Kobe Up Close


I’m sure everyone’s twitter feeds last thursday was spammed by people watching ‘Kobe Up Close’ on AXSTV… Well, for those of you who were unable to watch it, here’s the full interview!

Kobe was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel in an great interview in front of a LIVE audience allowing fans to get an insight into Kobe’s career & what life has been like for ‘the Mamba’ behind the scenes.

He talks about everything from:

  • Hardest players to play against
  • What college he would have chosen
  • Other teams he worked out with
  • Next season

& more!

Luc Longley – Lofty Ambitions


Check out this great documentary from 1991 about the first ever Australian to play in the NBA, Luc Longley.

The documentary touches on his early career,  New Mexico & time in the Boomers program.

Further to this, it includes interviews with: Andrew Gaze, Mark Bradtke, Lindsay Gaze, Eddie Palubinskas & more.

Further to this documentary, on a side note… It seems like Grant Hill wasn’t the only person who drank Sprite in the 1990’s.

I don’t for the life of me, remember this commercial. But check out Luc Longley’s very own Sprite commercial that was shown in Australia in 1997.

Obey your thirst & thank you, internet.

Aussies Abroad – Andrew Bogut


ESPN’s Aussies Abroad series recently released an episode interviewing Andrew Bogut. Host Jason Bennett spent the last 4 years catching up with Bogut & pulling together the interview. It covers his entire career through that time. Everything from his emergence in Milwaukee, becoming an All NBA 3rd Team-member, his horror injury run & the revitalisation of his career at Golden State after being traded in the 2011-12 season.

Furthermore, ICYMI, #believethehype also caught up with Andrew Bogut earlier on this month, for an in depth chat about his season with the Warriors. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

But in the meantime, check out this great episode of ESPN’s Aussies Abroad!

The life & times of Chris Bosh


Check out this E:60 documentary about the life of one of #believethehype’s favourite personalities… Chris Bosh.

Lisa Salters catches up with Bosh at his home in Miami & we see many different sides of him – the family man, the chef, the computer programmer & of course, the awesomely weird funny-man gimmick with one of the best sense of humors in the NBA.

Check it out!

For Buss: The Lakers Journey to the NBA Playoffs

This is a great documentary pulled together by Troy Cruz. The Documentary tells the story of how the Lakers made it to the NBA Playoffs after having their backs against the walls both in the win/loss column & with the loss of their owner & #1 fan, Jerry Buss.

Check it out!

The Legacy of Shaquille O’Neal

thelegacyofshaquilleonealIf you love Shaq, then you need to sit through this hour long look-back on his career. From growing up in an army family, leading Robert G. Cole High School to the Texas State Championship, SEC Player of the year at LSU to his 4 NBA Championships & MVP during his 19 year NBA Career, Shaq has achieved everything he set out to do.

Relive the amazing story of Shaquille O’Neal. The greatest and the most memorable moments of his life are captured in this thrilling Shaq movie.


Kobe Doin’ Work

One of the best NBA documentaries has to be ‘Kobe Doin’ Work’. The film, directed by Spike Lee focuses on Kobe Bryant for one day during his 2007-08 MVP season. Bryant granted Lee & his 30 cameras unprecedented access to his life for one day.

The documentary follows Kobe during the April 13th matchup between his Los Angeles Lakers & the defending champions, San Antonio Spurs. The documentary also focuses on Bryant and the team in huddles and during time-outs. The cameras also get full access of coach Phil Jackson in the locker room with the team during half-time.

Kobe also provides a voice-over for the film, he sat down, watched & recorded it the day after he dropped 61pts on Spike Lee’s New York Knicks in 2009.

It’s a great film & a must watch not only for Lakers fans, but fans of the NBA. To get a unique insite into one of the greatest players of all-time is a rare & special opportunity for viewers. Plus, you get to see Kobe have subtle jabs at Sasha Vujacic…

Check it out & enjoy:

ESPN Aussies Abroad – Boomers Special

During the London 2012 Olympic Games, as #believethehype are an Aussie podcast, naturally we were getting asked a lot of questions about our basketballers & there was certainly a lot of attention put on some of our guys plying their trade in Europe. Especially Joe Ingles.

ESPN released their newest “Aussies Abroad” special this week featuring some of the Boomers who played in Spain this year including former #believethehype guest AJ Ogilvy, Joe Ingles, Brad Newley & David Barlow.

ESPN’s Jason Bennett sits down with all four Boomers to discuss life and hoops in Spain as well as what it’s like to don the Green & Gold of the Aussie Boomers.

Check it out!

Looking Back At Reggie – NBA TV Documentary

This week NBA TV aired a special Reggie Miller documentary in celebration of him being enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame on the 7th September.

Looking Back at Reggie offers a special look at Miller’s illustrious career. The show also features an exclusive in-depth interview with Miller conducted by Kevin Harlan as Reggie speaks about his long & successful career where he was considered one of the greatest pure shooters & pure trash-talkers the game has ever seen…

Check it out!

Brixton to the Bulls

In the wake of the success & increased popularity that Great Britain has seen in basketball over the last 12 months, here’s a good documentary that was put together by a student at the University of Plymouth in 2005 about the lack of basketball talent staying in the United Kingdom.

It’s a must watch for any of our fans from the United Kingdom. Watch this space… there’s a good chance that there will be more noise on this topic coming in the wake of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Great Britain currently has 4 players plying their trade in the NBA; Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, Byron Mullens & new Trailblazer Joel Freeland.

Deng & Freeland’s fellow Olympic Team members Pops Mensah-Bonsu & Robert Archibald have also recently spent time in the Association.

There have been 5 other Brits spend time in the NBA, but the fact of the matter is that despite having 11 players make it to the big show, the sport is still finding it hard to become as main-stream as it potentially could be.

Check it out: