Tony Parker trying to complete a puzzle whilst being stalked by a tiger is classic French television

YouTube: Tony Parker is really good at figuring out puzzles in life-or-death situations.

YouTube: Tony Parker is really good at figuring out puzzles in life-or-death situations.

In France… They have no problems sending their star athletes into potentially dangerous situations.

For an upcoming episode of the hit game-show ‘Fort Boyard’, Tony Parker formed a team with his fellow basketball countrymen Boris Diaw, Nicolas Batum and Ronny Turiaf to take on all the challenges that ‘the Fort’ would throw at them.

In one of the challenges, Parker had to drive a rusty old mini-caged car around a tiger cage and solve a really obscure puzzle whilst getting water transferred from his team-mates into a watering target.

This is probably the best slash strangest thing I’ve ever seen on the internet in the last hour.

On a side note… Boris Diaw got to tick off entering a roaring match with a lion from his bucket list…


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Here’s the winners of the first ever NBPA Awards


Getty Images: James Harden accepts his MVP award from Jay Pharoah.

Last night on BET, the first ever annual NBPA Awards Ceremony aired. The show, taped on July 19th in Las Vegas was hosted by SNL comedian Jay Pharoah, who’s Shaquille O’Neal impersonation has always been on point, and also had performances from Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, Jason Derulo, Fifth Harmony, Monica, Kid Ink and DJ Khaled as the house DJ.

The winners were:

The event also performed well on social as was highlighted in the NBPA Press Release:

On the digital front, Instagram partnered with BET and the NBPA to deliver a unique and fun new photo experience onsite: The InstaStudio. Players, Presenters, Performers and other VIPs took portraits onsite and shared them exclusively with the BET (@betnetworks) and NBPA (@thenbpa) Instagram accounts.  Select images were also included in the broadcast of the show. “This is the first time this photo experience is being unveiled at an award show, and we’re excited to be sharing this content with the world via Instagram,” said Dan Reed, Global Head of Sports Partnerships at Facebook.

The first ever “Players’ Awards” also left a lasting impression on social media.  The official hashtag #PlayersAwardsBET trended on Twitter for over three hours and was the top hashtag used for the show. According to Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings from SocialGuide, “The Players’ Awards” ranked as the #1 most social new/live non-sports, primetime show on all of TV and it garnered a total of 45.3K tweets & 5M impressions by 22K unique authors.

This was a great start to a new initiative and something that definitely has a lot of traction to become a mainstay event on the already crowded NBA calendar moving forward. NBA players have spoken for a while now about not being able to vote for the major NBA awards, this event allows them to have their say and reward their peers.

As the event grows, it’d be great for it to be shown live and also have a wider international reach. However, for a first time, you can’t really fault it for how it all went down.

Paul George is healthy……Paul George can dunk real good

Paul George was robbed of the majority of his 2014/15 season and with a fully healed leg after his gruesome injury, he looks as athletic as ever.

Good news for Pacers fans who’s off-season hasn’t exactly been littered with huge positives, so the the sight of Paul George bouncing around the Philippines on his promotional Nike tour will bring some smiles to the Indy faithful

…And in case there was any doubt, he brought out his signature “holy crap 360 windmill dunk”

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Here’s the update on John Wall’s hand provided by Cam’ron you’ve been waiting for

Cam’ron… Also known as the voice of 2003 with his hit song ‘Hey Ma’, caught up with John Wall yesterday.

After taking the rap-game by storm 12 years ago, it looks like Cam’ron is branching out into the investigative journalism game. Posting this photo of him and Wall, who injured his hand in the Playoffs, on Instagram with the caption:

“John Wall said da hand is almost 100%,”

John Wall said da hand is almost 1OO%

A photo posted by @mr_camron on

Great to see Cam’ron is really getting involved in the important NBA news. Next up, I challenge him to give us an update on:

  • J.R. Smith‘s contract situation
  • Status of Kevin Durant‘s foot injury
  • Whether or not Byron Scott will start to utilize three point shooters more in 2015/16
  • Who will be the next NBA player to make a cameo appearance on Disney Channel or Nickeloden.

Stay tuned for more from Cam’ron.

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Dante Exum signs with Australian Sports Agency, The Sports Group

Getty Images: Exum's brand will continue to grow under The Sports Group.

Getty Images: Exum’s brand will continue to grow under The Sports Group.

Utah Jazz and Australian Boomers point guard Dante Exum has signed on with Australian based sports management firm, The Sports Group, to an exclusive Australian commercial and marketing representation deal in partnership with his US based agency Landmark Sports.

The NBA is experiencing huge growth in Australia and Exum is a huge part of the boom as the poster-child for ‘generation next’. As a near-certain selection for the Australian Boomer’s 2016 Rio Olympic Games campaign, local representation in the form of The Sports Group was seen as imperative to nurture media and commercial interest around the Boomer’s star guard who is also one of Australia’s most marketable athletes.

“Dante’s popularity in Australia is unprecedented. We’re talking about a guy who was recruited into the NBA as a top-­‐five pick from Basketball Australia’s development pathway as an 18 year-­‐old.” said The Sports Group Co-Director Mark Jones.

“Dante plays an exciting brand of basketball. His durability saw him play in all 82 NBA matches in his rookie season. To command the profile and resonance that he does with the Australian public already is telling – his on-­‐court magnetism clearly transcends the basketball arena.”

