Jimmy Kimmel presents: Basketball Book Club

JKFour NBA basketballers sitting around an old lady’s living room at their Nicholas Sparks book club.

Sounds ridiculous. Is ridiculous. Definitely hilarious.

Chandler Parsons, Blake Griffin, Iman Shumpert and Matt Barnes discussing the finer points of love and romance in the book ‘The Best of Me.’

Oh how I wish this was a real thing that happened once a month at Blake Griffin’s Santa Monica loft.

“Before we begin, does anybody else need some chardonnay?”

Common features in new NBA “Roll Call” commercial


NBA hype up commercials  mean only one thing. The NBA season is just around the corner. Check out this first offering, featuring Common getting everyone excited about the Global Games.

“All you contenders, championship defenders… it’s tip-off time, y’all”.

“Everybody up.”

More please.

Chris Kaman’s new web series looks like the scariest thing on the internet

kaman So Chris Kaman has his own web series about hunting and fishing and other Chris Kamany things.

Sounds innocuous enough, except for the fact that the trailer for said web series might be the most terrifying two minutes of video ever released.

The show looks to be about outdoorsy stuff, lots of big game fishing etc, as the trailer reveals that the ultimate goal is to catch a blue marlin…..I am both scared and intrigued.

For starters, what kind of fishing show has a horror movie style video camera recording shot? Like we’re in the Blair Witch Project. What is happening on these trips?

The trailer highlights include:

Chris Kaman giving some guy a huge nipple cripple

Kaman eye gouging a fish and putting the eye in his mouth……………..yep, that happened. (See picture above)

“The trips I take, usually are not well though out”

“There’s a whole ‘nother level of fishing over here”.

“This is big game, most of the fish are bigger than us.”

Yep, if you have the internet, you have to watch this show.

Which brings me to my next point. Is this the best NBA intimidation scheme of all-time? perhaps.

“Hey isn’t that the crazy hunting guys from the internet? I don’t wanna guard him, you take him” – Unnamed frightened NBA rookie 2014.

Boogie catches Nik Stauskas flexin’ on Instagram

First of all, I love that we live in a world where that is a real sentence I can write.

Moving on, the award for Instagram of the day goes to DeMarcus Cousins who snapped rookie Nik Stauskas stackin’ hunnids and letting Instagram know about it.

It appears he was showing his cash to his girlfriend who hinted so on Twitter

Either way, who cares, you’re a 21-year-old millionaire NBA rookie.



Lance Stephenson’s foray into the rap game…….actually isn’t bad

lance1Y’all tryna make the next highlight on SportsCenter huh?

Lance Stephenson’s remix of Bobby Shmurda’s Hot N***a and its accompanying video might just be the second biggest NBA power move of the summer, behind LeBron returning to Cleveland.

Dare this be the rebirth of the previously widespread phenomenon of the rapping, recording and music releasing NBA players? Little did we know how spoilt we were with the likes of Shaq Diesel of K.O.B.E.

Not since the illest of mid-2000’s days have we seen this many basketball references in one rap song, not to mention shout-outs to AND1, plus rocking a Hornets Larry Johnson throwback for full mid-2000’s effect.

Takes me back to arguably the two best NBA related rap songs of all time, both belonging to NBA Live soundtracks from Fabolous’ NBA 2003 jam In the Game and Chingy’s NBA Live 2004 remix of Right Thurr .

Admittedly both were soundtracks for a basketball video game, so NBA content was definitely mandated, but as much as we would expect from an NBA player releasing a rap video.

Check out the video here:

“Hey there’s Nerlens Noel, let’s get some wedding pictures with him”


Last week Nerlens Noel completed the iconic run through the streets of Philadelphia, all the way up to the top of the Art Museum steps, bringing a 100 or so school kids with him.

What the camera’s didn’t catch was the nearby wedding party, and in the spirit of meeting all the Philly fans he can this summer, Nerlens jumped in these guys wedding photos.

On first sight this is ridiculous, but then you remember that people at weddings take like a bazillion photos, so why not have on with the city’s most fun and recognisable athletes.

Here’s the original run clip:

via: Complex

How to get a beard like James Harden


James Harden’s commercial game just goes from strength to strength and caps off great summer of selling me things with this spot for NBA 2K15.

If you are a hair connoisseur like myself, you probably always wondered how exactly Harden sculptures that magnificent beard.

Introducing, the ‘Beard Guru’.

Seriously,this is easily the weirdest Harden ad of the bunch. I’m left with so many questions

!s the same guy Nerlens uses for his high-top, or the same guy that paints Carlos Boozer’s head. I need answers NBA2K.

PS Anthony Davis’commercial cameo game might be the strongest in the league. Time to AD some of his own spots.