Learn the Boston accent with Paul Pierce


Learn how to pahk the cah in the Havahd yahd with this quick and hiilarious Boston accent crash course from Paul Pierce.

Dwight Howard’s Awkward Free Throw Contest Loss


Dwight Howard is not great at free throws, we know this, he shot 49.2 percent from the free-throw line this season.

However Howard accepted the challenge of a free throw contest with the daughter of Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers, mother of three and handy trash talker Kelzer Nielson all in the name of charity.

The only caveat, Dwight shot his free throws left handed. This didn’t work so well for Dwight losing 5-3. Reports suggest Howard easily won the double or nothing dunk contest later that day.

Crawford to Griffin Alley-Oop


This just might be the most obnoxious party-boy play of the year.


Jimmy Kimmel Translates Dennis Rodman


After Dennis Rodman’s bizarre trip to North Korea last week, he sat down with George Stephanopoulos to discuss his new found friend in Kim Jong Un.

Seeing as the interview made absolutely no sense, as most Rodman interviews tend to, Jimmy Kimmel helps us out with a little bit of translation.

Chris Bosh and Ray Allen Foot Locker Ad


Who doesn’t have time for a Foot Locker commercial with Chris Bosh being his usual weird self and a bunch of kids he rounded up from the neighbourhood.

This ad captures Bosh and Allen perfectly, Bosh being an overgrown child and Allen icing and taping up his aging body.

All Star Weekend Promo


Check out the 2013 All Star Weekend promo video starring Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Just under two weeks until #believethehype will be geeing up in Texas for the all the festivities!

I’ll Trade You to Kris Humphries’ Entourage


Check out this new hilarious Foot Locker commercial with James Harden and Kris Humphries.

Even Foot Locker thinks hanging out with Kris Humphries would be super lame.

Russell Westbrook Rocks out to Ke$ha


Whilst getting some well earned rest on the bench during the Thunder’s overtime win against the Mavericks today, Russ just couldn’t help but sing-a-long when the arena PA guys threw some Ke$ha on the speakers.

I love how much Russ is getting into his performance. He will be one to watch for some gee-ups come All-Star weekend…..your move CP3.

…..and yes i did feel like an idiot typing her name with a dollar sign in it.

D-Wade Aint Got Time For No Jibba-Jabba


In the Miami Heat’s big loss to Utah today, one “happy with it” Jazz fan was ejected from his what i’m sure were expensive courtside seats. It’s hard to tell whether he was ejected at Wade’s request but either way, inside or outside the arena, that guy will still look like Jersey Shore reject. Wade 1-0.

It’s rumoured that the fan allegedly told Wade that his girlfriend tasted like Cap’n Crunch……..zing!

Let us know if you think D-Wade should be able to handle some good old fashioned heckling or whether hecklers should be booted.

Metta World Peace: Staples Centre Cassanova


After paying some great defence against Aussie Kyrie, Metta World Peace runs the floor for a dunk at the other end. Normal enough.

However after the play he wanders over to the crowd to kiss the hand of a female spectator, only MWP could make that look so seamless and not creepy. Perhaps she was his good luck charm for the fortuitous bounce got from the ball flying off the rim and through the net….either way its funny