Kobe Bryant ‘Let it Go’ Frozen Parody

The Lakers are having a terrible season and are quickly becoming the butt of a lot of jokes….mainly this one.

So the guys at Bleacher Report made this fantastically ridiculous Frozen parody, titled: Let it Tank…….you get the point.

Kobe has two daughters and would have definitely seen Frozen.. so I’m sure he loves it.


via: Bleacher Report

Mo More Problems


By Roscoe Whalan.

Wilt. Kobe. Jordan. NBA greats that have dropped 50 points in a game are known by just one name.

Now, you can add “Mo” to that list.

That’s right, Mo Williams, the 47th pick in the 2003 NBA Draft dropped 50 big ones last night.

Mo went bananas in Indianapolis dialling in 52 points – including 21 in the last quarter to propel the lowly Timberwolves to their first win in 16 starts.

The shock came in two equally stupefying parts. First: Mo Williams is still in the league? And then secondly: How the hell did he just drop 52?

Yes, that’s right, Mo Williams, the guy who was last relevant the first time LeBron was in Cleveland.

It took six teams and 12 years before Williams reached the milestone. No one believed you were a starter, Mo. Well, I guess you just proved them wrong. 52 points for the team with the second-worst record in the NBA. Well done.

Forget the Big Ticket. Forget Kevin Love and forget Corey Brewer’s equally random 51 last season.

The Most Points in a Single Game for the Minnesota Timberwolves record now belongs to Mo Williams.

Some guys were born to score 50 and some were born to randomly score 50. Is this just a Timberwolves phenomenon or are there other unlikely candidates who could possibly join the club?

Hassan Whiteside

The 33rd pick in the 2010 Draft, Hassan Whiteside debuted in October 2010 but didn’t score his first NBA point until more than two years later. Now, the Miami Heat have taken a flyer on the 7-footer and it’s paying dividends. Whiteside crushed DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers last week to tune of 23 points and 16 rebounds in just 29 minutes! Give the man 48 minutes and let it rain!

Mike James

When people say they “want to be like Mike”, it’s wholly unclear whether they mean Michael Jordan or Mike James. The 6”2 beast has shown off his offensive exploits for eleven NBA franchises in his storied career but no team knows Mike better than Toronto. Yes, it was Mike not Vince who was the first Raptor to dropped 30 or more points in four straight games back in 2006. He could do that and more – if only he could get a call up from the D-League.

Ben Gordon

A formidable scorer during his time in Chicago. Ben came excruciatingly close to 50 big ones back in 2007. Since then, he lost his mojo in Detroit before being given the unenviable task of dragging the team formerly known as the Charlotte Bobcats out of the cellar following it’s 7 win season. However, the soul-searching is over and Gordon’s now landed in Orlando but has he still got the Magic in him?

Charlie Villanueva

There must be something about signing in Detroit Pistons that just ruins careers. Like Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva joined the Pistons in the summer of 2009. As a rookie in Milwaukee Charlie V torched the Raptors for 48 – just two shy of the elusive 50. Since he signed with Detroit? He’s only hit 30 twice.

Trevor Booker

The Cookbook is averaging a modest 7.5 points per game in his first season with the Utah Jazz but after pulling this one out of his bag of tricks last week, I’m convinced Trevor could do anything.

Roscoe Whalan is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the East Coast, based in Washington for believethehypeNBA.com this season. Follow him on Twitter: @RoscoeWhalan7

The Warriors have a new plane song, you guys

Yep! After O.T Genesis’ CoCo was banned by the powers that be, the Warriors have been looking for a new song to play on the plane during post-victory hamming it up sessions.

They’ve picked Wiz Kalifa’s ‘We’re Dem Boyz’. Please note: Andrew Bogut making it rain in a private jet is possibly the greatest moment of 2015 so far.

Check out the Instagram video:

Q&A with Joe Ingles

joeingles By Jamieson Welsh.

Today, I caught up with Joe Ingles for a chat.

The discussion was basically a forum for Ingles to rip on Dante Exum, which was funny. Aside from that, he had some insight into his season so far.

Listen to the Sound Cloud or read below. Recommend that you listen as Joey’s dry humour comes through better via audio than in text.

I’m here with Joe Ingl…

I ain’t talkin’ about Dante.

Haha! No problem! Joe, met you last time at the Clippers/Nuggets pre-season game in Vegas. How would you view everything that’s gone on since then? How’s the transition… Like the role on that team vs. the role on this team?

