and why wouldn’t it be. They’re 11-2, on a six game winning streak and are arguably the best team in the NBA.

From what I can see, there are three keys to the teams success this season.

1. Andrew Bogut rapping and head-nodding along to O.T. Genasis – CoCo

2. Leandro Barbosa being Leandro Barbosa; and

3. David Lee clearly kicking ass at poker.

David Lee plays for keeps

How to pick up chicks…by Nick Young


Swaggy P getting his own Forever 21 campaign alongside his girlfriend Iggy Azalea was always going to produce some gold and I think it may be here.

If you’ve ever wondered how Nick Young woos the ladies, look no further as Forever 21 presents ‘Nick Young’s Tips on Getting Good Game’………which directly translates to ‘How Swaggy gets babes’


Episode 232 – Fisher State Of Mind

shumpToday on Believe The Hype, Nick Metallinos from Starting5Online.com joins Tom & Benyam for a chat about the state of basketball in New York City. The guys discuss the New York Knicks’ slow start to the season, the improved offensive play of Iman Shumpert, why you can’t blame Carmelo Anthony on everything, how Derek Fisher‘s fitting into his first head coaching job & more! Also, the guys chat about the Brooklyn Nets’ equally slow start despite Deron Williams looking like he’s regaining some of his All-Star form, the inconsistancy of Brook Lopez & Bojan Bogdanovic. Finally, the guys chat about the exciting start to the season for the Milwaukee Bucks & the future of the team under Jabari Parker & Giannis Antetokounmpo.

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Washington Wiazards playing jumbotron FIFA15

As if this isn’t the coolest thing you’ll see today.

The Wizards had the day off and did exactly what anyone with an XBOX and the keys to the Verizon Centre would do, play FIFA15 on the jumbotron.

Bucks point guard Kendall Marshall wants to raise the stakes and go one further.

via: EOB

Justin Timberlake is no bandwagon fan

timberlake-grizzMemphis native and Grizzlies minority owner Justin Timberlake is as happy as anyone with the Grizzlies red-hot start to the season. He showed them some love on Twitter, but the trolls just couldn’t resist accusing him of being a bandwagon fan.

This guy tried to call him out, but Justin wasn’t having any of that.

Turns out this guy has way too much time on his hands.

If John Wall is allowed to wear an Atlanta Hawks, Steve Smith throwback in the summer, I’ll allow this from JT.

If all else fails, JT can always cite multiple song lyrics referencing his Memphisness.

e.g. Senorita

He’s a friend of mine, yes, yes I am
And he goes by the name, Justin

All the way from Memphis, Tennessee
And he’s got something special for y’all tonight

Or you know, go back to the “I am an owner of the team and was born and raised in Memphis” argument…..or whatever.

via: SI

NBA Halloween: The best costumes

Every year the NBA best and brightest always deliver on Halloween, whether is sensational pranks (well played Goran Dragic) or awesome costumes, its always hilarious.

Check out the best picks so far of oversized men dressed in children’s costumes.

We here at #BTHype have always stressed that in order for an NBA team to succeed, the need to have all the right Ninja Turtle characters in the locker room. The Charlotte Hornets trio of PJ Hairston, Cody Zeller and Bismack Biyombo are nearly there, we’re missing one Michaelangelo, who on this team definitely has to be Lance Stephenson.


Serge Ibaka is a continued staple of greatness on Halloween along with his OKC teammates. He delivered again alongside girlfriend Keri Hilson with their Nefertiti and Pharoah Akhenatan, ancient Egypt spectacular.


Russell Westbrook is the new black…


Ghostbuster and Castaway. I have to give this round to Steven Adams for his Tom Hanks get-up. Sorry Nick Collison.


Paul Pierce is the Winter Soldier.


My NBA trade magic eight ball is telling me Otto Porter is off to the Hornets to complete the Ninja Turtle set.


Andrei Kirilenko looks terrified to be an Avatar.


Deron Williams with the strong eye makeup game goes Game of Thrones on us for Halloween. Extra points for sheer effort.


…and finally, I have to put him in again, because nothing is funnier than Swaggy P dressed as Rick James.


Swaggy P dressed up as Rick James for Halloween: You’re welcome

Halloween is one of the funnest days in the NBA world, with the players seeming to always put in a huge amount of effort into hilarious costumes. This year is no different and we start the festivities with Swaggy P, who dressed up as everybody’s favourite Chappelle Show gag, Rick James.

Throw in the “What did the five fingers say to the face?” gag and we’re done here.