Erik Spoelstra does a mean Michael Jackson at Battioke

Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra took to the stage for the annual Battioke charity fundraiser, performing Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean alongside girlfriend NIkki Sapp.

Whilst the singing is sup-par, as to be expected at a karaoke night, the fedora wearing, stage commanding Spoelstra is in fine ‘awkward dad singing’ mode.

Something tells me a great opportunity was lost to do a Bruno Mars cover.

Plenty of other Heat members were on hand to help Shane Battier’s great cause, including Michael Beasley.

B-Easy returning to the NBA is great for nights like this. Check out a glimpse of his performance of Vannessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles’, via Tom Haberstroh

I’ve always been more of a Pat Riley, Twist and Shout guy anyway.

Otto Porter takes falling asleep on defence to a new level

With the Bulls leading 95-92, the urgency for the Wizards to play some mean defence and get a shot at tying up the game is really what should be happening here.

Otto Porter had a different idea when it came to chasing the guy he was defending in Tony Snell, who ended up getting a decent shot off. In what can only be described as similar to chasing your younger sibling, but giving them a deliberate three second head-start, Porter’s on court day-dreaming is equal parts hilarious as it was horrendous defence.

Hey, we’ve all been there. Yor boss is talking and you zone out. Ever spent a few seconds at your job daydreaming? Sure.

Here’s a list of possible things Porter was dreaming about on that play:

1. Did I leave the iron/stove/oven on at home

2. Hey that Mirotic guy looks a like a European Dan Bilzerian

3. The Ariana Grande concert is on tonight in Chicago….I should probably go.

via: BDL

NBA releases Anthony Mason tribute

After the untimely death of former New York Knick Anthony Mason, the NBA released this touching tribute video to the man who personified everything we loved and loved to hate about 90’s basketball in New York.

RIP Mase

VIDEO: Who’s the worst dressed player in the NBA?


With the ‘NBA All-Star All Style’ fashion show on this weekend as well as New York Fashion Week, we know who the best dressed players in the league are. So we found out from the NBA All-Stars…..who’s the worst dressed.

#BTHype’s New York Blizzard Essentials


With the temperatures dropping and the snow falling in New York, we asked the NBA All-Stars what their two must-have items would be if they were trapped in a blizzard.

Dante Exum chats to #BTHype ahead of Rising Stars Challenge


The NBA All-Star Weekend is in full flight, with basketball’s elite descending on New York City for the marquee event on the NBA calendar.

First up is the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge on Friday night, (Saturday Australian time), where the USA v the World game will take place, combining the league’s best first and second year players against each other. Australia has two representatives in the event, with rookie Dante Exum and Sophmore Matthew Dellavedova flying the flag.

#BTHype caught up with Dante ahead of the Rising Stars Challenge for a quick interview at the chaotic media day to get his thoughts on the weekend and reflecting on the first half of his rookie season with the Utah Jazz.

Check it out.

Delly’s going to All-Star Weekend……and J.R. Smith’s coming to


Today we learned that Cleveland Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova would be added to the Rising Stars, Rookie/Sophmore, USA v the World game (whatever we’re calling it now) in New York, which lead me to two things.

  • This is awesome and totally deserving for Delly
  • What does J.R. Smith think?

I addressed both, but I caught up with his Cavaliers teammate J.R. Smith after their 113-93 pummelling of the Miami Heat to get his thoughts on Delly’s All-Star Weekend accolade and what awaits in the Big Apple.

BK: So JR, you’re going to be in New York for the All-Star festivities?

JR: Yeah

BK: You got any tips for Delly in New York?

JR: ….. I do but I just gotta tell him, I gotta keep it one-on-one, I can’t tell everybody them secrets.

BK: So you’re gonna look after him in New York then?

JR:  Yeah for sure, I got him.

For starters, this sounds like the BEST.THING.EVER. Picked in the World team and rolling to the city with the King of New York, JR Smith = all of the fun.

All-Star Weekend x J.R. Smith x New York, sounds like the best reality TV show and almost the most fun a human being is capable of experiencing.

But in all seriousness, Delly deserves to be in New York on Friday night as not only just reward for a great first half to the season as a key rotation cog in a contending team, but also as a beacon for the NBA’s  latest trend of ‘team-first basketball’ which has been made sexy by the Spurs, Warriors and Hawks of late and is rubbing off on the new-look Cavaliers.

After a game where seven Cavs finished in double figure scoring, JR heaped praise on Delly making it into the Rising Stars game and as a seemingly reformed ‘shoot-first ask questions later’ player in Cleveland, JR seems to have bought in to the teamwork that is making the Cavs the steamrolling force we are seeing develop before our eyes and Delly’s gritty play is just one facet of that.

“Man he’s been playing great,” JR said.

”Especially since I’ve been here. He works hard, he comes in everyday ready to work, he’s a great teammate so I’m happy for him, I’ll go out there and watch.”

The pair sit side-by-side in the Cavs locker room and seem to have built a rapport as two guys from polar opposite places, with polar opposite games, both contributing to a winning situation.

Earlier this season LeBron James echoed J.R.’s sentiment regarding the Cavs back-up point guard and his value to the team.

“Heart and effort will take away a lot of the things that you cannot do. I’ll take a guy like that [Delly] any day on my team.”

Since the end of last year after returning from injury, Delly has been shooting over 50 per cent from the three-point line, brought his patented toughness on the defensive end and served as a solid back-up to Kyrie Irving.

Below shows the efficiency Delly produced from three-point range in January.


He’s not going to do anything flashy at the Rising Stars game, but when you look at what’s working and entertaining in today’s analytics driven NBA. It’s picking passing lanes, finding an open player for an efficient three-point shot and operating the pick and roll with a big man to get an easy look at the rim. Delly’s place in the event may be questioned, but its definitely deserved.

Just ask J.R.