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VIDEO: J.R. Smith nails a half-court shot for a military member & celebrates like a BOSS

J.R. drops da GAWD of celebrations after nailing a half court shot. (via: @cubansunset on Instagram)

J.R. drops da GAWD of celebrations after nailing a half court shot. (via: @cubansunset on Instagram)

(Pre Season) basketball is back! Which means, J.R. Smith is back!

At today’s Wine And Gold Scrimmage, J.R. nailed this half court shot which in effect, won a $30K CAT generator, customized jersey, four lower level tickets to Opening Night with VIP access to food and drink, plus access for two at David Blatt’s post game presser for US Military Member Sgt First Class John M. O’Connor.

This is nothing new, J.R. used to practice half court shots prior to Knicks games… Which, I can only assume was for this exact situation.

Low-key best moment of this video was J.R. re-living his greatest ever NBA celebration at the end of it…

Watch out, #TeamBosh, we may see #TeamJR take out the Shooting Stars Challenge in Toronto this year!


Melo says the Knicks are competing for a Championship

Getty Images: Melo out here making bold statements.

Getty Images: Melo out here making bold statements.

This year marked the first year in Kobe Bryant’s career where he didn’t state that the Lakers goal isn’t to win the NBA title. It seems like he’s passed the torch across to Carmelo Anthony for this one.

Yesterday, Melo stated that the Knicks goal is to win a Championship.

“S—, we’re competing. People might not believe that, but we’re definitely competing for that (Championship),” Anthony said.

“That’s always going to be the goal. Whether we get there or not depends on us and what we’re doing. That’s always our big-picture goal.”


I mean, you can’t fault the guy for having dreams, but the Knicks are a team that’ll really need to have a helluva lot go right for them this season if they’re even going to compete for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference.

It’s hard to tell if Melo was being serious, or just paying Knicks fans and the media some lip service coming off a season that he’d more than likely want to forget where he was shut down after the All-Star Game.

Via SportingNews


Episode 326 – It Starts Again

Marcin Gortat fires a warning shot at the rest of the NBA. Photo Credit: Washington Post

Marcin Gortat fires a warning shot at the rest of the NBA. Photo Credit: Washington Post

On today’s episode of Believe The Hype, Tom, Benyam and Roscoe are excited that the NBA is just around the corner with yesterday’s media day marking that the season is upon us. Roscoe went to the Washington Wizards media day and so the guys chat about the big talking points from that including John Wall saying he’s going to try and recruit Kevin Durant to the Wiz, the Bradley Beal extension situation, who’s looking fit coming into camp, DeJuan Blair‘s strong phunkee-duck game and more. Also, the guys chat about some of the other big talking points from media day such as how the Mavericks are going to look with their injury backlog, Derrick Rose‘s free agency comments and George Hill‘s hair.
Also, Roscoe catches up with Toure’ Murry and Ish Smith to chat about the life of an NBA player trying to make an NBA roster.

Don’t forget that that you can follow us on twitter @traread@benyamkidane & @RoscoeWhalan7 and using the #BTHype tag to ask questions to be answered in next weeks episode.


Closing Song: Troop 41 – Do The John Wall

Doc Rivers legit wouldn’t mind taking on Mark Cuban in a cage fight

Getty Images: Doc must really back himself in cage match situations.

Getty Images: Doc must really back himself in cage match situations.

Every NBA fan remembers where they were and what they were doing on the 8th July 2015. The day that the Los Angeles Clippers players and Doc Rivers barricaded themselves in DeAndre Jordan’s house… A saga that was the finishing move in a back and forth between the Clips and the Dallas Mavericks for the rights to sign the free agent big-man.

The events lead to a beef (and rightfully so) between Rivers and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

However, at the Los Angeles Clippers media day yesterday, Doc stated that the beef between the two was pretty much over…

“I don’t think it matters, anyway,” Rivers said.

“It’s really going to be done.”

However, Rivers went on to say…

“Listen, Mark’s an owner and I’m a coach. Unless we’re going to play one-on-one or get in a cage match — which you guys can all sponsor, I’m good with either one of those — I think it’s him talking and me talking and we’re both wasting time.”

Um…. Cage match? Yes please…

“Vengeance will be mine” – Mark Cuban, probably.


Via Fox Sports

Klay Thompson is pretty happy that the Bucks didn’t draft him in 2011

Getty Images: Klay Thompson parties like he's not in Wisconsin.

Getty Images: Klay Thompson parties like he’s not in Wisconsin.

In 2011, the Milwaukee Bucks were pretty close to drafting Klay Thompson with the 10th pick. However, they decided to go for BYU sharp-shooter Jimmer Fredette who they then traded to Sacramento Kings in a three-way draft day trade with the Kings and Charlotte Bobcats.

He wound up being taken by the Golden State Warriors with the next pick. The rest is history… 2015 NBA Champion, All-Star and All-NBA Third Team… NBA record 37 points in a quarter… One half of the league’s best back-court pairing and bromance the Splash Bros:


Klay made an appearance at an Oakland School earlier on today and had a media opportunity. GSW beat writer Diamond Leung got this honest nugget out of him when Klay was asked about looking back now to that faithful NBA draft night.

Well… That was a brutally honest answer.

