Swaggy P off-season watch: Episode 1

Nick ‘Swaggy P’ Yong has provided us with constant entertainment both on and off the court over this past NBA season and just because his team is out of the playoffs, why should the fun stop?

That’s why we present to you Episode 1 of “Swaggy P off-season watch”.

So far Swaggy has taken to the L.A. sports scene to entertain himself, however when Swaggy goes to the game, he doesn’t just sit there and have a Bud and watch the game, Swaggy is the game. Always.

First stop on the summer tour, taking in some ice hockey at the L.A. Kings v San Jose Sharks playoff game, alongside Laker buddy Jordan Farmar. The real treat of the night though was Swaggy getting to rid the Zamboni (weird ice hockey truck for ice resurfacing. (Made famous in The Mighty Ducks 2, when Fulton, Jesse and Gee crash it onto the ice)

…..stay tuned for episode 2

Iman Shumpert comes up with the two awesome plays

Iman Shumpert, one of the league’s most inconsistent, yet entertaining players came up with two phenomenal plays in the Knicks 109-98 win over their Big Apple rivals, the Brooklyn Nets.

First he drops Paul Pierce with a mean crossover and step back jumper in the third quarter, only to ramp things up in the fourth, with a vicious off the back board alley-oop.


Get your votes in for the 2014 Believe the Hype NBA Awards


The nominations are in guys and its time to vote for  who you want to win, not only the regular NBA awards but also the #BTHype gee-up awards.

Award winners will be announced in a couple of weeks.

Most Valuable PlayerMVP

Rookie of the Year


Coach of the Year


Sixth Man of the Year

6th man of da yr

Most Improved Player of the Year

most improved

Defensive Player of the Year


International Player of the Year


Least Valuable Player of the Year


…..and now its time for the lighter Believe the Hype 2014 NBA Awards

Tool of the Year


Quote of the Year

Roy Hibbert: “I’d die for curling, I’d give it all up for curling”. (On a potential Winter Olympic sport switch).

Kobe Bryant: “I don’t talk to players on teams that are 20 games under .500.” (When Nick Young spoke about the trash talk he hears from Kobe Bryant).

Nick Young: “They got me, man, they stole my Yeezys too man. I don’t know what I would have did. I was just shocked they tried to get Swaggy yesterday.” (A nonchalant Swaggy P after having his house burgled whilst playing for the Lakers)

Tweet of the Year

Instagrammy of the Year


Gee-up of the Year


 Thanks for voting guys!

DeMarcus Cousins set to release R&B album, or really good April fools gag

When Shaquille O’Neal assumed the role of DeMarcus Cousins’ mentor I was expecting to see elements of Shaq’s on court game creep into Cousins’, but it looks as though, and much to my delight, the greatness of Shaq’s off court game could also be making it’s way into Boogie’s repertoire.

I’m not sure how much Shaq had to do with this, but it appears as though Cousins will be releasing an R&B album under the guise of ‘Boogie Smooth’ (great R&B star name), rumoured to be featuring Rick Ross and Chance the Rapper……now this is where things get a bit fishy.

The chances of this being an April fools gag are high and according to the Sacramento Kings, this is indeed not a real project, but either way its a win-win. Boogie has set the internet alight or we’re really getting an R&B album from the Kings big man.

via: SI Point Forward

Check out Jermaine O’Neal’s herky jerky free throw mixtape

Jermaine O’Neal is a longstanding member of the ‘old big guy takes forever to shoot free throws’ club. His technique which involves a slow rise and a hitch just at the point of release causes masses of lane violations and tumbling players.

The internet has produced once again, with this great mix of O’Neal’s wild free throws and ensuing lane carnage, set to the aptly chosen ‘All together now.’


viathe Point Forward

Andrew Bynum squeezes in half-time haircut

What else would you do when your team is up by one point at half-time against your division rival Chicago Bulls, that’s right, get your barber to come down for a house call to Bankers Life Fieldhouse and line you up.

I get it, the life of an NBA player is very demanding on time so these kind of efficiencies are nothing but savvy time management from a man who knows all to well the perils of letting your hair game get out of control.

bynum air varietyNever change Andrew Bynum.

via: Indy Star and Instagram

Cleveland Cavaliers lead the league in cool video introduction/light projection

This awesome video projection appeared on the night of Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ jersey retirement ceremony. I would love to see this become a standard part of NBA player introductions and see which team can come up with the coolest/most out there video projection.

At least something cool happened for the Cavaliers this year.

via: EOB

NCAA Bracket how to, by J.J. Reddick


L.A. Clippers and former Duke sharpshoooter J.J. Reddick knows a thing or two about the NCAA tournament, so who better to help you fill out your March Madness bracket.

I took two things away from this video:

  1. It doesn’t matter what I do, my bracket is going to be so horribly incorrect; and
  2. I want to see more videos from J.J. Reddick and Funny or Die

Jarrett Jack really hates sleeved jerseys


Cleveland Cavaliers guard Jarrett Jack has taken forward the crusade against the sleeved jerseys with some hilarious fashion comparisons. When asked about the NBA’s latest creation, he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer

“We’re like the Beach Police. You know those police who are on the beach with those bikes? They’ve got those little shirts with the shorts? That’s what we look like. Like we about to give somebody a citation.”

It’s been plaguing me for a while what these sleeves reminded me of and beach police might be as good an answer as we’ll get. Throw a bike helmet on and Jack could fit right in with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street.

hill tatumHe went on to add that the jerseys “felt a little snug” and that they make NBA players “look like a volleyball team”. Two great fashion zingers from Jarrett Jack but it seems as though he is not alone.

With more and more players speaking up about the sleeved jerseys and their negative effect  on their performance and appearance in general, you have to wonder how long they will be around for. If it were up to Blazers center Robin Lopez, not long at all.

via: Cleveland.com and EOB