Episode 238 – NBA These guys are good


On today’s episode of Believe The Hype, Tom & Benyam wrap up the week that was in the NBA. The boys chat about the Cleveland Cavaliers 8 game win-streak, the dominance of LeBron James, the return of Matthew Dellavedova & the always lingering trade rumors surrounding Dion Waiters. Furthermore, the guys chat about Kyrie Irving‘s new shoe deal & talk about other NBA players who should have shoe contracts. Also, the boys chat about the Royals NBA visit, DeMarcus Cousins‘ health issues, how bad the Pistons are, Coco & more!

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Episode 237 – Hashtag Full Squad


Today on Believe The Hype, Tom & Benyam are joined by #BTHype’s West Coast correspondent Jamieson Welsh & East Coast correspondent Roscoe Whalan for a chat. This week, Jamieson & Roscoe both caught some Lakers games so the guys chat about how the Lakers are looking so far this season. Furthermore, the guys chat about how the Miami Heat are fairing in the first 6 weeks of the post-LeBron era.

Jamieson caught up with Nick Young & Roscoe caught up with Ronnie Price, Jordan Clarkson & James Ennis & those interviews appear in this episode

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Andrew Bogut’s weekly budget is pretty conservative


For a guy who earns $14 million a year, Andrew Bogut‘s spending patterns are pretty conservative.

For the December “Money Issue” of ESPN The Magazine, Andrew Bogut & 5 other athletes spoke about their weekly spending habits.

For Bogut, there wasn’t popping bottles in the club, gettin’ slizzerd, levels of spending… It was more conservative… Buying food & a 6 pack of beer, plus certain things fixtures & fittings he needed for his new house.

Here’s Bogut’s weekly spending habits via Sam Alipour’s article for the Magazine:

: Frappuccino, Starbucks
$38.97: Two chicken salads, two iced teas, one soup, Tender Greens
$225: Billiard table installation
“The table weighs like 600 pounds­ — it took two or three guys to take it out of storage and put it together in the living room. I’ll happily cough up the cash instead of hurting my back.”
$149.12: Two tanks of gas
$23: Two burritos, Chipotle

: Two Australia-to-U.S. adapter wall plugs, eBay
“Why eBay? First of all, you can’t find this adapter in American stores. Second, I’m a big online shopper in general, because it’s hard for me to go to an actual store. I don’t know if you noticed, but I kind of stand out.”
$101: Billiard cue rack holder, eBay
$38.12: Miscellaneous, Safeway
$33: Dinner, Maria Maria Mexican

: Groceries, Whole Foods
“I’m always willing to pay top dollar when it comes to what I put in my body.”
$90.11: Two toothbrush holders, bathroom accessories, fabric samples, Restoration Hardware
“My girlfriend did the shopping. I don’t mean to sound sexist, but it’s better if she picks out fabric.”

: Miscellaneous, CVS
$44: Two chicken salads, two iced teas, dessert, Tender Greens
$60: Two car washes
$8.90: Two Frappuccinos, Starbucks
$11: Six-pack of beer
“A few nights a week, I like to have a beer or two and relax before bed. But only European brews. I don’t dig too much into generic American beers.”
$90.11: Dinner, Italian

: Groceries, Whole Foods
$11: Burrito, Chipotle
$95: Gas
$3.30: Gum
$500: Deposit on a hot tub purchase
“When it’s a little chilly outside, there’s nothing better than cracking open a beer in a hot tub. It just clears my mind.”
$281: Two bar stools, Overstock.com

It’s cool to see Bogut, like myself, is a sucker for some Heineken, eBay & Chipotle.

Bogut isn’t like your typical NBA player, he often speaks out about the issues with athletes going broke after they’ve finished playing their sport. He handles his own finances, invests & is preparing for his future outside of basketball.

Bogut said that this was an average 5 day period of expenses for him. Meaning that he would roughly spend $150K of his $14 million salary per-annum. He mentioned that he roughly puts 75% of his net earnings into various investments, meaning that he still is far from spending outside his means.

via: ESPN

Don’t Call it a Comeback


By Roscoe Whalan.

Last night, Rasual Butler scored a game-high 23 points as the Washington Wizards wiped the Miami HEAT off their floor. Depending on context, a 20 point game for Butler would appear to becoming the norm – less than a week ago he also had 23 points against the Cavaliers in Cleveland.

However, the last time he scored that many before that? Well, that was 5 years ago when he played for the Clippers.

A year later, the sharp-shooter was waived. He had a short stint with Chicago, then Toronto and then Indiana.

It’s fair to say expectations weren’t overly high when he landed with the Wizards on an unguaranteed deal back in September. However, since then the 35-year-old’s made the most of his opportunity.

