#BTHype catches up with Chris Goulding


Today, Tom & Benyam caught up with Chris Goulding down at Australia’s pre-FIBA World Cup camp for a quick chat.

The boys chat with Chris about his new contract with CAI Zaragoza in the ACB, trying to make the Australian team for the FIBA World Cup, the improvement of his game we’ve seen over the last few years & the path he took through Australia’s National Basketball League to reach the International level. Furthermore, the guys chat with Chris about his experiences with the Dallas Mavericks at NBA Summer League this year & the 6 weeks he spent prior to the start of LVSL working out in Dallas & lifting weights with Dirk Nowitzki.

The audio for this also appears in Episode 203 of the podcast.

Furthermore, an interview with fellow Boomer & Utah Jazz Summer Leaguer Brock Motum will be released shortly.

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#BTHype interviews Patty Mills & Aron Baynes

payy aron

After Patty Mills starred for the Spurs with a 25 point, 5 assist and 5 rebound game against the Los Angeles Clippers last night, Tom and Benyam caught up with both him and fellow Aussie Aron Baynes to chat about the Spurs season and playing for Australia in the upcoming Basketball World Cup.

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NBA All Stars pick Winter Olympic sports to compete in


The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics are currently on in Russia.

To celebrate this, at All Star Media Day, Tom and Benyam investigated what Winter Olympic events some of the NBA’s elite players may want to consider competing in, if this whole basketball thing didn’t work out for them.

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NBA All-Stars Suggest Valentine’s Day Movies


NBA Media Day fell on Valentine’s Day this year, so Tom and Benyam thought it made sense to ask the All-Stars what romantic movies they would suggest watching on Valentine’s Day.

On top of this, picking up some useful romance tips along the way……..mainly from Chris Bosh.

#BTHype catch up with Tim Cahill at NBA All Star Weekend


Today, Tom & Benyam caught up with another Aussie cutting around New Orleans this weekend… New York Red Bulls & Socceroos star Tim Cahill!

Before the NBA All Star Game tipped off, the boys spoke to Cahill about his experiences so far at All Star Weekend, his love for the NBA & respect for the athletes, Whether he could beat his Red Bulls team-mate & NBA superfan Thierry Henry in one-on-one, The Aussies currently playing in the NBA, whether Australia should host an NBA game, his busy upcoming schedule in 2014 & more!

Follow Tim on twitter – @Tim_Cahill.

Larry Sanders nightclub brawl video

Larry Sanders fight brawl nighclub

Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders is still recovering from the broken finger he sustained in a nightclub brawl at Milwaukee nightspot ‘Apartment 720′ last month.

Surveillance footage has now emerged of the altercation, however #BTHype’s investigative team was able to obtain never before seen footage with full sound from the nightclub that night.

Check it out:

Original footage: via Fox6now.com

Here’s the Miami Heat intro video to “Let’s Get Physical”


I’ve always been a big fan of the Miami Heat’s intro videos. Over the last few years, they’ve had some great videos. Notably:

2012/13’s “Seven Nation Army” video was quite cool too. A nice shoot & had all the players in a box, working out, practicing their game, pulling faces. The intimidation factor for it, is high. Just what you want to see from an intro video.

This seasons one, seems like it has been inspired from the 2012/13 video. Once again “Seven Nation Army” has returned. Plus, this year, instead of having a few shots of players working out with their shirts off… This year, we have the entire roster… shirts-off, pumping their guns, working out, in a room that’s on fire.

This season’s intro video could go down as one of the most awkwardly erotic NBA intro videos of all-time.


I don’t really know where they were coming from with this, I actually don’t think i’ve laughed as hard at something that was meant to be so serious since Sarah Palin was running for Vice President in 2008.

Although, the video did kind of remind me of the music video for the 1981 Olivia Newton-John classic hit ‘Let’s Get Physical‘… So, naturally, we made a version of it to ‘Physical’.

I think that the video now makes a bit more sense… Check it out!