Gangnam Style – Atlanta Hawks


The Atlanta Hawks have entered the NBA Gangnam Style race with this time-out performance by their mascot – Harry the Hawk.

Whilst I only give it a 2.5 for Video creativity, 6 for execution, they get 10 for individuality… Purely due to the fact that they remixed Gangnam Style & broke the song down for the final phase of the performance…

Also of note, Harry seemed visibly “unhappy-with-it” when a referee walked straight through his performance.

Unfortunately, this performance is still quite far off the pacesetters of Denver, Dallas & Indiana. However, there is potential for Atlanta to make a late move up the Gangnam Style Power Rankings later on in the season.

The one thing that could have made Atlanta’s entry into the Power Rankings higher, would have been somehow incorporating Al Horford’s cousin

Check it out:

Oppan Denver Style

So this week the Denver Nuggets officially knocked the Dallas Mavericks off the top of the NBA Gangnam Style Power Rankings with this video… It has almost everything that you want in a Gangnam Style Parody… An NBA Player that can dance in Kenneth Faried, A Mascot who knows how to gee-up in Rocky, grand theft auto & hot cheerleaders.

The only thing that’s missing is JaVale McGee… This exclusion means that even though the Nuggets are now officially ahead of the Mavericks, Pacers, Warriors & Lakers in the Power Rankings… There is still plenty of time left in the season for a team to take home the title…

Check it out:

Oppan Steve Nash Style


We’ve seen Roy Hibbert, the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors all have their say in the Gangnam Style power rankings, now its time for one of the NBA’s most entertaining players join the party.

Presenting: Steve Nash style.

Andrew Bynum Style

Is this the closest we are going to get to my dream of a Gangnam Style parody entitled “Andrew Bynum Style”? Surely after his ridiculous hair-do was dropped on the basketball fraternity today, some creative YouTube & social media guru’s can do something better than what you see below…

A guy dancing around in a Bynum shirt & black tie get-up just doesn’t cut it for #believethehype…

Or does it?

Mavericks Style…

After we saw Roy Hibbert organise a Gangnam Style flash mob, plus also the Golden State Warriors produce a multi million dollar YouTube Gangnam Style video clip & then also include the song in their Rookie hazing… The NBA’s love for this gimmick has finally reached the Dallas Mavericks with “Whoop ‘Em Mavericks Style”.

Mark Cuban tweeted this about it:

Personally I think it’s ok… There’s more opportunities out there *ahem* Andrew Bynum Style *ahem* but as it stands… I think the Mavericks are on top of the NBA Gangnam Style Power Rankings…

Check it out:

Roy Hibbert goes Gangnam Style with Flashmob

Roy Hibbert and some members from his Area 55 fanbase/cult took to Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis for what started as a “Meet the Rookies” event but turned into a Gangnam Style flash mob.

This is the exact reason Hibbert is fast becoming one of my favourite NBA personalities and I give him a 9/10 for his Gangnam execution.

Rumor has it, Tom Haverford and Jean-Ralphio from Entertainment 720 were behind the publicity stunt.

Golden State Rookie Hazing……You’re Doing it Right


Aussie big man Andrew Bogut plays MC to a hilarious sequence of Golden State Warrior rookies belting out some bars from their favourite songs during open practice.

The fans seem to love it, even more so when they get involved for the big finale of a player/fan breakout of Gangnam Style.

My personal favourite of the lot has to be Vanderbilt alumni Festus Ezeli throwing down some Backstreet Boys………….Respect.

Gangnam State Warriors

Who would have thought that the Warriors would have been at the forefront of NBA Gangnam Style Parodies?

I’m still waiting for “Andrew Bynum Style” to be released…