Boris Diaw wrote kids book about Hippos because……of course he did

Wine connoisseur, poker champion, vacation selfie king, the only man to defy Gregg Popovich and get away with it, Euro GAWD. Boris Diaw is all of these things; now add nature author to that list.

As per

NBA star Boris Diaw of the San Antonio Spurs takes young readers on safari as he explores his off-court passion: wildlife photography! Join Diaw as he escapes from stampeding wildebeests, comes face-to-face with lions, and discovers why you should never come between a hippo and its watery home. Through engaging stories and photos by Diaw, readers will discover a whole new side to this basketball champ.

Shut up and take my money.

Who wouldn’t buy a book about exotic animals written by this guy? His Instagram looks more like a nature adventurer’s than NBA player, so he’s more than qualified for this job.

Trekking and horseback riding in the tropical forest of tayrona in colombia. #feelbadforthehorse

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Boomers announce their squad for upcoming tour & FIBA Oceania series

Getty Images: Delly will take on a key role for the Boomers in their hopes to qualify for Rio.

Getty Images: Delly will take on a key role for the Boomers in their hopes to qualify for Rio.

Today Basketball Australia announced their 12-man Boomers squad for their upcoming tour of Europe and FIBA Oceania Olympic Qualifier Series against New Zealand.

The squad is: David Andersen (ASVEL Basket), Cameron Bairstow (Chicago Bulls), Andrew Bogut (Golden State Warriors), Ryan Broekhoff (Denver Nuggets Summer League), Matthew Dellavedova (Cleveland Cavaliers), Dante Exum (Utah Jazz), Adam Gibson (Adelaide 36ers), Chris Goulding (Melbourne United), Nathan Jawai (MoraBanc Andorra), Damian Martin (Perth Wildcats), Brock Motum (Utah Jazz Summer League) and Brad Newley (Gran Canaria).

Notable omissions from the squad are: Joe Ingles who earlier this year declared his non-availability due to his upcoming wedding and also some much needed rest, Aron Baynes who is recovering from off-season ankle surgery and Patrick Mills who continues to have specialised rehab and training, to regain full health with his shoulder that plagued him over the past 12 months.

“We are obviously disappointed that Patty can’t join us on the European Tour, and as a result, has been omitted from the team for this campaign, but we understand and respect his position,” said head coach Andrej Lemanis.

“As difficult as it is for us to leave Patty out of the team, at the start of our planning for this Rio qualification, the coaching staff agreed that it is vital that we undertake preparations for the Oceania Championships as a team to better understand how, as a group, we can embark on a successful campaign in Rio. The tour to Europe, playing against quality opposition, is critical in our preparations to beat New Zealand in August.

“Patty has a proud and passionate commitment to the Australian Boomers and I’m looking forward to working with him, Joe and Aron in our determined push for a long-awaited medal at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.”

“Unfortunately I won’t be able to play for the Boomers this off-season” Baynes told Believe the Hype.

“There’s so many great other Australian players that it’s not fair for me to try and go in there and not be 100%. That’s why it’s a great opportunity for the other guys… I’m looking more long term ahead to Rio and there’s a strong possibility that we will qualify.

“I’ll be a fan for the Australian National Team this season. Hopefully I can still be a part of the team (travel to Melbourne and Wellington) and hang out with the guys.”

The Boomers upcoming schedule is:

July 29 v Lithuania – Klaipeda

July 31 v Lithuania – Siauliai

August 3 v Slovenia –  Ljubljana

August 4 v Slovenia – Ljubljana

August 15 v New Zealand – Melbourne

August 18 v New Zealand – Wellington

Here’s Andre Drummond bowling a strike whilst on a SkyWalker

PhunkeeDuck’s and SkyWalker’s are taking over the NBA with authority.

During the Finals, J.R. Smith lived that PhunkeeDuck boss life and now, Andre Drummond has stepped up his two wheel scooter game.

Today, he published this instagram of him bowling whilst riding on a SkyWalker.

To nice at both @skywalkersusa and bowling!

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I could watch that over and over again. Seeing a 7 footer bowl a strike like that is all of the fire emojis.

I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of the NBA’s love with these two wheel scooters.

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Q&A with Robert Upshaw

Getty Images: Robert Upshaw working in the post in Vegas.

Getty Images: Robert Upshaw working in the post in Vegas.

By Jamieson Welsh.

I got a chance to catch up with Robert Upshaw last night after the Los Angeles Lakers first summer league game against the Minnesota Timberwolves in Las Vegas last night. Shortly after the game Upshaw signed a two year deal with the Lakers, which is partially guaranteed. We touched on just about a bit of everything with him.

How would you describe your first game out here going up against Karl Anthony Towns and getting back into the swing of things?

It was a good game, I really enjoyed it. You know, it was good to get back out there, I’ve had some ups and downs as far as medical issues and time in the past few months. It was good to get out there and get back running again, it felt so good.

What has the team asked you to do during the summer league process?

I know what I need to do, I need to run the floor, rebound and block shots also be a great talker on offense, be a great guy on defense and on the bench and be that guy on defense my teammates can rely on. They don’t gotta tell me!

You went against Towns tonight he got you for a bucket and you got him for one on the other end and you got a couple of blocks is there any different preparation for a guy like Okafor tomorrow night?

