Swaggy P life lessons: Left arm for tats, right arm for buckets

Yesterday Swaggy P posted this picture on Instagram of him getting some new ink and in the process dropped some of the best basketball life advice.

Previously he had only gotten tattoos with limited visibility e.g. under the jersey, but once the expansion into arm territory began, it was not without careful consideration.

Left arm, mainly used for catching, passing, hi-fives, dribbling……..useless stuff.

Right arm, for getting buckets. Shooting, 360 layups, fadeaways, scoring points. End of story

A quick scan around the league for the best “get buckets” guys or best shooters in the league, leads to some pretty conclusive evidence. KD, Steph and Ray, all great shooters/scorers/no tat right arm guys. The list goes on.

NBA shooters

As you can clearly see in the picture above, tattoo free right arms =  all the points and sweet jumpers you could want.

Swaggy is forever a student of the game.

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Can this rookie class save the dunk contest?

Dunkers (1)

OK, so All-Star Weekend is a whole six months away and as the NBA summer rolls along, this is one of the many things to look forward to for next season.

The dunk contest is an event which incites savage debate year-in, year-out. Some people still love it (I am in this category), but most people bemoan its lack of creativity and star appeal. The 2014 edition did bring fans back to some degree with the inclusion of All-Stars John Wall, Paul George and Damien Lillard, plus a revised team-based format.

Whether the competition gets similar results this year, will come back to who competes, if it’s the standard rookies or a decent crop of All-Stars, or a healthy dose of both.

This year however, the ‘standard’ rookies might nearly be the most exciting crop of potential first year contestants in a long time,. Enter stage left: Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon, Andrew Wiggins and Adreian Payne, just to name a few.

These are four top-15 picks who will be in the NBA limelight for the early part of the season and right on the radar to compete at this year’s event in New York. Let’s have a look at their dunk competition resume’s.

Zach LaVine

Not to mention this dunk from the Panini photo shoot


Aaron Gordon

Adreian Payne

He might not be the best dunker out of this group, but his ability to gee-up and entertain a crowd is in no doubt with the celebration at the end of the below dunk. The gee-up factor is a crucial dunk contest element.

Andrew Wiggins

Nearly everyone has been watching every step Wiggins has taken over the past few years. He is the headline act for the rookie class of 2014, the number one pick and a walk-up start for the dunk competition.

Wiggins takes on Aaron Gordon and Jabari Parker in this video and it is simply awesome.

Honourable mentions:  Jabari Parker, Jerami Grant and James Young.

This years class has a whole lot of dunking potential.

I am excited.

Team USA scrimmages are awesome

There’s not much better than putting Klay Thompson and Kyle Korver in a gym, going head to head to see who can shoot the lights out. Both of these guys are arguably competing for one spot on the roster, so I’m assuming this is how Coach K makes his selection decisions….. “Winner gets to go to Spain” – Coach K (probably)

Reportedly, Korver won the shootout 4-3, so we will see if my selection theory is correct.

P.S. this is also the ultimate way to settle who is the biggest jock on campus so advantage Korver.

Check out the video:

Whilst Korver v Thompson is fun, the footage would have loved to have seen more of, is the James Harden v Kevin Durant v Paul George scrimmage.

Check it out:

Joel Embiid in love triangle with Rihanna and the Bachelorette…..probably

As the NBA summer rolls along, some things never change and thankfully one of those is Joel Embiid’s Twitter game which remains strong as ever.

After recent attempts at wooing both Kim Kardashian and Rihanna over Twitter, the Embiid romance rollercoaster took another wild turn. Embiid ”revealed” that Andi Dorfman……the girl form the Bachelorette had in fact chosen the Philly big man over actual contestants Josh and Nick.

As far as moving on from Rihanna, Embiid’s brilliant Twitter avatar suggests otherwise.

If the creators of NBA 2K15 have any sense, the will be bringing the #Johanna cover to stores near you soon.

Embiid Avatar

Rihanna even gave Embiid a follow on Twitter a few days back so it appears we have the age-old case of the NBA/singer/reality TV star, love triangle. A subject which my sources confirm has a whole three-hour seminar dedicated to at the Rookie Transition Program, so i’m sure he will be just fine.

I will actually never get sick of this guy. Ever


#BTHype catches up with Brock Motum

MOtu Summer LeagueToday, Tom & Benyam caught up with Brock Motum at Australia’s pre-FIBA World Cup camp for a quick chat.

The boys chat with Brock about his season playing in Italy with Bologna and his development playing with the Boomers throughout the year, leading into making the Australian team for the upcoming FIBA World Cup.

The boys also look back on Brock’s recent experiences playing for the Utah Jazz Summer League team alongside fellow Aussie Dante Exum.

The audio for this also appears in Episode 203 of the podcast.

Check it out!

Andre Drummond takes Draymond Green’s lunch money with a huge block

USA Basketball camps bring together the best players in the country all trying to impress coaching staff, so when you get this many guys competing in this atmosphere, you’re going to get guys wanting to dunk on each other, swat each other and generally show who’s top dog.

Today that was Andre Drummond, who according to reports, not only blocked Draymond out of the gym, took his lunch money and left with his girlfriend.

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Boris Diaw signs Spurs contract on a boat

Last month, tongues were wagging at Chandler Parsons’ A+ swag move of signing the Dallas Mavericks $46 million offer sheet in a nightclub with Mark Cuban.

I mean, that is pretty cool, but nothing says “I’m cooler than you and there’s nothing you can do about it,” more than signing a three-year, $22 million extension on the deck of a luxury boat.

The Spurs not only get another three years of Boris Diaw’s awesomely versatile play, they get another three years of Bo-Bo: the daydreaming, frogging, sailing adventureman.


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Joel Embiid hits up Kim Kardashian on Twitter

Joel Embiid 2

After his failed free agency recruitment of LeBron James via Twitter, the hilarious Joel Embiid didn’t let that slow his Twitter game one bit.

Having just signed up with Adidas, Embiid was feeling pretty ‘happy with it’ and took to Twitter to get the attention of Kim Kardashian.

After discovering that she is in fact married, Embiid, the gentleman that he is, quickly rebuffed his advances.

After this latest failed Twitter foray, Embiid decided that perhaps it was time for another self-imposed ban. A ban that I 100% do not agree with, more Embiid on Twitter for everyone, all day erryday.



Dikembe Mutombo hides from Jimmy Kimmel

Marco Polo just got taken to a whole new level with Dikembe Mutombo and Jimmy Kimmel.

Here’s how you play they game. One person who is blindfolded yells out “Dikembe”, while the other person, who also happens to be Dikembe Mutombo hides and yells out Mutttooommmmbo.

I don’t know why this exists, but its great…………Dikeeeembee……Mutttooommmmbo