This Steph Curry parody of ‘Let it Be’ is all of the inspirational tears

Everyone get out your lighters and sway along to this classic Steph Curry tune!

This JR Smith Cleveland rap track is basically why the Internet was invented

jrsmith A couple of years ago, Milford Jerome released this awesome J.R. Smith rap track called ‘So Right’. Naturally, now that JR is in Cleveland, we needed a remix. It’s just so right that we now do. “I’m sorry Phil Jackson, I am for real.” is the greatest shout-out to OutKast that I’ll ever hear in an NBA related parody rap track. #FromEveryWhichAngle

J.R. Smith’s post-win Instagram game is fire.

Nothing says “we just made the Eastern Conference Finals” like LeBron James singing and dancing to The Dream’s, That’s My Sh*t on the team plane back to Cleveland.

This video should somehow be incorporated into the NBA’s promotional playoff commercials. LeBron/The Dream >> Pitch Perfect.


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J.R’s Instagram game didn’t end there, he earlier posted this little jab at the Knicks.

Couldn't have said it better myself!!!@imanshumpertthe1st

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#AdvancedStats: Steph Curry shoots better when chewing his mouthguard

Getty Images: Steph needs to shoot more free throws like this.

Getty Images: Steph needs to shoot more free throws like this.

Stephen Curry is very good at shooting basketballs through hoops… This we’ve always known. The MVP shot 91.4% from the free throw line this season, leading the league in that stat.

You may have noticed that Steph often chews his mouthguard when he’s shooting free throws… So, The Wall Street Journal decided to look deeper into Steph’s free throw shooting this season and break down the stat even further… Looking at all 337 free throws that he shot this season and trying to work out the difference in his shooting percentage when his mouthguard was in, to when it was hanging out of his mouth.

According to their review, Steph Curry shot 89.5% from the free throw line when his mouth guard was in, versus 92.5% when his mouthguard was out of his mouth.


WSJ spoke more about their findings and also spoke to Warriors GM Bob Myers and Owner Joe Lacob about their findings:

The unpredictable adventure of Curry’s mouthguard is one of the many things, though one of the more absurd things, that make him unlike any other player in the NBA. But the truly peculiar part is that Curry only does his mouthguard mambo on about 64% of his free throws. There were games when Curry only shot with his mouthguard out. There were games when Curry only shot with his mouthguard in. There were even games when Curry shot one way on a first free throw and the other way on his next free throw.

Not even Warriors executives knew if there was a method to this mouthguard madness. “I haven’t asked,” Warriors General Manager Bob Myers said. “The baseline 90% that he shoots makes you leave him alone.”

Golden State owner Joe Lacob hadn’t questioned Curry, either. “I think it’s just a nervous habit,” he said.

It turns out that theory is exactly right. Curry says his mouthguard cameos are completely random.

This may be my favourite ever random #AdvancedStat that I’ve come across. It’ll be interesting to see if Curry, who’s only shooting 77% from the free-throw line in the Warriors Western Conference Semi Finals series against the Memphis Grizzlies, goes for ‘mouthguard out’ moving forward.

via: WSJ

Paul Pierce does it again.


By Roscoe Whalan

First he did this:

And then, maybe more memorably, he said this:

Without John Wall on Saturday night the Wizards escaped with victory, courtesy of some Paul Pierce heroics.

With time winding down, the 37-year-old, did what it seems like he’s done a thousand times before and stuck a jump shot in the face of three defenders to win the game.

Giving a little more time to bring his heart-rate back to resting, what did Pierce tell the media about that shot?

“It’s a little disappointing because we know we’re better than that,” Pierce said, “There’s no way that it should come down to that”.

And he’s right. The Wizards led almost from start to finish in Game 3 but saw a 21-point lead in the fourth quarter evaporate on the back of a 17-0 run by the Atlanta Hawks’ reserves.

“We just got too careful,” Wittman said, “instead of continuing to do what we did for 3 quarters…we began walking it”.

And the Hawks, behind the unlikely combination of Dennis Schroeder, Shelvin Mack, Mike Scott, Mike Muscala and Kyle Korver made a huge run.

“The way that the group that finished played, we’re going to have to play more like that for 48 minutes. I’m very proud of that group the way they competed but there’s a lot to work on,” Hawks Coach Mike Budenholzer said after the game.

But they nearly did enough to steal it — Mike Muscala whacked a three-pointer from the top of the arc with 14.1 seconds remaining to tie it.

Enter Paul Pierce.

“We were small and we wanted to get the ball in Paul’s hands,” Wittman explained, “and hopefully get a switched on him”.

“I saw [Dennis] Schroeder on me and I saw [Bradley] Beal and told him to just get out and give me some room,” Pierce explained.

“I saw the seconds going down and I knew he was going to take the shot,” Schroeder recalled, “and he still made the shot”.

“It was a lucky shot and they won the game,” Schroeder said.

Paul Pierce tends to disagree.

“Of course Schroeder is going to say I’m lucky, he’s probably too young to see the last 17 years of it,” Pierce said.

“He probably missed with me on 2k”.

The Truth has spoken, yet again.

Roscoe Whalan is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the East Coast, based in Washington for this season. Follow him on Twitter: @RoscoeWhalan7

Why wasn’t DeMarre Carroll on the floor for Paul Pierce’s game-winner?

The Wizards v Hawks Game 3 will forever be remembered for Paul Pierce’s buzzer-beating heroics, not to mention his walk-off “I called game” post-game interview. But as Kent Bazemore and Dennis Schroder scrambled to attempt to stop his game-winner, many people were left wondering, where was DeMarre Carroll?

As one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA and easily the best perimeter defender in this game, picking up Pierce seems like the likely move, however Carroll wasn’t even on the floor to finish the game.

Zach Klein of WSB-Atlanta asked Carroll post-game why Coach Bud didn’t have him in the game and as he described it he “didn’t feel comfortable at the time.”

A pretty strange situation that Carroll would pull himself out of the lineup at such a crucial stage in the game, but let’s hope it isn’t anything too serious.

Questions ahead of Warriors/Grizzlies game 3

Getty Images: GSW hope to bounce back in game 3 vs the Grizzlies.

Getty Images: GSW hope to bounce back in game 3 vs the Grizzlies.

By Jamieson Welsh

After three days off in this series there’s so many questions that we all have asked whether the Warriors can handle adversity? Is Mike Conley going to have a performance like game 2 again? Is Tony Allen in Klay Thompson‘s head? I can go on and on…

With this series heading to Memphis we should be looking forward to two really good games. After three days of hearing and watching how bad they played in game 2, I expect the Warriors to play much better in game 3 and cut down on the turnovers.

We all know that Steph Curry will play better but the Warriors have to get production from Harrison Barnes. He’s the guy that when playing well, other teams don’t have an answer for.

Something to keep an eye on heading into game 3 is, what adjustments will Steve Kerr make after the loss a couple of days ago? In game 2, his bench played well and his three guard lineup freed up Klay a little.

Another lineup to keep an eye on is the small ball lineup where Draymond Green plays the five. If the Warriors are able to play well with this lineup and not get killed on the glass, it’s a huge win for them.

For the home team Memphis Grizzlies the key for the last game was how physical the game was. They were more physical from the jump and displayed more urgency . It felt like they were playing for their season in game 2.

Going into game 3, Conley is the guy for the Grizzlies that gets things going for them and it’s important that he gets off to a similar start like he did in game 2.

The main matchup for the Grizzlies in this series is Tony “1st Team All Defense” Allen vs Klay. During the regular season, Thompson got the better part of the matchup but in game two he struggled mightily. If the Grizzlies slow Thompson that’s can turn a game into their favor. Something to keep an eye on is the offensive rebounding of the Grizzlies when the Warriors go small.

If the Grizzlies are able to get second and third opportunities that can be problematic for the Warriors as this series goes along.

Vegas has the game 3 spread at -4.5 for the Warriors which is interesting because the Grizzlies are pretty good at home in the “Grindhouse”. I do think the Warriors play better than they did in game 2 but I’d stay away from the spread and enjoy a close game.  

Jamieson Welsh is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the West Coast for this season. Follow him on Twitter:@theejamieson