I didn’t really have a role on that team! (laughs) Yeah, I mean when I went there, at the start they wanted to try and get me some minutes at the 2 and 3. Yeah, I mean, at the time guys that were playing that weren’t playing great & they were trying to play them into form with the season coming up and obviously I understand that I was only in training camp with them. So, the opportunity there was fairly limited. But, yeah, obviously getting waived was disappointing but, I got a call pretty much straight away from these guys & knowing Quin a little bit from Europe & knowing… [Stares blankly at Dante Exum]… him over there… Obviously I jumped at the opportunity to come here. Yeah, it’s been great since then.

Well since we’re talking about “him over there”, how would you describe your relationship with Dante? Especially seeing now you’re on the same team. I heard stories that you guys ride to games together…

Well… First of all, I don’t like him at all. I had to pick him up because he had no drivers license. Which is pretty pathetic at the age he was… Umm… And then…

Dante: “I had no say”

I know you didn’t have a say, you’re 15 years old! But, yeah, we’ve known each other over the last few years through the national team. He’s been lucky enough to sit on the bench & watch me play for the national team. We were roommates too with that. Obviously coming here where you don’t know anyone, it’s helps to have someone that you are familiar with.

Now, on this team, a lot of people view you as a play-maker a guy who makes plays, making different passes, finding people in their spots. But, people want to see you being more aggressive on the offensive end. What do you have to say about that?

I mean… Keep waiting?… I mean, I’ll take open shots when they’re open but I’m not going to take a bad shot or try and force anything. So, I do like passing the ball and getting other guys involved. I think with the guys we’ve got on this team that’s my kind of primary objective and makes sense. Obviously with Trey and Fav and Gordon get so much attention, if i do get an open shot, I’m not going to NOT shoot it. But yeah, I’m not going to force anything & take a bad shot.

Got it. Now, going against the Warriors tonight. You’re going up against a couple of big wings. Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green (if you consider him a wing). Is there any particular way you try & attack them on both ends. Especially on the offensive end?

Nothing that stands out. Obviously they don’t have a gaping hole in their defense. I think they’re number 1 or 2 or something in the league in defense. So, we’ll play our same way. Be aggressive and get guys involved. We’ve been a pass first team this whole year so everyone’s very open to getting guys involved. We’ll keep playing our same game.

Playing at home. Is there any difference that you’ve noticed to playing at home in particular? Fans more involved? Do you shoot better at home?

A part from the whole crowd cheering for us instead of boo-ing for us. But, not really, I mean, to play at home is obviously great. Our fans are obviously great and when they get into it, it gets pretty loud in here. Yeah, nothing major. Just to be at home is always nice.

Nice. Last but not least, I know “that guy over there”… What do you guys do on the road? Do you guys have a buddy system on the road?

Well. Dante plays Pokémon. So, nobody gets to really see much of him. But, um, not really. We’re on the road so much. Sometimes you want to spend it alone. If guys are going to eat, it’s usually a group thing or a couple of groups. Yeah, we all get along well. There’s no leaving people out or anything like that. It’s always fun. But, sometimes you want your own alone time as well.

Definitely understand. Appreciate that, thank you very much.

Jamieson Welsh is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the West Coast for believethehypeNBA.com this season. Follow him on Twitter:@theejamieson

Breaking down the Spurs’ visit the White House


The San Antonio Spurs made the traditional NBA champions visit to chill at the White House with Barack Obama. Things went pretty much as expected, shaking hands handing over custom jerseys and general hamming it up with the POTUS.

You can watch the video above, but really the four main points to take away from this trip are:

1. Obama dropped a cool new nickname on the Spurs….. “The UN of basketball”

2. Tim Duncan didn’t wear a tie (mainly because whatever Tim says, goes)

3. Patty Mills spotted something terrifying in the crowd.


4. Boris Diaw would make the best Hollywood movie President.

Good visit at the white house today, i look like i know what i am talking about

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Swaggy P is the pre-game handshake gawd

Swaggy P is a man of the people and appears to be second only to LeBron James in the “I got handshakes with everyone on my team” power rankings.

I don’t think it’s physically possible to fit more handshakes into a six-second vine.

Episode 250 – Pau


On today’s episode of Believe The Hype, Tom & Benyam break down all the big talking points from the last week of NBA action. The boys chat about the trade that is in agreement to send Jeff Green to the Memphis Grizzlies, the upcoming London game between the New York Knicks & the Milwaukee Bucks, Pau Gasol‘s huge 46 point 18 rebound game vs the Bucks, what Klay Thompson has added to his offensive repertoire this season, the Andrei Kirilenko saga, Hassan Whiteside – ahem – WILTside, bad Derek Fisher speeches & more.

Don’t forget that that you can follow us on twitter @traread @benyamkidane and using the #BTHype tag to ask questions to be answered in next weeks episode.