It’s just basketball, I’m going to play basketball the same way every night I’m not going to change nothing up…. There’s definitely a lot of good talent here but when we compete at the highest level I feel I’m one of the best of them, so this is just like preparing for any other basketball game.

Do you have a chip on your shoulder? You have lottery talent but you didn’t get drafted.

Not at all. I put myself in the position that I’m in, I have to chop it up to the game as I like to call it and have to continue to move on. Regardless of whether I got the short end of the stick, I’m still here and have to take advantage of this opportunity. This is Las Vegas with great weather, great people, it’s a great environment and I’m here to have fun.

Playing with Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell, how have the practices been? We saw the game tonight and they looked sharp.

Oh my god, it’s hard. The conditioning part for me is the part I have to put together, I’ve been out for so long I have to switch back into player mode so I can get into condition. They’re great guys to follow behind in practice because they work hard and, you know D’Angelo he’s a great leader, JC, he’s a great leader, it’s a great group of guys we have on this Los Angeles basketball team.

Thanks Robert.

Jamieson Welsh is a #BTHype US Correspondent & will be covering games across the West Coast for this season. Follow him on Twitter:@theejamieson

Rockets go to Summer League, Dwight Howard goes to Comic-Con

Whilst the rest of the NBA is scrambling around free agent big men, emoji’s and Summer League, Dwight Howard is having the time of his life out of the spotlight this off-season.

So naturally, he’s doing what Dwight Howard does best; awesomely childish leisure time….going to Comic-Con dressed as Predator.

Comic con. Love life you only live once.@fandango @movieclips

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The best part of all this is that his Houston team-mates are courtside in Vegas watching the Rockets Summer League team and Howard is in San Diego mingling with Comic book nerds.

Dwight definitely wins at summer.

“Hey Dwight, you coming to support the team in Vegas”

“Nah I already have important plans”

*forgets to stay of IG*

This pic definitely looks like Bev and Harden just checked their phones and saw what Dwight was up to instead.

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Robin Lopez is pretty happy about getting his Knicks Jersey

It looks like Robin Lopez twitter weirdness wasn’t just a Portland phenomena.

Today, after signing with the Knicks, he dropped this lol:

It’s a great start to Lopez’s Knicks career… Lets hope that it continues. I’ve got high hopes for Lopez’s humor now that he’s living in the same city as his brother.

Because, Robin + Brook Lopez + New York + social media = awesomeness.

Episode 312 – Glass case of emojis

Getty Images: Steve Ballmer has mad props for DeAndre.

Getty Images: Steve Ballmer has mad props for DeAndre.

On today’s episode of Believe The Hype, Tom and Benyam chat about the amazing day and situation surrounding DeAndre Jordan agreeing to re-sign with the Los Angeles Clippers. The guys chat about everything from the emoji war through to the Clippers ‘barricading’ themselves in DJ’s house, Paul Pierce and Blake Griffin‘s strong prank games, plus the effect that this will have on both the Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks. Furthermore, the guys chat about Deron Williams, the Portland Trail Blazers’ 4 year $70m offer sheet for Enes Kanter and what the Oklahoma City Thunder should do, Jeremy Lin to the Charlotte Hornets, the NBAPA Awards and more!

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Closing Song:Ray J – Lob City

Episode 311 – Catching up with the ‘Big Banger’ Aron Baynes

Getty Images: Aron Baynes can and will dunk all over you.

Getty Images: Aron Baynes can and will dunk all over you.

Today on Believe The Hype, Aron Baynes joins us for a chat. Aron speaks about his new deal that he’s agreed to in principal with the Detroit Pistons and how he’s looking forward to the new challenge, increased leadership and moving onto the next chapter of his NBA career, his basketball camps, State of Origin, leaving the Spurs and his off-season surgery that will see him miss the FIBA Oceania Series with the Australian Boomers. Furthermore, Tom and Benyam have a chat about how he’ll fit into the Pistons system.

Follow Aron on twitter: @aronbaynes.

Don’t forget that that you can follow us on twitter @traread @benyamkidane and using the#BTHype tag to ask questions to be answered in next weeks episode. Download:

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Mario Hezonja throws down…..stares down

Coming into the NBA draft we new a few things about Mario Hezonja; he can shoot, he has a spectacular amount of cockiness confidence and he was guaranteed to entertain.

Well… its been two Summer Legaue games for the Magic and so far we’ve had a game winning jumper in game one and today…. this nasty dunk, followed with a solid Croatian mean mug.

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Here’s Rudy Gay trying to recruit Josh Smith in the club

Getty Images: Rudy's night club recruiting game is fire emoji.

Getty Images: Rudy’s night club recruiting game is fire emoji.

When your front office isn’t doing a great job recruiting, or managing your franchise… You need to take matters into your own hands.

Well, that’s exactly what Rudy Gay is doing. Last night, via his Snapchat, Rudy sent out this photo:

It’s no secret that Gay, Josh Smith and Rajon Rondo are all longtime friends and would make an interesting line-up in Sacramento. However, it’s more than likely just Gay and J-Smoove clowning around.

However, if Smith does sign in Sacramento, you could probably put Rudy Gay in the conversation with Chandler Parsons as the best club based recruiter in the league.

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