The Joe Ingles Effect: Why he will be great for Utah

The bright lights of the NBA shined on Dante Exum and Joe Ingles, who both made their debuts at home against the Houston Rockets today, going down 104-93.

A solid, yet impressive debut for Dante, who played just under 10 minutes, putting up five points, nailing a three pointer and making a steal to go coast-to-coast for a lay-up. He added one, steal, one turnover and an eye-catching assist….a thundering alley-oop to Rudy Gobert. Ingles checked in for just four minutes of action.

Having Joe join his Boomers roommate this season will be great for Dante, not just from a comfort standpoint, but how awesome is it that you get a job in another country and then your good mate gets the same job with you. It rarely happens and it’s definitely awesome.

Yesterday I spoke with Dante on a teleconference with other Australian journalists and he described the moment he found out Ingles was joining the Jazz. He was getting his learners permit of all things at the time.

“I had a message from Joe saying whaddup teammate.”

“Then some of the Twitter feeds started coming through that he was coming to Utah so you know I was definitely excited.”

Instantly makes me think this is how they will check into games this season:

BBUnfamiliarity is one of the biggest challenges facing all NBA rookies. New city, new job, new house, new teammates, new coach and for these two, a new country and having Joe in Utah will no doubt speed up 19-year-old Dante settling in.

David Locke mentioned on the Locked on Jazz podcast (make sure you follow him for everything Utah Jazz) that Exum was noticeably better in practice yesterday, his best since being drafted.

“Exum turned in his best practice so far. Better defensively.”

“I don’t know if it was just having the influence of having Joe Ingles in town, but he had a very, very good practice yesterday. One of the better defensively,

The great news of Ingles being signed by the Jazz brings multiple benefits to this young team.

For starters, Joe is probably the funniest athlete I’ve ever interviewed or come across. His sense of humour, character and locker room presence will be a huge asset.

Having Joe by Dante’s side will help immensely off the court, but on the court there is real potential for Joe to play some great rotation minutes ahead of Jordan Hamilton as part of the Jazz second unit.

“Joe can really pass, Joe can really handle, really do a lot of different things with the basketball,” Locke said on his podcast.

“ [Coach] Quin [Snyder] really wanted a wing who could pass and keep the pace of the ball moving offensively.

INgles_Not only is Joe a good shooter and facilitator, he is 100% comfortable handling the ball for long stretches, something he will be able to relieve the Jazz point guards of, especially Dante if he is getting swarmed, providing an additional element to the second unit’s offence.

It is something that I particularly love about Gordon Hayward’s game, he drifts in and out sometimes and plays multiple roles, but Hayward’s ability and willingness to make plays from the wing can now have some continuity in the second unit, with Ingles performing that role.

It’s only been one game, but early indications are positive for what both Joe and Dante will bring to the Jazz this season.

As exciting as it is to see them make their debuts, there will be plenty of ups and downs for the rookie duo as the hefty playing schedule takes its toll. Something that was made even more apparent by Locke who said he made the comment to Dante a few nights ago in Oklahoma City that he’s got 84 [games] left, to which Dante responded, I don’t think I’ve played 84 games in my life.

The Jazz take on the Dallas Mavericks tomorrow at 11:30am (AEDT)

NBA Season Preview in Tweets

By Roscoe Whalan

Let’s face it, the NBA season starts tomorrow and you need the low-down pronto! The #BTHype season preview audio podcasts and video previews will be dropping later today. Until then, here’s an NBA preview breakdown Twitter-style. Each team in 140 characters or less:

Atlantic Division

Toronto Raptors:
 Last season it was all @drake, lint rollers and the @raptors taking the Atlantic. Now, @klow7 is back & T-Dot will be expected to soar.

Brooklyn Nets: 
The @brooklynets failed last year. Now, there’s $70m committed to just 4 players including Garnett & Lopez who played 71 games combined last season.

New York Knicks: @philjackson11@derekfisher@samdalembert starting!? Triangle Offense! @carmeloanthony gets paid! The @nyknicks always spoil us!

Boston Celtics: The @celtics aren’t going to be good so why watch? @smart_MS3. Also, what will they do with the last remaining 2008 champ @rajonrondo?

Philadelphia 76ers: I don’t understand. The @Sixers are trying to lose so why not bring back @alleniverson to jack shots & give fans something to cheer about?

