Swaggy P Gets a Haircut


Nick “Swaggy P” Young has seen Andrew Bynum taking a lot of the limelight in the Sixers haircut power rankings this season and has returned serve with this new do.

If the Sixers are going to suck at basketball they may as well keep being hilarious. I’m sure stressed out coach Doug Collins will love this one………your move Bynum.

Swaggy P Gets a Haircut

The Andrew Bynum Haircut Chronicles


The Andrew Bynum Haircut Chronicles

Thank you Andrew Bynum for continuing to be a constant source of entertainment and gee-ups without even pulling on a uniform so far this season, a truly remarkable achievement.

This latest installment in the wild hairdo’s of 2012/13 is very close to the top, just ahead of the toad head afro.

Does this mean cornrows are cool again in the NBA? I think so.

Off Season Instagrams – Landry Fields


Off Season Instagrams - Landry Fields

Looks like Landry has teamed up with the Stanford frat boys for a game of Kings/Ring of Fire

The Bobcats can’t win games or the lottery


The Bobcats can't win games or the lottery

You do have to feel kinda bad for the Charlotte Bobcats. After amassing only 7 wins this season and finishing with a 23 game losing streak, the numbers were well in their favour to get the number one pick in the draft and get a bona fide star in Anthony Davis.

That was until David Stern and his league owned New Orleans Hornets “got lucky” and somehow “won” the lottery. I guess this kind of makes the Chris Paul trade seem fair now.

I don’t know who is happier, Davis and Stern?……….

The Original Big 3


The Original Big 3

Can someone please explain this photo? Its truly one of the greats!

Same, Same……Different


Same, Same......Different

Tom and I have developed a theory that Jason Kidd and Pitbull may indeed be one person. With only a pair of oversized sunglasses seperating the two men from becoming one…..discuss