It’s speculation, but there’s definitely doubts about whether or not Klay would have been able to develop his game as much as he had over the last few years if he was in Milwaukee. Being coached by both Mark Jackson and Steve Kerr has allowed him to develop a number of areas of his game to the point that he’s not only an elite shooter (which we alway knew he had the potential to be) but also one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA.

Plus, there’s no way Brandon Jennings was ever going to pass him the ball. Ever, ever.

via: Complex Sports

Paul George isn’t super psyched about being used at the four next season

Getty Images: Can't wait to see a healthy PG13 back on the court.

Getty Images: Can’t wait to see a healthy PG13 back on the court.

When the Indiana Pacers drafted Paul George, they drafted a talented and super athletic shooting guard with a quick release and an NBA range three point shot who defensively averaged over two steals and a block for his college career.

They turned this athletic shooting guard into an All-NBA and All-Star small forward.

However, looking ahead to this year, word out of the Pacers camp is that Frank Vogel and Larry Bird are keen to make George their starting power forward in a small ball line-up of George Hill, Monta Ellis, C.J. Miles, George and Ian Mahinmi.

Yesterday, PG13 spoke to USA Today about this shift to the front-court, taking on bigger more physical defenders and being used to stretch the floor, he didn’t seem too impressed with the situation:

“Um, you know it’s, uh, I was open for – to try it out,” said George.

“It’s definitely a change. It’s something new. We’ll see how it goes. As the season goes, it might be better for me to just be at my regular position. But I told them I was open to the situation and (we’ll) see where it goes.”

It seems like George’s biggest reservation is being out-matched and out-muscled defending bigger power forwards night-in-night-out. Which, you can’t really fault him for that, he is still in the process of coming back from that horrifying broken leg in August 2014.

“Yeah, I believe (that’s his main concern),” George said.

“It’s just being outmatched strength-wise with guys at the four spot is really the only concern. It’s not really the concern for one game. It’s the concern just over the course of a season just how my body would take it, especially coming off the injury that I had and a whole year of rehabbing. Just not sure of how it’s going to take it. (We’ll) start camp, see how camp goes. Again, I’m not too thrilled on it, but it could change the more comfortable I get at the position. But we’ll see. But again, I could very much end up loving it, so it’s all up in the air. I’m open to the position.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this experiment goes. Even though George doesn’t seem too excited about the move, he did keep it open and say he’s interested in trying it out. At the end of the day, we may only see George play small bursts at the four which would both save his body and allowing the Pacers to stretch the floor and take advantage of offensive miss-matches.

via: USA Today

James Harden throws out a first pitch & then fires a shot at MCW

Getty Images: Beard > MCW... at both basketball & first pitches.

Getty Images: Beard > MCW… at both basketball & first pitches.

Before today’s Astros v Angels game in Houston, 2015/16 NBA off-season GAWD James Harden threw out the first pitch.

It was an ok effort… I mean, if throwing out a first pitch was a college course, he’d probably get a pass.

However, the best part of the day was the fact that after throwing the pitch, Harden spoke with Houston Chronicle’s Johnathan Feigen… He promptly reminded the World of Michael Carter-Williamspoor first pitch effort last week before a Milwaukee Brewers v St Louis Cardinals game.

“It felt good. That’s all that matters.” said Harden.

“I didn’t hit anybody. I didn’t hit a cameraman. I’m happy about that.”


It hasn’t been a good week for MCW… Lets hope that he remembers this comment before the Rockets first match-up against the Bucks this season… Rivalries have started from less trivial comments.

via: Complex

VIDEO: Riley Curry teaches Jeremy Lin how to Nae-Nae

YouTube: Riley Curry IS the NBA. Fact.

YouTube: Riley Curry IS the NBA. Fact.

Jeremy Lin‘s YouTube Channel constantly delivers gold. However, his most recent video probably takes the cake.

The video is an instructional guide for ‘how to fit into the NBA’ and features cameos from NBA players Wesley JohnsonLandry FieldsJerome JordanDeAndre JordanTyson ChandlerKyle KorverDwight HowardSteph Curry and Kemba Walker.

However, it’s Riley Curry’s cameo that steals the show.

Check it out:

H/T: LetsGoWarriors

Episode 325 – The Lone Wolf

Getty Images: The former #1 Pick is about to be on his third team in three years.

Getty Images: The former #1 Pick is about to be on his third team in three years.

Today on Believe The Hype, Zach Harper from CBS Sports joins Tom and Benyam for a chat. The guys discuss the Anthony Bennett situation and have a look ahead to the upcoming season for the Timberwolves, Harrison Barnes‘ contract situation, the stalemate between Tristan Thompson and the Cleveland Cavaliers, what Paul George‘s role may be with the re-building Indiana Pacers, cloning Russell Westbrook, twins and more!

Follow Zach on twitter @talkhoops and find him at CBSSports.com/NBA and awolfamongwolves.com.

Don’t forget that that you can follow us on twitter @traread @benyamkidane and using the #BTHype tag to ask questions to be answered in next weeks episode. Download:

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Steph Curry will prove your negative scouting reports wrong… & tell you about it

  • Overlooked
  • Under valued
  • Not wanted
  • Un-athletic
  • Needs to work on his handle

These are all words and phrases that were associated with Steph Curry when he was coming out of high school.

Looking back now, they were probably correct… But damn, Steph got himself to a point where he proved the doubters wrong.

In a new commercial for CoachUp, Steph reads out some of these negative scouting reports. The only thing that would have made this better is if he finished the advertisement going full Kermit: