Iman Shupert drops Cavaliers playoff anthem

The playoffs are officially here, because Iman Shumpert has dropped his Clev Cavs playoff anthem.

With every Cavs players getting a shoutout, these are easily my three favorite lines.

1. “Delly is the Man” (facts only)

2. “Late shot clock hit Swish up for the 9-1-1.” (always give it to J.R. Smith)

3. “Coach got that look in his eyes cause this playoffs”

I think coach has that look in his eyes because Shump is mixing rap beats instead of practicing corner threes, but hey, whatever)

Back in 2012, Shumpert hit us with this Knicks Anthem, which I think is still some of his best work, you decide.

It’s on you now Cleveland arena people to play this track for the pre-game intros.


The Aron Baynes roasting continues

The internet has no chill.

We know this, but after Aron Baynes was on the receiving end of three monster Blake Griffin jams, ESPN’s SportsNation even got in on the action.

Michelle Beadle brought out Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to perform “Crossroads” on set, with the highlight reel playing in the background.


A true sign of the damage is when Wikipedia gets in on the action.

Baynes is a tough, physical dude. I expect the bug Aussie won’t be letting things go that way in Game 2.

via: Complex Sports

DJ Mozgov’s first track is the weirdest thing you’ll watch this week

Mike Polk Jr, a local Cleveland comedian who has his own show ‘The Mike Polk Jr. Show’ on FOX8 in Ohio created this super weird Timofey Mozgov video.

I really have no words on how to describe what I just saw.

Via: Reddit

Golden State Warriors v New Orleans Pelicans series preview

USA Today: The Brow will need to come up big this series.

USA Today: The Brow will need to come up big this series.

By Jamieson Welsh

The Playoffs have finally arrived and one of the biggest treats we get early Saturday afternoon is the best team in the league (Golden State Warriors) going against the upstart New Orleans Pelicans.

For the last few weeks a lot of the national media has been on the “jumping shooting teams can’t do anything in the Playoffs” bandwagon and personally I think the Golden State Warriors are tired of hearing it. With Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson being the best shooting backcourt ever and you get the feel they’re on a mission this postseason and the New Orleans Pelicans are just in the way.

Now once the Pelicans clinched the eighth seed Wednesday evening, most people including myself gave them a game against the Warriors in round one projections. Now that’s not a knock on the Pelicans, but they just aren’t good enough to be able to put a scare into the Warriors at this time.

Going into game one you get the feeling the Pelicans will have that “we’re just happy to be here” look and that could spell doom from the start. Having Anthony Davis is a great luxury and he alone can keep you in a game. With Jrue Holiday back at the point guard position, the Pelicans have one of the better defensive players at that position, and that’s key going against Curry.

Oracle Arena is probably the toughest place to play in the league and the playoff crowd will be in rare for Saturday afternoon. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how Davis and the young Pelicans come out of the gate tomorrow against the Warriors.

Player to watch on both teams:

Harrison Barnes is key for the Warriors playoff run and getting him off to a good start would do wonder for his confidence going forward.

Tyreke Evans has to be playing at a consistently high level for the Pelicans to even have a chance in this series. He is one of the few perimeter playmakers the Pelicans have that can get into the paint and put pressure on the opposition.

On Saturday afternoon, I have Warriors beating the Pelicans 122-98.

 Jamieson Welsh is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the West Coast for this season. Follow him on Twitter:@theejamieson

The Sacramento Kings take popcorning rookies’ cars to whole new level

The Sacramento Kings haven’t had much to cheer for all season, but they can sleep safe in the knowledge that they have won this season’s rookie hazing award for popcorning Nik Stauskas‘ house.

That’s right, his house. He doesn’t have a car, so naturally this is the next best thing to do is trash his house.

Check out the video below. Rudy Gay, DeMarcus Cousins and Reggie Evans all have way too much fun spraying some delicious movie snack around the rooks crib.

At least he took it all in hi stride and had some fun with it.

Spuran Spuran drop their first track & it’s all of the Grammys


As mentioned yesterday, Matt Bonner, Aron Baynes, Kawhi Leonard, Patrick Mills and The Coyote have formed a new rock band called Spuran Spuran

Today, their first track “Spurs!” dropped!

It’s basically God’s gift to music… I don’t expect that even Kanye West will get up on stage when they win all of the Grammy Awards ever next year.

The Spurs are about to drop the greatest 80’s rock song ever… probably

Facebook: Baynes & Bonner are bout to be #2 in the charts & #1 in our hearts.

Facebook: Baynes & Bonner are bout to be #2 in the charts & #1 in our hearts.

Well… This is going to be weirdly awesome…

Matt Bonner, Aron Baynes, Kawhi Leonard, Patrick Mills and The Coyote have now formed a band called ‘Spuran Spuran’ and today dropped a video hyping up their upcoming song to be released later on this week that’s going to be the biggest hit of 1985…

This combines everything that we love about the Spurs:

  • Matt Bonner’s weird sense of humor
  • A team that everyone feels, thanks to Tim Duncan‘s fashion game, is awkwardly stuck in the past
  • Baynes/Mills doing Baynes/Mills kinda things
  • Kawhi Leonard has big hands jokes

Check out the video & lets all wait in anticipation for the track to drop!