“He just stays ready,” Coach Randy Wittman said last night.

After last night’s performance, which included three makes from deep, Butler leads the league in 3-point field goal percentage.

For his final act, Butler throw down a nasty slam on Chris Bosh, it wasn’t quite the treatment James Ennis gave Butler on opening night, but it was the perfect exclamation point.

If there was an award for it, Butler would be right up there for Comeback Player of the Year but here’s five other guys who’ve returned (mostly through injury) and are making their mark this season:

1. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

The part-man, part-robot that is Kobe Bryant has returned this season after a hiatus with multiple injuries. He knows nothing but scoring buckets and will destroy anybody in his way. Bean has been breaking records already this season (good and bad) and is averaging 26.6 points per game and he’s not afraid to throw them up there (more than 23 shots per game). Kobe appears to be happy to go down with the ship but, in his chase for records, how much is he actually the one bringing them down?

2. Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls

Does this count? Rose has been in and out of the Bulls line-up this season so many times. He’s like the dark cloud hanging over this team. Sure, sometimes there’s a pretty rainbow when he hits the court but that rainbow means there’s been some dark clouds beforehand. Having said that, he’s just one game away from matching his games total from last season. Baby steps.

3. Brook Lopez, Brooklyn Nets

Just a month into the season and Lopez has nearly eclipsed his games played total from last season. Things haven’t been great in Brooklyn and Lopez’s numbers are down across the board (including minutes) but when looking for bright spots in an otherwise dark time in Brooklyn, Lopez actually playing has to be a positive – let’s just hope we haven’t spoken too soon.

4. Leandro Barbosa, Golden State Warriors

For a long time life was good for the Brazilian blur, blurring his way up and down the court with the 7-seconds-or-less Suns but then things got weird when he was traded to Toronto and then Indiana (for cash) before winding up in Boston. He had another stint with the Suns before getting a gig with the Golden State Warriors. His numbers mightn’t jump off the page but behind the Splash Brothers and alongside bench guys like Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala, he’s part of the deepest and, right now, arguably the best team in the League.

5. Joe Alexander, Santa Cruz Warriors

I know he’s not in the NBA but we’re talking about the number 8 pick in the 2008 Draft and the first ever Taiwanese-born NBA player. His stint was horrifically short-lived – he played just 67 games in two seasons before dropping off the face of the earth. Well, now he’s balling his brains out in the D-League and just won player of the week.

Roscoe Whalan is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the East Coast, based in Washington for believethehypeNBA.com this season. Follow him on Twitter: @RoscoeWhalan7

Q&A with Zach LaVine & Shabazz Muhammad

This weekend, before the Los Angeles Lakers 120-119 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves at Staples Center, I caught up with Timberwolves young guns & UCLA alums Zach LaVine & Shabazz Muhammad.

We spoke about being back in SoCal, fitting into the Timberwolves system, life in the NBA & more.

Check it out:

Zach LaVine

I know you’re not from Southern California but you’re a West Coast guy… Does it mean anything in particular going up against this Lakers team and potentially matching up against Kobe Bryant in the back-court?

I’ve got a lot of family from here actually, from San Bernadino, so I got all my family here at the game. Its always good when they can watch you compete.

Were there any players that you may have looked up to or emulated your game after that you’ve been able to go against this season?

You try to get a little bit of everybody’s game and fit it into your own. My guy growing up has always been Kobe. Going against him tonight you know… You don’t want to add any fuel to that guy just want to go out there and play hard and try to get a win.

I know you guys are without Ricky Rubio, what are some of the things that the coaching staff has been asking you to work on?

All aspects of the game just try to be solid and limit mistakes and still play your game. Just try to improve every game and gain experience every game.

What has been the toughest moment during the first month of the season?

The losses are tough, trying to get back to the grind because everyone is a competitor so after a loss its always tough.

Have you had an Welcome to the NBA moment?

I don’t think so… But I do know its going to come eventually, I do know that. Hopefully not anytime soon!

What has been the biggest difference between college ball and pro ball?

The spacing and the speed of the game. The defensive rotations are quicker and the players are much more athletic. But the spacing has been the main thing.

What are some of the things you want to work on as the season progresses?

I want to work on everything you know, point guard skills, off the ball defensive skills and just gain experience and do the best I can every game.

Shabazz Muhammad

shabazz muhammad

By Jamieson Welsh.

Whats the difference between year one and year two?

Its a big difference last year I really didn’t get a chance to play or get out on the floor and this year I’m able to play really well and pleased with my game so far. I’m doing things that I have to do in order to stay on the floor.

In particular what are those things?

Mainly my scoring ability, rebounding and showing my athleticism. I lost a lot of weight this summer that helped me out a lot. Also dunking the ball… Dunking really gets me going as well as offensive rebounds and scoring the ball.