Central Division

Cleveland Cavaliers:
 All Hail @KingJames! His sins have been forgiven. Welcome back to the @cavs aka “The Land”. Also, @kevinlove will break his playoff drought.

Chicago Bulls:
 Don’t want to jinx it… Don’t want to jinx it. Screw it, @drose is back! Welcome @paugasol & @dougmcd3 to the Windy City and that’s a wrap!

Detroit Pistons:
 SVG in the house. Watch this space as the 3-headed monster of @AndreDrummondd@M10OSE and J-Smoove get trotted out for the last time.

Milwaukee Bucks: 
@RealJasonKidd is a whacky scientist playing 7’0 @G_Ante34 at PG. The @Bucks also have @JabariParker now – so there’s plenty of potential.

Indiana Pacers:
 What a fall from grace for the @Pacers. They lost @StephensonLance as a FA & then @Yg_trece went down. Here are the keys Rodney Stuckey!

Southeast Division

Washington Wizards:
 The @WashWizards belong to @JohnWall but The TRUTH in DC helps. Tough times ahead without @RealDealBeal23. And @MGortat more banter, please.

Charlotte Hornets:#RIPbobcats the @hornets are back! @StephensonLance joins @KembaWalker to make it Purple Rain and MKG shows off a new jump shot!

Miami Heat: “Not 2, not 3, not 4” not ‘chips anymore in @MiamiHEAT but guys replacing LeBron: @LuolDeng9@dgranger33@ShabazzNapier & McRoberts

Atlanta Hawks:
 With another racism row overshadowing the season, this time with the @ATLHawks, hopefully the return of @Al_Horford turns attention back to the court.

Orlando Magic:
 Welcome rookies @elfrid & @IamAaronGordon to the @OrlandoMagic. At 19 & 20 years old they’ll fit in with just 4 players > 25 on the roster.

Southwest Division

San Antonio Spurs:
 Groundhog Day! The @spurs have brought back everyone from last year’s Championship team + rookie @KyleAnderson5 – can they go #back2back?

Houston Rockets:
 The @houstonrockets plan: @chrisbosh + @chandlerparsons. Result: neither & lost @JLin7 + @AsikOmer. Is @dwighthoward & @jharden13 enough?

Dallas Mavericks: 
The @dallasmavs won the chip in ’11 then traded @tysonchandler to save $. Now he’s back on the same deal (& they added @chandlerparsons).

Memphis Grizzlies:
 The @memgrizz have added @mrvincecarter15 but will Vinsanity and his motorbike be enough to help Memphis #gritandgrind in the West?

New Orleans Pelicans:
 20 & 10 & just 20 years old: @SHAQ@TheRealEB42 and now @AntDavis23. Seeing him grow (literally) alongside the @PelicansNBA will be great.

Northwest Division

Oklahoma City Thunder:
Danger: @KDTrey5 is out & @russwest44 has a license to shoot. Subplot: will a new moustache propel @RealStevenAdams into the starting 5?

Portland Trailblazers: Very excited to see @Dame_Lillard and the @trailblazers but is it bad that I’d rather watch @exploringkaman than actual @chriskaman play?

Denver Nuggets:
 Is it 2011 all over again? @arronafflalo is back and the last @denvernuggets to make the playoffs are back but the West is tougher now.

Utah Jazz:
 Quin Snyder wants the @utahjazz to shoot 3s & @Enes_Kanter has responded. His 15 attempts in preseason are 12 more than his career total.

Minnesota Timberwolves:
 The @MNTimberwolves mightn’t win much but with alley-oops from @rickyrubio to @ZachLaVine@22wiggins@AnthonyBennett, I’ll watch. #nolovelost

Pacific Division

LA Clippers: 
New billionaire owner Steve Ballmer wants the @LAClippers to be hardcore. I’d prefer @BlakeGriffin32 to focus on making more commercials.

Golden State Warriors: 
It’s no surprise @stevekerr picked coaching the @warriors over the @nyknicks@StephenCurry30 & @klaythompson alone make a potent offense.

Phoenix Suns:
 Forget #splashbros. The @Suns are talking real bros. Get @Goran_Dragic@zoran_dragic@kiefmorris & @mookmorris2 on the court together ASAP

Sacramento Kings:
 Woah, @RudyGay8 & @boogiecousins helped Team USA take out gold at the World Champs. Does that make the @sacramentokings America’s team now?

