J.R. Smith’s post-win Instagram game is fire.

Nothing says “we just made the Eastern Conference Finals” like LeBron James singing and dancing to The Dream’s, That’s My Sh*t on the team plane back to Cleveland.

This video should somehow be incorporated into the NBA’s promotional playoff commercials. LeBron/The Dream >> Pitch Perfect.


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J.R’s Instagram game didn’t end there, he earlier posted this little jab at the Knicks.

Couldn't have said it better myself!!!@imanshumpertthe1st

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Why wasn’t DeMarre Carroll on the floor for Paul Pierce’s game-winner?

The Wizards v Hawks Game 3 will forever be remembered for Paul Pierce’s buzzer-beating heroics, not to mention his walk-off “I called game” post-game interview. But as Kent Bazemore and Dennis Schroder scrambled to attempt to stop his game-winner, many people were left wondering, where was DeMarre Carroll?

As one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA and easily the best perimeter defender in this game, picking up Pierce seems like the likely move, however Carroll wasn’t even on the floor to finish the game.

Zach Klein of WSB-Atlanta asked Carroll post-game why Coach Bud didn’t have him in the game and as he described it he “didn’t feel comfortable at the time.”

A pretty strange situation that Carroll would pull himself out of the lineup at such a crucial stage in the game, but let’s hope it isn’t anything too serious.

Derrick Rose breaks Cleveland hearts

ICYMI: Derrick Rose sank the Cavs in Game 3 with this buzzer-beating, game-winning, bank-shot, three-pointer.

For dramatic effect, check it out in super slo-mo:

Jimmy Butler can’t get enough Taylor Swift

Jimmy Butler is one of the more coolest characters in the NBA, mainly because he loves cowboy stuff. Enough said

Cowboy stuff also equals country music, which thus equals Taylor Swift. So basically, here’s a video of Jimmy Butler answering Twitter questions and singing his favorite Taylor Swift songs.

Iman Shupert drops Cavaliers playoff anthem

The playoffs are officially here, because Iman Shumpert has dropped his Clev Cavs playoff anthem.

With every Cavs players getting a shoutout, these are easily my three favorite lines.

1. “Delly is the Man” (facts only)

2. “Late shot clock hit Swish up for the 9-1-1.” (always give it to J.R. Smith)

3. “Coach got that look in his eyes cause this playoffs”

I think coach has that look in his eyes because Shump is mixing rap beats instead of practicing corner threes, but hey, whatever)

Back in 2012, Shumpert hit us with this Knicks Anthem, which I think is still some of his best work, you decide.

It’s on you now Cleveland arena people to play this track for the pre-game intros.


The Aron Baynes roasting continues

The internet has no chill.

We know this, but after Aron Baynes was on the receiving end of three monster Blake Griffin jams, ESPN’s SportsNation even got in on the action.

Michelle Beadle brought out Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to perform “Crossroads” on set, with the highlight reel playing in the background.


A true sign of the damage is when Wikipedia gets in on the action.

Baynes is a tough, physical dude. I expect the bug Aussie won’t be letting things go that way in Game 2.

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The Sacramento Kings take popcorning rookies’ cars to whole new level

The Sacramento Kings haven’t had much to cheer for all season, but they can sleep safe in the knowledge that they have won this season’s rookie hazing award for popcorning Nik Stauskas‘ house.

That’s right, his house. He doesn’t have a car, so naturally this is the next best thing to do is trash his house.

Check out the video below. Rudy Gay, DeMarcus Cousins and Reggie Evans all have way too much fun spraying some delicious movie snack around the rooks crib.

At least he took it all in hi stride and had some fun with it.