Off Season Instagrams – JaVale McGee

In what appears to be the third straight week JaVale has spent in Las Vegas since the Nuggets were bounced in the first round of the playoffs, McGee has settle in nicely to the poolside lifestyle.

Unfortunately for JaVale, San Francisco 49ers partyboy Colin Kaepernick burst his bubble, breaking the news to him that nobody wears ‘grillz’ anymore.


Note: mad creepy lurker in the back left

Off Season Instagrams – JaVale McGee

Another day in the life of JaVale McGee. But, today, something didn’t exactly go to plan for the funniest man in the NBA. The result – a new Mastercard Commercial:

  • New Range Rover = $85,000
  • 2nd hand snap-back = $5
  • Finding out the $100K worth of bling you’re wearing is actually chocolate = Priceless.

There’s some things money can’t buy… For everything else, there’s JaVale McGee.


JaVale McGee kills Andrew Bogut


If there’s one thing that all NBA players should learn, it’s that you don’t mess with JaVale McGee during the Playoffs…

Aussie Andrew Bogut learnt this the hard way during his Golden State Warriors 95-97 Game 1 loss to the Denver Nuggets.

Despite playing a great game, keeping his Warriors in the game till the very end & finishing up with a stat-line of 9pts, 14rbs, 4bks & 3ass along with the best +/- of anyone on the floor wearing blue, Bogut’s game will more than likely be remembered for the moment late in the first half when JaVale McGee sized him up & floored him in a way that only Brandon Knight could relate to.

JaVale was unavailable for a response on whether or not JaVale has a personal vendetta against Australia.

Check it out!

Late-Night texting with JaVale McGee


It’s 12:52am Friday morning in Denver, Colorado… You’ve just finished a grueling 82 Game regular season, you’ve got 43 hours to prepare for your first game of the Playoffs… Then suddenly, the Phone vibrates. What do you do?

JaVale McGee’s always been known for his hilarious pickup lines that don’t work… Tonight, a bored JaVale thought he’d give some more of them a try, this time to a female friend who clearly, he’s already closed the deal by even receiving a text from her in the first place…

McGee tweeted out the conversation for all of us to see…



Play on Playa.