LA Lakers: Losing @stevenash is sucks but @kobebryant is back & if he was looking for motivation, Henry Abbott gave it, right @flea333 @philjackson11?

Roscoe Whalan is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the East Coast, based in Washington for this season. Follow him on Twitter: @RoscoeWhalan7

Kevin Durant now rides around on a sweet scooter


Kevin Durant has recently had a successful surgery on his right foot fracture. The downside… He’s injured & will miss the first 5-6 weeks of the regular season… The upside… He gets to ride this sweet scooter:

In the above Vine, Durant was heading into a press-conference with the local media. “I feel like Nick Saban, just rolling around on my scooter court to court,” said Durant (via NBC).

It looks like until KD can be back walking again, he’ll be riding dirty…

Also, it looks like a part of Mitch McGary’s rookie hazing will be to ride around on a scooter with his superstar team-mate. I’m hoping that footage of a Wacky Races style race around the OKC gym emerges sometime over the next few weeks.

SIDE NOTE: This isn’t the first time i’ve been excited about Durant competing in a Wacky Races style event… There was this Segway photo that he dropped in Barcelona back in 2012:

via: TNLP

Jimmy Kimmel presents: Basketball Book Club

JKFour NBA basketballers sitting around an old lady’s living room at their Nicholas Sparks book club.

Sounds ridiculous. Is ridiculous. Definitely hilarious.

Chandler Parsons, Blake Griffin, Iman Shumpert and Matt Barnes discussing the finer points of love and romance in the book ‘The Best of Me.’

Oh how I wish this was a real thing that happened once a month at Blake Griffin’s Santa Monica loft.

“Before we begin, does anybody else need some chardonnay?”

Dante Exum’s favourite player growing up was Joe Ingles


Being a young NBA player, it must be a cool feeling coming up against someone who you grew up watching play.

The majority of the young crop of NBA players coming into the league all grew up being fans of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tim Duncan and co. Like Lakers rookie Julius Randle, who grew up a Laker & Kobe fan:

Dante Exum has spoken at numerous times about his fandom for Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose & Manu Ginobili, but today, prior to the Utah Jazz’s 102-89 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers, Dante spoke to David Locke about who his favourite player was growing up:

This is pretty cool. In what is probably a first, Dante’s favourite player growing up is also an NBA rookie. Be it Ingles does have a number of years experience playing in Australia, Spain, Israel & on the Australian National Team.

It just gets better, here’s Dante rocking a Joe Ingles South Dragons jersey from way back. Throwback points times 100.

Ingles and Exum are also room mates during Australian National Team duties, including the recent FIBA World Cup. So, not only has Exum played with & against his favourite player growing up, he’s also been ‘bedroom hazed’ by the guy who gave him his first autograph…

Life is good.

Ingles has always looked out for Dante from a young age as part of the Boomers program. Now they’ll be looking out for each other as they head in to their rookie years in the NBA together.

Common features in new NBA “Roll Call” commercial


NBA hype up commercials  mean only one thing. The NBA season is just around the corner. Check out this first offering, featuring Common getting everyone excited about the Global Games.

“All you contenders, championship defenders… it’s tip-off time, y’all”.

“Everybody up.”

More please.

Chris Kaman’s new web series looks like the scariest thing on the internet

kaman So Chris Kaman has his own web series about hunting and fishing and other Chris Kamany things.

Sounds innocuous enough, except for the fact that the trailer for said web series might be the most terrifying two minutes of video ever released.

The show looks to be about outdoorsy stuff, lots of big game fishing etc, as the trailer reveals that the ultimate goal is to catch a blue marlin…..I am both scared and intrigued.

For starters, what kind of fishing show has a horror movie style video camera recording shot? Like we’re in the Blair Witch Project. What is happening on these trips?

The trailer highlights include:

Chris Kaman giving some guy a huge nipple cripple

Kaman eye gouging a fish and putting the eye in his mouth……………..yep, that happened. (See picture above)

“The trips I take, usually are not well though out”

“There’s a whole ‘nother level of fishing over here”.

“This is big game, most of the fish are bigger than us.”

Yep, if you have the internet, you have to watch this show.

Which brings me to my next point. Is this the best NBA intimidation scheme of all-time? perhaps.

“Hey isn’t that the crazy hunting guys from the internet? I don’t wanna guard him, you take him” – Unnamed frightened NBA rookie 2014.