What were your goals coming into this season?

Definitely getting some time and playing well. Focusing on my body. I’m down to 215 right now I feel great and faster.

What does it mean to match-up against Kobe and is this your first time going against him?

Growing up, I was an LA guy. I grew up watching Kobe and Shaq. He’s one of my favorite players and its going to be an honor to go against him tonight.

What position do you view yourself as on the court?

I play the 2, 3 and sometimes the 4 because we have some guys that are out. Mainly the 2 and the 3, my foot speed has increased and that’s something Iv’e taken the initiative of.

On the offensive end what are some of the things you look forward to do on the court?

Definitely a bit of everything. Getting offensive rebounds gets me energized. I love going to the post, doing work in the post and working on hook shots and try to be physical with the opponent.

You mentioned that you’re an LA guy, and you went to high school in Vegas and college here in LA is there any added pressure playing out here?

Not really just a lot of family, just have to go out and try to give them a show. Its Staples Center with the bright lights on a Friday night and the Lakers are trying to give it all they got and we definitely need a win so were going to play as hard as we can and try to get a W.

How was your Thanksgiving?

It was great. I got to come out here. Everything broke right. I got to see my brother play also and see a lot of family out in Bellflower.

20 Seconds left you guys are down buy one and Kobe has the ball who is checking him? (Shabazz and Zach are sitting next to each other in the locker room)

It depends who is and you know with 20 seconds you know he has that eye and h’es going to try and get that bucket. That’s just something you just gotta try and play good defense and go with it.

The answer to the above question was neither… Andrew Wiggins was given the defensive assignment of Kobe Bryant late in the game. LaVine was guarding Nick Young & Shabazz was on the bench. Kobe hit a mid-range jumper over Wiggins to tie the game with 5 seconds remaining & then missed a game winning 3 on the buzzer, also over Wiggins.

 Jamieson Welsh is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the West Coast for believethehypeNBA.com this season. Follow him on Twitter:@theejamieson

Episode 236 – Joergerbombs for the boys


On today’s episode of Believe The Hype, Tom & Benyam wrap up the week that was in the NBA. The boys chat about Lance Stephenson trade rumors, toast Dave Joerger’s influence on the 15-2 Memphis Grizzlies, Kobe Bryant‘s triple double vs Toronto & his year of breaking records, what DeMar DeRozan‘s injury means to the Raptors, Ettore Messina’s first taste of NBA coaching & Kevin Garnett‘s ‘sharknado’ on Joakim Noah. All that plus the regular segments Player & Rookie of the Week, Into the Toolshed & Tweet of the Week!

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Q&A with James Ennis


By Roscoe Whalan

On opening night James Ennis announced his arrival in the NBA with a monstrous jam over Rasual Butler in Miami. He didn’t have quite the same impact on Monday when his Miami HEAT travelled to Washington to take on the Wizards on their court, but I caught up with him before the game about his transition from the NBL to the NBA.

James, tell us, what’s the transition been like from the NBL to the NBA?

It’s been kind of tough at first, just had to get more comfortable with the system and just a different environment and playing style. Me being at the Perth Wildcats I was a go-to guy but now I’m just in rotation so I just have to continue to get better and just go hard when my number’s called.

And who are the guys on the team that’ve been helping you out in making your way this season?

Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade just the veterans and Luol Deng and actually fast-tracking me through a lot of things and getting me ready and prepared.

Obviously it’s tough going from being the go-to guy but being here now, when your number is called, you’re making the most of the opportunity so far?

Yeah, definitely you’ve got to make the most of it because you never know, you’ve got to always be ready, that’s when the coach knows when you’re ready and when you perform when your time is called that’s how you build more trust in him.

Have you been keeping in touch with the NBL since you’ve been back? Have you been keeping in touch with any of your teammates?

Yeah, I’ve actually be checking on the scores, I’ve actually talked to Jermaine Beal a lot, Drake U’u and Damian Martin, and Adam Tatalovich from the Perth Wildcats.

And, you would’ve seen the Josh Childress incident as well then. What do you reckon?

Man, I dunno, I’ve just never seen that. I just know NBL, like there’s some little dirty contact plays like that but I’ve never seen that happen like that because when I was there we had like a little brawl too, so, I dunno…

So you know what it’s like to get a little bit angry on the court in Australia?

Oh, yeah definitely. They push your buttons out there. *Chuckles* Yeah, definitely.

Good luck for the rest of the season, James.

Thank you, appreciate it.

Roscoe Whalan is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the East Coast, based in Washington for believethehypeNBA.com this season. Follow him on Twitter: @RoscoeWhalan7