Off Season Instagrams – Blake Griffin

Like the majority of NBA players, Blake Griffin spends his off-season working on his game… Perfecting what he does well & adding a couple of new things into his game.

Blake’s always been known as one of the league leading funboys & he’s always had a strong photo-bombing game.

It’s good to see that during his off-season workouts, he’s spending some time perfecting the art of the photo-bomb with #BTHype’s favourite son, Sasha Vujacic.

Your move, Chris “king of the bomb” Bosh.


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Off Season Instagrams – Dwight Howard

At the premiere of Sylvester Stallone’s new movie… He managed to get up close & personal with Dwight Howard… The former center for his favourite team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

Knowing Sty, the results of the chance encounter probably were exactly what he was hoping for.


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Off Season Instagrams – Dwyane Wade


After LeBron James announced he’d be taking his talents back to Cleveland for the next two seasons… The Miami Heat’s future was sent in a tailspin… No more ‘King’.

Dwyane Wade’s having nothing of it… So, along with Pat Riley signing Luol Deng as the team’s starting small forward, Wade’s looking for a new partner to help him finish those highlight lobs that we’ve all become accustomed to as regular viewing during regular season Heat basketball.

So, today on the recruitment drive, Wade hit up Seaworld to check out the much hyped LePorpoise James.

I think Miami have found their new highlight machine.

My new teammate that I'm throwing lobs 2 now haaaa. Great time @seaworldsandiego.. #mensvacay #dolphinfever

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Off Season Instagrams – CJ Watson

CJ Watson doesn’t have a care in the world…

Whilst the rest of the NBA world’s fixated to swiping their twitter timeline to try & hear the lastest free agency rumors surrounding LeBron James, Chris Bosh & Carmelo Anthony… He’s just chilling with Dolphins in Cabo.


Off Season Instagrams – Nerlens Noel

After sitting out his rookie season, Nerlens Noel has made a positive start to this Off Season. The Philly big-man has joined Deron Williams in the growing list of NBA players who own cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirts…

If you’ve follow Believe The Hype for some time, you’ll know just how monumental this is.


Credit: @YoungPepDash

Off Season Instagrams – James Harden

The Houston Rockets Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle locker room antics are gaining momentum, no man is safe, not even Superman.

James Harden delivers a vintage bus #GotEm of Dwight Howard.

dwight h

Off Season Instagrams – Deron Williams

It’s official, the NBA season is back.

Whilst it still might be pre-season, the NBA-Instagram season has just kicked into gear with the first #GotEm coming in from Deron Williams and the Brooklyn Nets.

Reggie Evans, Joe Johnson, Shawn Livingston and Tyshawn Taylor made sure Andray Blatche didn’t get away with this little nap without punishment.

First blood Brooklyn……..your move, rest of the NBA.


Off Season Instagrams – Brooklyn Nets

The Miami Heat have held the mantle of the NBA’s premiere poolside partyboys for the past few seasons, with only the L.A. Clippers providing any real competition, however it looks like there is a new kid on the block which should have Miami and L.A. worried.

May I present the 2013/14 Brooklyn 7-man Relay Team


Off Season Instagrams – Kevin Durant & Serge Ibaka

After it was announced that the Oklahoma City Thunder’s star PG Russell Westbook will miss the first 4-6 weeks of the NBA Season after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery last week, Kevin Durant & Serge Ibaka thought they’d use their trip to England not only to play some hoops & watch some football… But also as a recruiting trip to find a new backup.

Introducing the Thunder’s new 10 day contract: Paddington Bear.


Credit: @Wooblyball

Off Season Instagrams – Brandon Bass

Media: “What did you do this offseason, Brandon?”

Brandon Bass: “Oh, not much… Learn’t how to swim though, which was cool.”