“Dante has an incredibly strong work ethic, a clear vision for his future and a really palpable respect for the game. Those personal qualities really stack up for us from a brand value perspective and they also offer us a really strong position from which to engage with stakeholders.” added The Sports Group Co-Director Rod Read

“This partnership with Landmark Sports Agency will underpin a genuinely global management strategy for Dante Exum, and for our part, work to embed Dante’s profile locally.”

Exum’s personal brand has gone through huge growth over the last 12-18 months. With the Repucom,‘2014 International Index for Celebrity Evaluation’ highlighting just how popular he has become in the Australian market.

Exum figured in the top 10 Australian athletes across multiple categories – Appeal (#6), Trendsetter (#8), Breakthrough (#5), Endorsement (#9), Aspiration (#6), and Influence (#8), pitting him alongside some of Australia’s most established talent brandsand athletes.

Landmark Sports Agency Director, Rob Pelinka echoed Jones’ excitement around the establishment of a collaborative management agreement.

“Dante is a genuine global superstar,” said Pelinka.

“Here is a guy who has the potential to set the NBA and the  Olympic Games alight in the coming years – all in the company of the world’s best players.

“In partnering with Rod (Read), Mark (Jones) and the team at The Sports Group, we have a highly reputable, locally-­‐ networked team working as an extension of our own firm to further the development of Dante Exum in his home market, which will be incredibly important during this focused build to Rio 2016 and beyond.”

Exum joins a talented stable of world class Australian athletes at The Sports Group including Daniel Ricciardo, James Magnussen, Christian Sprenger, George Smith, Matthew Mitcham, Steve Hooker, Lauren Mitchell, Kimberley Ravaillion, Paige Hadley and Carla Dziwoki.

Written with help from TSG press release

Lance Stephenson wants to challenge YOU to a SkyWalker dance battle

Three days ago I wrote:

“I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of the NBA’s love with these two wheel scooters.”

…in regards to Andre Drummond bowling on a SkyWalker.

Well, it seems like this is really gaining momentum. Today, Lance Stephenson released a video on Instagram of him dancing in his kitchen on a SkyWalker to Fetty Wap’s ‘679’.

Oh, and he’s also challenging everyone to a SkyWalker dance battle according to his caption.

I'm nice who want to battle @skywalkersusa

A video posted by Lance Stephenson (@stephensonlance) on

I like the fact that we’re now living in a world where two wheel scooter dance battles could become a thing. It better become a thing.

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Boris Diaw wrote kids book about Hippos because……of course he did

Wine connoisseur, poker champion, vacation selfie king, the only man to defy Gregg Popovich and get away with it, Euro GAWD. Boris Diaw is all of these things; now add nature author to that list.

As per

NBA star Boris Diaw of the San Antonio Spurs takes young readers on safari as he explores his off-court passion: wildlife photography! Join Diaw as he escapes from stampeding wildebeests, comes face-to-face with lions, and discovers why you should never come between a hippo and its watery home. Through engaging stories and photos by Diaw, readers will discover a whole new side to this basketball champ.

Shut up and take my money.

Who wouldn’t buy a book about exotic animals written by this guy? His Instagram looks more like a nature adventurer’s than NBA player, so he’s more than qualified for this job.

Trekking and horseback riding in the tropical forest of tayrona in colombia. #feelbadforthehorse

A photo posted by Borisdiaw (@diawboris) on

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Here’s Andre Drummond bowling a strike whilst on a SkyWalker

PhunkeeDuck’s and SkyWalker’s are taking over the NBA with authority.

During the Finals, J.R. Smith lived that PhunkeeDuck boss life and now, Andre Drummond has stepped up his two wheel scooter game.

Today, he published this instagram of him bowling whilst riding on a SkyWalker.

To nice at both @skywalkersusa and bowling!

A video posted by Andre Drummond (@andredrummondd) on

I could watch that over and over again. Seeing a 7 footer bowl a strike like that is all of the fire emojis.

I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of the NBA’s love with these two wheel scooters.

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Rockets go to Summer League, Dwight Howard goes to Comic-Con

Whilst the rest of the NBA is scrambling around free agent big men, emoji’s and Summer League, Dwight Howard is having the time of his life out of the spotlight this off-season.

So naturally, he’s doing what Dwight Howard does best; awesomely childish leisure time….going to Comic-Con dressed as Predator.

Comic con. Love life you only live once.@fandango @movieclips

A photo posted by Dwight Howard (@dwighthoward) on

The best part of all this is that his Houston team-mates are courtside in Vegas watching the Rockets Summer League team and Howard is in San Diego mingling with Comic book nerds.

Dwight definitely wins at summer.

“Hey Dwight, you coming to support the team in Vegas”

“Nah I already have important plans”

*forgets to stay of IG*

This pic definitely looks like Bev and Harden just checked their phones and saw what Dwight was up to instead.

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Robin Lopez is pretty happy about getting his Knicks Jersey

It looks like Robin Lopez twitter weirdness wasn’t just a Portland phenomena.

Today, after signing with the Knicks, he dropped this lol:

It’s a great start to Lopez’s Knicks career… Lets hope that it continues. I’ve got high hopes for Lopez’s humor now that he’s living in the same city as his brother.

Because, Robin + Brook Lopez + New York + social media = awesomeness.